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A Firefly Mod For Neverwinter Nights Is Available

By CmdrTaco

Sunday 12 September 2004, by Webmaster

A Firefly Mod for Neverwinter Nights is available, based on the cancelled FOX Television show Firefly (by Joss Whedon, of Buffy, Angel, and Titan A.E. fame).


Description :

This is the Firefly Campaign Creation System (I call it Nightfire) base module. I’ve simplified installation: just install the three numbered haks (1, 2, and 3) into your hak directory. Then get the Firefly Update Hak; put ff_update.hak into your nwn\hak directory, and firefly.tlk into your nwn\tlk directory (make one if you don’t have one). Got it? Be sure to get the movie from here on NWVault - just put it in your nwn\movies directory. There’s also 2 music paks on the site; their files go into the nwn\music directory (highly recommended but optional). The module uses a lot of custom content from the D20 Modern team. The readme for that content is included with the Hak Paks. This is intended to be used in a DM’d adventure, and therefore is not playable single-player. The module is ready-to-run for a DM. I’ve included a DM intro, and a transcript of a past game (players, don’t read!). There’s also a FULL Player’s Guide. Characters must be done local-vault - have your players run their OWN copies of the module in single-player and save their characters before exporting them for multiplayer. The module levels zero XP characters to 5th level, strips items, and provides starting items and instructions. Players, read only the Player’s Guide pdf, not the other pdf’s!

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