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From Columbian.com


A Washington Browncoat goes above and beyond

By Mike Bailey

Tuesday 11 October 2005, by Webmaster

Bits ’n’ Pieces: Movie fan purchased 320 tickets to give out

Who was he?

A man said he bought 320 tickets to "Serenity" and on Sept. 30 stood in front of Regal Cinema Cascade 16 theater and gave them away.

It could have been a crazy promotion by Universal Pictures. Or maybe he was just a crazed fan willing to drain his savings account for the love of a movie.

We may never know the man’s identity. But we do have one version of why he wanted to fill the theaters opening day.

David Child of Vancouver and his 13-year-old daughter, Alix, talked to the man after a matinee showing of the movie that’s based on the defunct science fiction TV series "Firefly."

"He told me he bought 320 tickets and wanted to know if we wanted to see the next show," David Child said.

When Child turned down the offer, the man asked if he wanted to see a later showing.

The man told Child he didn’t get a bulk rate. Child figures he spent about $2,500.

"He’s a big fan of ’Firefly’ and wants the (box office) numbers high enough that the studio will make more of the movies," Child said the man told him.

Child and his daughter understand the passion.

Alix, who was introduced to the TV series by her dad, spent $50 to buy the DVD set of the series that lasted one season on Fox.

"I’d compare it to ’Star Trek’ or ’Star Wars’ fans," David Child said.

Stones tickets up for grabs

Jim Ward knows some would call him crazy for not wanting to see the Rolling Stones live at Portland’s Rose Garden arena on Nov. 1.

Rather than use two tickets he bought for $300, he wants to use the tickets to draw folks to his business.

Ward, who owns Cheap Thrills at 10214 S.E. Mill Plain Blvd. in Vancouver, said he will hold a drawing to give the tickets away.

Cheap Thrills sells new and used CDs and DVDs. He also converts vinyl records and cassettes to CDs.

But he insists his motives are altruistic.

"I really do want someone who wants to see the concert to use the tickets," he said.

"I have seen every band out there over the years, except the Stones and the Beatles. I love the Stones but I don’t want to see them live."

But when it comes to ex-Beatles, he plays a different tune. He has two tickets for Paul McCartney a few days later and will be at that concert.

Anyone interested in entering the drawing can stop by his store beginning Wednesday. He said the drawing will likely take place Oct. 26.