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A little more hope for "Firefly" fans

Anthony Langlois

Friday 17 February 2006, by Webmaster

You just can’t get us Browncoats to abdicate, no matter how disappointing "Serenity" might have been said to be financially. We already know of an independent effort being led to bring a second season to television, but now someone else might be stepping in the club.

According to E! Online gossip columnist Kristin, the new television entity known as CW ( born from the ashes of UPN and the WB, scheduled to go on the air next September) might be interested in reviving the "Firefly" universe in one form or another.

Writes Kristin, "I’ve heard the CW is considering bringing it back as a series, miniseries or movie for next season. Hurrah! For you who missed my message board posting, on Tuesday, Nate Fillion, Summer Glau and Gina Torres were seen coming out of one of the exec buildings at Paramount, where they are putting together the new CW unit."

Meanwhile, creator Joss Whedon was interviewed recently by the folks at IESB, where unavoidably the question of a sequel or new series came back. "I want whatever’s right for the story, if it was made for tv I don’t have a problem with that" said Joss, "but the fact of the matter is nobody is calling right now."

Even though he said to have shifted his focus on other projects, the man definitely won’t close the door on his brainchild. "I am never not going to be interested," he insisted. And I say Amen to that, brother!