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Amy Acker - Just Married !

Pic From Slayerverse.de By Lizaria

Tuesday 25 November 2003, by Webmaster

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a Turkey Day celebration complete with live turkeys, an 8-year-old turkey caller and LA’s official "Hunky Santa!" Sharon welcomes co-host D.L. Hughley who talks about his latest projects, VH1’s "Big in 2003" and the comedy DVD "D.L. Hughley Live." Rapper DMX shows off his doggie clothing line with a canine fashion show. He also performs "Get It on the Floor" from his latest CD, "Grand Champ!" Then Sharon sits down to talk with "Angel" actress Amy Acker about the show’s daring new season and her recent wedding.

Do you know if Amy Acker got married over the summer??Yes, she did. Actually, I think we chatted a bit about that at the WB party. Let me see if I can dig that up...one sec...here it is. Amy on her wedding day: "Everything that could go wrong did, five seconds before. The power had gone out because it was, like, 30 degrees and pouring down rain. We were freezing. Then five minutes before everyone showed up, the power came on, the sun came out, and the temp raised to 55. It was wonderful." chris_maw2000: She is married to the guy that played in the Saturday Night Fever broadway show. His name is James Carpinello.

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Amy Acker & James James Carpinello
Not a pic from the wedding