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Adam Baldwin about the Serenity Rescheduling.

Friday 26 November 2004, by Webmaster

From: ADAM_BALDWIN Staff Nov-23 2:57 pm

To: Spirit of Samhain (tlacook) (221 of 518)

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So, I’m walking back from Starbuck’s today and guess who comes riding up on his bicycle: No... not John Mellencamp. JOSS, it was Joss.

So he says, " I was going to call you today" and I says, "About the postponement?" "Yeah, I figured if anyone would already know it would be Adam, MR. ONLINE GUY" So he proceeds to tel me that this will be a blessing in disguise and the studio is really happy with the film and wanted more time to gear up a really kick-a$$ marketing SCHEME. Which they will.

Then we chit-chatted for a while about family and stuff... Caterpillars... the length of the show... the fact that Jayne is really cool... and funny... and strong looking.... and "Oh, by the way," he asks, "are you guys free next thursday for a screening?"

So I says, "Hmmmmm I’ll check my schedule but I think perhaps maybe it will be a possibility that I will attempt to squeeze it in." What’s that guy’s name again? Oh yeah... Joss. The boss. AKA G-d.

So anyway guys, this is good news, let’s take it as GOOD NEWS. It felt rushed to me anyway. Like the series did. Now we have plenty of time for all of those summer-esque trailers and OSCAR (trademark) considerations.

Love and Serenity Always,

A.B. (grizzled Hollywood veteran and optimist)

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  • > Adam Baldwin about the Serenity Rescheduling.

    27 November 2004 11:17, by Reaganaut
    At first i was mad about the delay. But now that the studio has more time to market the film, it may be more popular at the box office. Which makes the sequal (and a trilogy) a more realistic possibility. Awesome, awesome to the max.
  • > Adam Baldwin about the Serenity Rescheduling.

    28 November 2004 00:28, by cordys_charisma
    thanks to Buffy.nu for posting this :) all hail Adam B, we love Jayne and his hat !