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Angel 4x12 Calvary - FAQ

By Herc

Thursday 13 February 2003, by Webmaster

Angel 4.12 FAQ What’s it called? "Calvary."

Who’s Responsible? Teleplay is credited to Jeffrey Bell ("Habeus Corpses"), Steven DeKnight ("Awakening") and Mere Smith ("Long Day’s Journey").

What does TV Guide say? "As the gang scrambles to locate Angel’s stolen soul, Lilah (Stephanie Romanov) emerges from the sewers and tries her hand at persuading Angelus to stop the Beast (Vladimir Kulich). In other developments, Fred and Gunn make a decision about their relationship; and Angelus makes a comment that has the group looking at the Beast in a different light."

The big news? Gunn and Fred break up.

The bigger news? Someone dies!

How welcome is Lilah to the Hyperion? It should be no surprise that no one seems to care for her, except Wesley. Lilah talkes to Angelus about freeing him in order to kill The Beast.

Does Lilah succeed? No the gang intervenes just in time and Lilah retreats to the sewers with Wesley close behind.

How has Lilah been? Her stomach wound from The Beast has not healed and she happens to have a book with information about The Beast as well.

Is Wesley familiar with the book? Yes he is. He owns it.

Explain Apparently someone cast a spell ridding all traces of The Beast in this demension. That is also why Angel did not remember him. Lilah bought her book from another dimension.

Enough about Lilah, what about Gunn and Fred? Gunn has had enough with Fred swooning over Wesley and him not getting any. He ends the relationship that has practically been over since Siedel’s death.

Are her and Wesley together? Not yet. They share some tender moments though.

Let’s hear about what everyone has been thinking about, Angelus! He is back to his regular insults towards everyone. He pisses off Gunn and seems to upset Fred by telling her the fact that Wesley and Lilah have been having sex. He likes causing trouble. He also reveals an important fact about The Beast.

What is it? The Beast infact works for someone else.

Where has Angel’s soul gone to? No one knows. They visit Wo-Pang and he has no idea. Cordelia has a vision though which (conveniently) tells them how to restore Angel’s soul.

Is it by experiencing a moment of true despair? Uhhhh...It’s a ritual. Everyone has to get some specific artifacts.

So, does Angel get his soul back like planned? Yes and no...

You sound confused.... Well, Lorne reads him and he clearly traces a soul in Angel. After Angel(us) gives everyone orders. He talks with Cordelia and she lets him out and he knocks her out.

So it was an act? Most definitely. He must be that good at singing as Angel.

Angelus is free! Who does he kill first? He goes along with the act with everyone else and he ventures into LA.

Does the gang learn that he indeed is still Angelus? They see Cordelia knocked out on the surveillence camera.

What is everyone’s plan then? Wes makes it quite clear that capturing Angelus is out of question. They have to kill him and they soon leave the hotel, Cordy and Lilah stay though.

Does Angelus become dust on the street by the end of act 4? Angelus is actually upset that the mass amount of vampires have killed most of the humans, so he returns to the hotel.

He must want to repay Cordy for banging his son, right? Angelus hits her with an arrow and she is knocked down. He has more interest in playing hide and seek with Lilah.

Does Angelus.....win? Angelus happens to find Lilah (equipped with ax) and tries to kill her, but she happens to knock him down the stairs.

Does The Beast appear? He has a short scene where he offers a gift to his master.

What’s next? Lilah has a nice chat with Cordelia.

What’s good? Angelus keeps raising the bar for supervillians as time goes by, David does a great job "switching" between Angel and Angelus, Gunn with flamethrower, Fred acting tough towards Lilah and Angelus, Connor in general and his scenes with Gunn, favorite scene was David saying "I have to go save the world" and the camera work in it, the great, great ending.

What’s not so good? Not much that I can think of. If you think hard, a lot of the gripes of the season so far can be explained by the ending. Lorne hasn’t had much to do in awhile. The fact that "Angel" is in repeats momentarily before Faith’s sexy return!

How’s it end, spoiler-boy? "Angel’s going to kill us!" "I know, why do you think I let him out you stupid bitch"