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Alexis Denisof

Alexis Denisof - ’Batman Begins’ Movie - Sequel Rumors

Sunday 15 May 2005, by Webmaster

The Joker Contenders?

Batman Begins hasn’t even finished filming yet and already there’s talk of a sequel. ’MR STUCK-IN-ADMIN’ gotta a little something to tell us: Warner is apparently "very" happy with the job Chris Nolan is doing on "Begins" and is trying to coax him into doing the sequel as soon as possible. Try two years apart. It’s definite that the next sequel will concentrate on The Joker and they’re already throwing names around: Steve Buscemi- no explanation needed. Currently doing a Zwigoff film. Robin Williams - been slumming it in dark stuff lately. Lachy Hulme- played Sparks in The Matrix movies. Alexis Denishof - played Wesley, the watcher, on Buffy and Angel. Mark Hammil- played the role on the cartoons. a fan fave. Rumors about Jack Nicholson reprising the role is 100% false. There’s no way these films are going to be even remotely connected to the Burton films.

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