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Alyson Hannigan

American Pie 4 Without Alyson Hannigan & Most Of Characters

Thursday 26 August 2004, by Webmaster

American Pie 4

The sequel which revolves around Stifler’s snotty brother is moving far faster than expected. Already auditions are underway if not complete for assorted roles like the assorted girls he tries to impress at Band Camp. Shooting takes place in Vancouver. A report up at Cinescape indicates the only other character to return is Finch in a cameo.

So Alyson Hannigan won’t be in this one but.... as long as the "American Pie verse" still lives on.

4 Forum messages

  • Please American Pie filmmakers just let American Pie die!

    The first one was great. The second was goot too. The third was ok, but a forth now without our beloved characters?

    Geez. Money hungry much?

  • Ah well, Show biz is about money. They got a good thing going at the moment, so they’re going to squeeze all the money out of it, until people stop going to see it.
  • .....oy, they are just ruining a good triology their going to give the american pie movies a bad name! ...oh well i guess as long as the other characters dont let themselves be pulled down by this obvious train wreck in the making..
  • I totally agree, let it go! When you couldn’t get all the original characters to come back for the 3rd, didn’t a light bulb go off in someone’s head?! I’m glad none of the other stars are going back to it, they were good films but I’d rather see all the actors doing something to further their careers, rather than staying in the same place, they are all so talented!