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Academic Dollhouse essays needed by Slayageonline.com

Thursday 20 May 2010, by Webmaster

The editors of Slayage plan to publish a special double issue on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. Starting with a core of invited essayists who presented work at the Fall 2009 Popular Culture Association in the South Conference, the editors now solicit submissions of draft essays on any subject relating to the series.

(Subjects already covered include the theme of complicity; Whedon, Čapek, and Rossum; Pirandello and Dollhouse; and neurological tampering).

Essays should be 5000 to 7500 words in length; MLA is preferred, but we will accept documentation appropriate to the author’s discipline (please identify the discipline and documentation in the cover letter).

Attachments should be labeled with the author’s last name and the word “Dollhouse” (e.g. Koontz.Dollhouse.doc).

Send submissions to rhonda_w@gdn.edu no later than Monday June 14.

Revisions of papers presented at the Slayage conference are eligible for submission.