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Adam Baldwin - About "Serenity" Movie - Forums.prospero.com Message

Wednesday 17 August 2005, by Webmaster


>>> "[L]ove, not money, was clearly the driving force behind Firefly..." <<<

I will testify to this as being a *FACT!*

I personally witnessed the immediate aftermath of cancellation. Joss fought for the ressurection of FF/Serenity out of love and dedication to the storytelling.

He has often said so himself, and his actions back it up. I haven’t a clue what he got paid... but I’ll confidently assert that the vast/overwhelming majority of the budget appears on screen.

The money was a distant third, fourth or fifth to the stories Joss passionately wants to tell. None of us made a financial "killing" on this one. Naturally, we hope that may become an ancillary benefit to the entire enterprise, but this was a labor of love for us all. And if, Joss forbid, there are no more sequels; we will now be able to move forward with the knowledge that we were able to redeem our sadness at the loss of our beloved little television show with what is, I think, one of the best d@mn movies ever made!

Trust me on that one. :- )

We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Serenity always,

Adam Baldwin

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