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Adam Baldwin on seeing the rough cut of ’Serenity’

Saturday 4 December 2004, by Webmaster

From: ADAM_BALDWIN Staff Dec-3 1:26 pm

It’s great. "Serenity" is a great movie.

With temp effects, the BDM still kicks a$$!!! You’ll love it! Every single one of our beloved cast of characters (and some newbies) are well-served and showcased in a loving and thrilling way... even Jayne. ;- )

Joss is our hero!

We all went out to Nate’s favorite sushi restaurant afterwards and had a grand time, hic!

Can’t talk story, but the movie is one of the most unique and exciting film experiences I’ve ever witnessed. Riveting...

I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Informational chestnut:

Apparently there will be some test screenings in the very near future. I know not when, or where. Mitch can, if he is available, certainly give the particulars about the protocols of this stage in the process; and how the reactions in those tests affect the forward momentum of the BDM. That marketing and promotional stuff is way above my pay-grade. :- )

Serenity and love to all,

Adam Baldwin

(can’t wait to see it again)