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A Firefly Movies Trilogy Is Possible

Monday 3 May 2004, by Webmaster

Conventions seemed rife this weekend that C-Grade actresses must’ve been in short supply for talkshows. The "Starfury: Fusion" convention in Blackpool had one insider there named ’Pixel’ who got a couple of minutes chat with Nathan Fillion, best known for the lead role in "Firefly" and a guest stint as an evil Preacher at the end of "Buffy". Fillion spoke a bit about the "Firefly" film spin-off "Serenity" which Universal is currently developing:

"When the set was struck, at the end of the show, nothing was kept except one door, so everything had to be built from scratch. The characters of Badger and Saffron will not be in the film, however ALL nine main cast members will appear.

Filming starts early June for ten weeks for a projected release "early next year". The budget, previously listed as $35m, is actually about $50m. The deal they have with Universal precludes another TV show - so a revival ain’t gonna happen. The plan is, if the film does well enough, to have a trilogy of films".