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Andy Hallett on Lornes Sexuality


Tuesday 4 November 2003, by Webmaster

Cult Times special #27, page 54:

"Given his lingo and loud fashion sense, fans have speculated about the happy-go-lucky demon’s sexual orientation, but Hallett calls it, "Unimportant.

Everyone on "Angel" has a significant other, but I don’t want one," he reveals. "I’ll tell you why, and I’ve never ever said this to anyone.

I say no because if this part is truly inspired by me—and there really is a lot of me in the character as far as the social, sarcasm, drinking, knowing everyone at the bar—personally, I’m not interested in a relationship.

I never want to get married or have kids. I have such a wonderful circle of friends. I feel I’m fortunate that way.

I’m not sure how that sounds but I’m speaking from the heart.

Lorne shouldn’t either because he holds his own and it’s cool to have that mystique.

I’m not trying to be Ricky Martin but there is that curiosity."’

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    19 April 2004 22:47, by anita greenman
    THANKS for posting this on here-it’s giving me a much bigger perspective on Andy Hallett, Lorne, and on myself... anyway nobody should feel pressure to have a family if it’s not what they want...I’m not sure I’d want a relationship, marriage, or kids, either. Good to know. and Thanks Andy for sharing how you feel about it!!!