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From Demens


Angel 4x12 Calvary - Wildfeed

Saturday 15 February 2003, by Webmaster

Starts off with the Shaman. The gang barges in, and tells him that Angel’s soul has been stolen. The shaman tells them that he doesn’t have it, and he doesn’t have any use for it. He tells them that it is still safe though. Back at the hotel. Angelus is talking, saying that he wants to be Angel again, because he knows his soul is missing. Gunn and Fred are arguing. Angelus is going on and on about how Wes would please Fred. He says something about raping her to death, if he gets out. Gunn gets pissed. Fred tells him its just words. Lilah shows up in the basement with Angelus. Credits roll….

Lilah calls him the great Angelus. Angel makes fun of her appearance. Lilah wants Angelus to stop the Beast. Angel says why is your thong in such a bunch? Lilah tells him that everyone at W&H are dead, except for her, not yet. Then Angelus makes fun of her cause Wes left her. Then Angelus says maybe we can work something out. Back to Gunn and Fred arguing about Wes, and the kiss. Gunn says she let it happen. He says he is tired of her not paying any attention to him. Gang comes back informing them they had no luck with the soul. Then they notice Lilah with Angelus. They dart him, Lilah runs off, and Wes chases after her. They all wonder how Lilah knew about Angelus. Wes catches up to her, and she calls him A S.O.B. She is still hurt. She tells Wes she knew about it because of the magic it took, and that she still has a few connections. She says she just wants her life back, and that she is selfish. That’s why they would never work out. Lilah was caring a book that Wes had, but Wes notices that it has some extra pages. Lilah says it’s because she got it from another dimension. Back at the hotel they all think that the Beast has someone doing the dirty work for him. Angelus wakes up and says, that there is something bigger than the Beast, that he has a boss. Angelus calls Fred retarded. Angelus says the Beast was dumb, now he is all smart, so there has to be someone pulling his strings. Wes and Lilah come back to the hotel. They all want to know why she was there. Wes thinks there might be something they can use in the text. Wes figures out that Angel’s memory was erased, just like the book in their dimension. Gunn is down with Angelus. Angelus says he likes him because he sticks to what he knows. Says they suck because they let the city go to hell, and picks on him because he lost Fred. Angelus says he knows about the professor that Gunn murdered. He wonders why Fred isn’t grateful, and why she ran to Wes. Gunn gets pissed and almost torches him with a flamethrower. Angelus laughs at him. Back to Wes and Fred. Wes assures Fred that they will be all right, and get Angel’s soul back. Wes tells her that what happened between him and Gunn wasn’t what he wanted. Fred tells him that they aren’t together anymore, not because of Wes but because things haven’t been right for a while. Lilah barges in on them, and Wes goes to relieve Gunn. Lorne shows up and wonders why Lilah is there. He has no new info. Lilah wants to let Angelus out to kill the Beast. Cordy argues with Lilah, and wants to punch her face in. Lilah says are you trying to turn me on? Cordy says Lilah is scared. Cordy’s eyes go white, and she says she can bring Angel back.

Back to the basement. Fred tells Wes that Cordy had a vision, and can bring Angel back. Angelus continues to talk, and lets Fred know that Wes has been banging Lilah for the past 6 months. Cut to Connor and Gunn digging for something. They find a coffin. Some kind of demon pops out. They fight it, it’s really fast. They cut its head off, but it doesn’t kill it. So Gunn hacks it to death, and grabs the head. Cut to the Beast. He is in a cave or something, offering a token to something. Back at the hotel, they bring the skull to Cordy. Lorne affirms his dislike for Lilah, and wants to smack her down. Down it the basement they are starting the spell. Angelus says that using black magic to bring his soul back is not a good idea. Angelus says Angel gave up his soul because he gave up on them. The spell starts, big light show, Angelus gets picked up off his feet. He is acting like Angel. So they think it worked, but want to be sure. So they have Angel sing for Lorne. He sings that raindrop song, raindrops keep falling on my head… Lorne is convinced that it is Angel, and is really happy. Angel wants to stay in the cage to be sure. Angel says that Angelus lied, and that he never gave up on them. Angel gives out assignments to everyone. He tells Lilah to go make some coffee, to earn her keep. Cordy is mad because Angel is too scared to leave the cage. Cordy wants him out, but Angel is not sure because he doesn’t know if the spell will last. So Cordy lets him out, she says, you are not Angelus. He vamps out and says, guess again, then he knocks her out.

Angelus goes upstairs. Fred is there, he tells her he is sorry, and Fred says no I’m sorry. Angelus wants a hug. Cut to the gang. Angelus shows up and they wonder why he is out. He tells them that he has his own mission, that he needs to save the world, and leaves. Then they see Cordy on the monitor. So then they all get ready to go get Angelus. They all leave except for Lilah, and Cordy. Angelus is out on the street, chaos everywhere. He is looking to feed, but can’t find anything. Back to the hotel. Cordy and Lilah are there, Cordy is wondering why the spell didn’t work. Angelus comes back. Cordy shoots at him with a crossbow, he grabs it. Knocks her down, and goes after Lilah. He gives he a 10 second head start. He is calling her name slowly, and whistling. He finds her and knocks her down. He says it’s too bad because they would have made a good team. Lilah tosses him down the stairs, and runs off. Cordy grabs her from a doorway. Lilah says, he is going to kill us. Cordy says, I know, stabs Lilah in the neck. She falls to the ground. Then Cordy says, why do you think I let him out, you stupid bitch?

The end.