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From Darkhorizons.com

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

Thursday 26 August 2004, by Webmaster

Jurassic Park IV

Looks like the interview with David Boreanaz the other day which mentioned he was in a big movie with ’Four’ in it isn’t "Fantastic Four" or Indy IV but the next "Jurassic Park". Casting is about to happen on the project and people who’ve put feelers out have apparently been told Boreanaz will have the lead role.

BTW JP4 will be directed by Steven Speilberg unlike the disaster that was JP3...

From Cityofangel.com :

Boreanaz on the hunt for Jurassic Park IV

Lastest in the rumor mill is DarkHorizons.com who has posted the news that, Jurassic Park IV may be the "big movie with ’Four’ in it" that David Boreanaz mentioned in a recent interview which had fans speculatiing on the possible "Fantastic Four" or "Indiana Jones IV" sequels. With initial casting approaching on the next "Jurassic Park" project industry types are apparently been told that Boreanaz will star in the feature film.

Also rumored to sign on is British actress Keira Knightley (The Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl) who director/writer Steven Spielberg is said to have chosen. Additional writing credits include, once again, Michael Crichton as Spielberg will also have executive producer duties. Special effects! are slated to fall to the master, Stan Winston while the music helm will be conducted by John Williams. Shooting locale is set for Kaua`i, Hawaii.

The latest bit is confirmed by Upcomingmovies.com

7 Forum messages

  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    26 August 2004 21:27, by The_Vampire_Rico
    I just read a huge spoiler for JP4 and it sounds completely insane, in a good way! It’s not anything like the other movies and i’m thinking it could be a perfect vehicle for DB all the way to the big time! DB will play the lead character, a military commander who goes dino bashing!!!!
  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    27 August 2004 04:01, by Anonymous
    er...i thought the deal with the "Four" was The Crow 4?
  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    27 August 2004 06:39, by SUZY Q
    Great news...I think David will be great in the movie Jurassic Park 1V...Cant wait should be excellent.

    See online : David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park 1V?

  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    27 August 2004 06:58, by Anonymous
    jurassic park IV huh? ....not a bad idea, specially if Boreanaz is in it. I would normally hate to go watch these in the theater since the dinosaurs are so darn loud but if he’s in it..... then count me in!
  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    27 August 2004 09:27, by Anonymous
    Jp3 wasnt a disaster, it was far better than jp2 anyway which was a load of balls
  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    27 August 2004 17:15, by Anonymous
    can they make the 4th movie like the second book? that was far better than all th film put together. and i also thought ’four’ was the 4th crow movie (anyone heard of the first 3? :) ) it’s strange that hes getting so many jobs recently and i’m not gonna finish that sentence coz you all would kill me. :)
  • > David Boreanaz in Jurassic Park IV ?

    28 August 2004 05:15, by Kirby

    ok, i dont mean to be bad and well if this makes me a bad person, so what. But i wanna see DB kinda fail and not get any work.

    For the obvious reason that if he gets no work he will do Angel again, for the money that we all need to live. ok, that makes me selfish and stuff but i miss my program and he is the main obstacle in bringing it back, obviously coz hes mr angel. So i hope this doesnt pan out, he doesnt get any work, and he has to do angel.

    my wish