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ANGEL Season Finale !!

Wednesday 7 May 2003, by Webmaster

I haven’t seen the "Angel" season finale, but if it’s half as good as Tim Minear’s script for it, this is going to be the most entertaining installment since Team Angel lost its memories last November. Don’t miss it! 9 p.m. Wednesday. The WB. (Opposite "The West Wing.") Oh, by the way, did everybody see David Boreanaz staring out at us Monday from every USA Today newsstand in the nation? Turns out that "Angel" was the most popular of the paper’s "on the bubble" shows - by a landsilde. A jaw-dropping 49 percent of the record 57,000 respondants voted to keep the "Buffy" spinoff spinning. (Last year’s big "bubble" winner, "Third Watch," only got 34 percent). The WB formally announces whether they’re keeping or dumping "Mr. Bumpy-Face" on Monday.