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From Dreamwatch #116


Amy Acker - Dreamwatch #116 About Angel Cancellation

Transcribed by Totallydavidboreanazuk.com

Friday 26 March 2004, by Webmaster

Amy on Angel’s Cancellation

How did you feel when you found out that Angel’s fifth season would be its last?

I think everyone was just surprised that it happened. I actually saw Joss [Whedon] the day that he found out. I’d gone over and we got some lunch and he said, "I’m going to dinner with [WB President] Jordan Levin tonight," and I said, ’"Oh, well call me if the show gets cancelled or something." And he was like, "That’s not gonna happen! We’re doing the best we’ve ever done." And then he called me later to tell me we’d got cancelled! We were totally joking about it, especially as he’d just told me his whole plan for next year. He had all these really cool ideas for the next season.

Do you have anything lined up yet for after Angel?

Not yet. I’m trying to get back into looking at other roles after not auditioning for three years. It’s a little weird at the moment, so I am just going to see what happens.

What will you miss most about working on Angel?

The people. One of the sad parts about the show not getting picked up was that these people are just like my family now. I mean, I see them as much as anyone, and everyone’s seen each other in the worst and best light. So it’ll be weird and very sad not to have these people around all the time.

25 March 2004

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    29 March 2004 15:32, by cherylynn
    Oh No, This is just tragic ,how can these exceptional artists be treated like this??? It must be so discouraging to give your best and be treated so calously In my country (ausralia) we are getting no warning about the tv station changing broadcast nights and giving the show no publicity wharsoever. What is this some sort of conspiracy or straight out ignorance and disregard for quality. Whats going on ?