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Adam Baldwin hosts & Jewel Staite voices on Done the Impossible Documentary

Saturday 22 April 2006, by Webmaster

Another (long) Production Update / Starfest 4/15/2006

For those of you (im)patiently waiting for a certain DVD to show up in your mailbox, it’s getting much closer. As we announced before, the documentary itself is complete and is going through final color correction this weekend.

The DVD special features are also really coming together. The biggest part is the Interactive Timeline, and all of the media production work for that is nearly finished (except the voice over, see announcement below).

The commentary track was recorded in the middle of the night in Jeremy’s theater a couple of weeks ago (oddly enough, we had a gang drive-by shooting across the street, mere minutes after we finished recording - rather unexpected, considering "Mormonville", Utah isn’t exactly the ghetto.)

Production for the extensive DVD-ROM features is well under way and we have started the actual DVD authoring as well.

In looking back at the news, it looks like we never formally announced that Adam Baldwin is hosting our DVD. So consider this the official announcement. We shot our hosting bits with him back in December, the day before Flanvention. He was so cool to work with. The consummate professional.

Also, we’d like to announce that Jewel Staite has agreed to do the voice-over work for the various DVD and DVD-ROM features on the disc, including the Interactive Timeline. We will be recording the voice over work with her this week, just before she leaves to start filming her new movie.

We realize this is taking much longer to get out the door than we had originally hoped (and announced), but rest assured, we’ve been working on it into the wee hours of the night nearly every night for months now. And we are doing everything we can to make it something you’ll be proud to own.