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ANGEL soundrack to be released

Saturday 24 April 2004, by Webmaster

Rob Kral (angel composer) says: (Fri Apr 23 05:33:55 2004)


Fox is working with EMI in the UK in the interest of putting out an official Angel music soundtrack album.

In the last few years, websites like BuffyDownUnder have hosted threads taking requests from fans on a soundtrack album’s content, if there ever were one (Fox wasn’t interested back then).

Also, in the last few weeks, CityofAngel.com has hosted request taking.

It’s been a lot of hard work editing things down to one CD, but the end result at this point is 76 minutes of music!

Please note that Fox is wanting it to be a soundtrack album, not a songs album. However at this point it looks like Andy Hallett will have at least one song, and the LA song (By Christian Kane) from David Greenwalt will also be onboard.

Darling Violetta’s main titles theme is definite.

There’s a ton of material: a 5 minute track devoted to "Hero", lots of Darla music and LOTS of PYLEA music, Fred’s theme, lots of action and also heartfelt stuff like Princess Cordellia and the music from the end of "Home".

I’ll try to post a list somewhere...probably CityofAngel.

Anyway, wish it well: it’s now up to EMI in the UK to approve it. It will probably undergo further changes, but here’s hoping for an approval so you can all have the album!

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  • > ANGEL soundrack to be released

    24 April 2004 19:30, by americangothic

    okay Original Scores for Angel pretty much make the show one, learn to spell two, and three I think this is wonderful news. I can’t wait to grab ahold of this album but I do wish they would include the music from smile time as a bonus.

    "Self Esteem is for Everybody"

  • > ANGEL soundrack to be released

    24 April 2004 20:43, by Cruxshadows
    Im glad its a CD full of scores...thats one of the things that makes me like angel. It i wanted a cd of music that fits with angel...ill go buy Now Volume 5
  • > ANGEL soundrack to be released

    25 April 2004 05:01, by Anonymous

    Personally, I wouldn’t think twice about buying a CD that’s ALL original score music. The scores on both shows were always so amazing, and I’m really looking forward to this.

    If I have one disappointment with this report, it’s that there might only be one piece from Andy Hallett. For me, the ultimate would be a two-disc set—one with nothing but original score, one with nothing but Lorne!

  • > ANGEL soundrack to be released

    25 April 2004 05:36, by Wolverine68

    That would be soooo awsome!

    I need that "L.A." song that Greenwalt wrote for Lindsey to sing in Caritos. I can never find it. And the opeing them rocks too.

  • > ANGEL soundrack to be released

    26 April 2004 22:34, by Buffy Anne Summers
    First of all, I would love an Angel soundtrack to be released (either songs or score). I am sure I will buy this soundtrack with no questions asked. I bought Radio Sunnydale (from Buffy) when it first came out. I originally bought it for the true songs. However now my favorite track on the album is "The Final Fight" (which is purely instrumental---in case you didn’t know). It was the song’s intensity and what it stood for (the final end of Buffy) that captured me. Plus I noticed the tune was used throughout S7.
  • > ANGEL soundrack to be released

    18 September 2004 03:19, by Anonymous
    I am sooooo desperate for the soundtrack. the music is AWSOME. Cant wait to have it.