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Abraham Lincoln versus Angelus

Thursday 28 June 2012, by Webmaster

Just for the record, no, we are not doing Edward Cullen, no matter how many DMs you send me about it. Because we all already know how that fight ends; Lincoln collecting skulls like he’s playing “Orcs Must Die!”

Besides, Angelus is a much more credible fight.

At first, it seems like an easy fight. Buffy’s beau has more weaknesses than Cassidy or Morbius. Garlic, decapitation, stakes to the heart, has to be invited in, and so on. Granted, in the Buffy universe, one teenaged girl is supposed to kick all their asses, but we see on a fairly regular basis that well-equipped humans can take on vampires and win.

But, and this is the key thing, usually not solo, and usually not easily. Even guys trained from birth by Watchers to fight vampires when they come across them can have a hard time of it, and even the Slayer usually gets her ticket punched before her twenty-first birthday.

Another problem is that, as we see repeatedly, Angelus can actually hold his own as a hand-to-hand fighter even if he didn’t have vampire strength and speed. His sword skills could make life ugly for Abraham, and fast.

What do you think? Who’d win?