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Ancient Guest Star Back In Angel

Thursday 11 December 2003, by Webmaster

Kane Back In Angel

Christian Kane, who reprises the role of evil former lawyer Lindsey McDonald in The WB’s Angel, told SCI FI Wire that his surprise appearance at the end of a recent episode was carefully planned. Series co-creator Joss Whedon "had the idea of not putting my name on it, no credit, no nothing, and just like just bringing it in," Kane said in an interview on the show’s set at Paramount Studios. "It was really fun. I just went to London and talked to some of the great fans that we’ve got out there, and supposedly I hear, like, I guess five minutes after the show aired, six message boards crashed or something. Anytime I can do that and cause havoc, that’s just my style."

Kane’s character, covered in mysterious tattoos, reappeared in bed with Sarah Thompson’s Eve. Kane remained coy about the tats, which wrap around his body and up his arms. "They’re all over me, man," Kane said. "They go all over here and wrap around the arms and everything else. ... I can’t really talk about that much stuff, because I can’t really tell you what they’re for yet. ... [But] they’re mystical, yeah. They’re magic."

Kane, whose character left the series at the end of season two, said he was surprised to get the call from Whedon to return to the show. "I was in New York," he said. "I was doing a film with Queen Latifah that I’m still doing, actually, called Taxi. And he called me up, and he said, ’You know, we’ve got an idea for you to come back on the show. What do you think?’ And without hesitation I was like, ’Absolutely.’ Because I love working with him. He’s one of the most brilliant writers that I’ve ever worked with, if not the [most brilliant]. And then, of course, I get to go and hang out with my best friend, you know, part of my family, which is [star David] Boreanaz. We’ve known each other for seven, seven-and-a-half years. And it’s just a coincidence that two really great friends get to work on a show together." Angel airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.