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Angel 4x13-14-15-16 - Spoilers

Friday 28 February 2003, by Webmaster

Episode | SALVAGE

While Lorne casts a sanctuary spell on the hotel, and Wesley brings in the slayer, Faith, to help get Angelus back the Doomsday Beast and its boss also try to woo Angelus.

As Angelus begins to feed on Lilah’s dead body, Gunn and Wesley find him, chase him off and react to Lilah’s death. Then, as Connor pulls a crossbow bolt from Cordelia’s thigh, the others report Lilah’s death, and Cordelia reacts with a private smile, saying, it’s started. A bit later, when Wesley says Angelus will return, Lorne suggests casting a sanctuary spell on the hotel, to help keep them safe. Connor objects to the use of magic, saying it never works, and when Fred asks Cordelia why the spell to bring Angel back didn’t work, Cordelia says she doesn’t know. Then Connor suggests that they destroy Lilah’s body, to keep her from coming back as a vampire, and Wesley volunteers for the job. Meanwhile, Angelus visits a demon pool hall, looking for the Beast, and finds a vampire, Paco, who say’s he’s seen the Beast near some buildings by the railroad tracks.

Back at the hotel, as Wesley looks at Lilah’s body, she appears next to him, as if alive again, taunting him about his real feelings for her. A bit later, Angelus, Paco and another vampire, Karl, arrive at a warehouse, where Angelus picks up the Best’s scent. Back at the hotel, Lorne calls the Furies, who give him instructions for a homemade sanctuary spell. Connor decides he should invoke Angel’s wish and kill Angelus, but as the others protest, Cordelia faints and Connor takes her upstairs to rest. Meanwhile, at a local prison, we see the slayer, Faith, among the prisoners in an exercise yard. A few minutes later, another inmate, Debbie, attacks Faith with a familiar-looking dagger but Faith overpowers her and the guards take Debbie away.

At the hotel, Lilah’s ghost continues to taunt Wesley, but he finally chops her head off, silencing her for good. Meanwhile, inside the warehouse, Angelus finds the Beast’s bloody stone dagger, and the Beast steps out of the shadows, saying its master wants to see Angelus. Angelus realizes the Beast brought on the rain of fire, stole Angel’s soul and killed Lilah just to get his attention, but says he doesn’t take orders from a lackey. The Beast attacks Angelus, but Angelus dodges the attack, says he’s not interested until the Beast’s boss shows himself. Then, after Angelus leaves, Cordelia steps out of the shadows, scolds the Beast for letting Angelus go, but then promises Angelus will come around eventually and lets the Beast give her a big kiss.

Back at the hotel, Lorne casts the sanctuary spell, and after it proves to be working, Wesley says he’s decided they should capture Angelus rather than killing him since he can’t help them defeat the Beast if he’s dead. Connor’s not interested so Wesley visits Faith in prison. And after he explains to her that Angelus is back, she knocks out the security glass between them, grabs Wesley and jumps out a window. Driving back to the hotel, Wesley briefs Faith on the current situation, then asks if she’s up to the fight. She says she is, so Wesley stops the car and lets them get attacked by a couple of vampires, whom Faith defeats easily, enjoying the game. A bit later, they arrive at the hotel, and Wesley introduces Faith to the people she hasn’t met before. Connor takes offense when Faith begins giving orders for the Angelus hunt, but when she meets his challenge and insists she’s in charge, Connor is slightly smitten.

Meanwhile, on the street, Angelus gets word the slayer is back, and after a quick call to Buffy’s house reveals it’s not her, he realizes it’s Faith. A bit later, as Faith, Wesley, Gunn and Connor begin searching the streets for Angelus, Connor overreacts when another vampire strikes, and Faith orders him to go home. He resists, but she pins him until he agrees, and Gunn agrees to escort Connor back to the hotel. A bit later, Faith and Wesley arrive at the warehouse, where a big banner saying, Welcome, Faith, signals they’re in the right spot. As Faith goes in, however, Paco and Karl attack Wes, and he stays outside to fight. Inside, Angelus welcomes Faith, but as she moves forward, the Beast also steps out of the shadows, menacing her. As Wes continues to fight the vampires outside, Angelus and the Beast attack Faith, and quickly get the upper hand. But just as the Beast is about to deliver a death blow, Angelus picks up its stone dagger and stabs it between the shoulders. And as it dies, a bright light streams from its body up to the heavens, the darkness parts, and the sun return immediately frying the vampires Wesley is fighting.

Back inside, Angelus moves in to kill Faith himself. She swings a large hook at him. He dodges it, but then it smashes through a window, letting the sun stream in, and forcing him to back off. But as he retreats, he promises he’ll be back. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Lorne and Fred rejoice in the sunlight as Gunn and Connor return, and they realize Faith must have defeated the beast, which makes Connor admire Faith even more. Finally, Connor goes to Cordelia’s room and finds her staring at the sun. When he expresses his admiration for Faith, however, Cordelia scoffs at the weakness Angel and his son seem to have for slayers. Then she pulls Connor into bed, reveals that she’s pregnant with his child and begins to make love to him.

Episode | RELEASE

Faith is rescued (presumably by Wes) from Angelus. She’s badly beaten, bloodied and bruised. Wes takes her to his apartment. As she gets cleaned up in the bathroom, she’s filled with rage. She screams and punches a hole in the tile wall.

Angelus brags to his vamp lackeys about what’s just happened with Faith and the Beast at a demon bar. A Frotor Demon overhears what he was saying, and approaches them. He’s all pissed off at Angelus for killing the Beast, thus returning the sun. Angelus attempts to strangle the demon. The demon tries to apologize, and Angelus only stops from killing him when he hears a disembodied, creepy voice that no one else can hear.

The voice is of the Master (this is not The Master from Buffy, but the Beast’s Master.) He tells Angelus that they must talk. Angelus tries to figure out where the voice is coming from. The voice is angry with Angelus for killing the Beast. He tells Angelus that the Beast was his. Angelus replies that he killed the Beast to get the Master’s attention. Everyone’s starring at Angelus, since he’s talking to himself, so he goes off to another area of the bar.

Angelus heads into a back room of the demon bar, where a bunch of vamps are doing drugs. Angelus wants to meet the Beast’s master face to face. Then they cut to Cordelia (with white eyes) in the hotel replying that they’ll meet when they’re ready. Cordy is holding a glowing red crystal that she’s using to talk to Angelus. Angelus asks the Beast’s master why it did all of this just to get the Fang Gang to unleash Angelus. Cordelia tells him she has plans for him. But Angelus is willing to do what the voice tells him to do. He leaves, telling the voice it can kiss his butt.

Cordelia is interrupted in her room by Connor, who’s bringing her another blanket. She returns to normal and hides the crystal. Connor is concerned that Cordy isn’t well. She tells him she’s still tired from being hit by a crossbow by Angelus, but really communicating with Angelus drained her. Cordy puts her hand on her stomach. They talk about the baby. Later in the scene, Cordy says to Connor that something is the baby’s way of saying hello. (Maybe the baby is kicking or something like that, it isn’t clear. )

Cordy wants to make sure the baby is kept safe. She says that it’s special. She also reveals to Connor that she’s a demon, but Connor has no idea that’s she’s the Beast’s Master.

Angelus returns to the demon bar’s back, drug room and tries to contact the voice again. But he doesn’t get a response.

Cordelia and Connor discuss the situation in Cordy’s room at the hotel. Connor tells her that Wes called. Connor says that the Angelus found Faith and had the Beast attempt to kill her.

Angelus goes to an occult bookshop that has some of Lilah’s books and W&H papers to do some research on the Beast’s master. He complains about not being able to find anything as he tortures the shop’s owner for information. The voice of the Beast’s master shows up again. It tells Angelus that it sees everything and it’s not happy with him seeking it out. The voice says to Angelus that they should be friends, but Angelus refuses. The voice shows Angelus the jar with Angel’s soul, but it’s an illusion. The voice threatens to return Angel’s soul and bury Angelus deep inside Angel. Angelus then asks what the voice wants him to do and calls it master.

The scene then switches back to the hotel, with Cordy holding the jar with Angel’s soul.

Wes and Faith head out to look for Angelus, searching demon bars and other places he might be. Their search eventually leads them to the demon bar shown earlier in the episode. Faith is armed with a tranquilizer gun and Wes has a shotgun.

Faith interrogates the Frotor Demon, smashing his head against a table, trying to get him to tell them about Angelus. Faith and Wes are attacked by another demon. Wes blows that demon’s head off with his shotgun. The Frotor demon then finally spills the beans about Angelus, tells them about the earlier part and they go back to that other section of the bar. As they enter the back room, they’re attacked by drugged out vamps.

Back at Cordy’s room, there’s a scene with Connor worried about the anti-demon spell placed on the hotel affecting him and about being a father.Cordy takes Connor’s hands and places on her stomach and reassures him

Back at the demon bar, Faith and Wes kicks the druggie-vamps’ butt and rescue a drugged, non-vamped girl. Faith interrogates her about Angelus. The girl says she doesn’t know anything and Faith believes her. Suddenly, Wes pulls out a dagger and stabs the girl in the shoulder with it, pinning her to the wall. He tortures her until she gives them information about Angelus. She heard about plans being made about the rain of fire and a soul. Wes realizes that whatever is controlling the Beast is talking to Angelus.

Wes finally pulls the dagger out and Faith helps the girl. Faith asks Wes if he’s lost it. As they leave, Faith continues to argue with Wes over what he did to the girl. Wes tells her he did what she wasn’t able to do.

Wes and Faith find Angelus. There’s a fight and Angelus grabs Wesley. Faith is unable to get a clear shot at Angelus with the tranquilizer gun, so she doesn’t fire. Angelus escapes. Wes then talks to Faith, trying to get her to dark side back.

There’s a second fight with Angelus at the end. Wes is trapped in a cage. Angelus torments Faith, questioning her if she still wants to die. He aims a rifle at her head and pulls the trigger. But its out of bullets. They continue to fight. Angelus tells her that it wouldn’t make any difference if he did beat her to death, and calls her an animal and a murderer. He continues tormenting her, telling her she enjoys killing things - like he does. Faith fights back, arguing that she’s not like him. It looks like Faith has him beat, but it was an act. Angelus wasn’t hurt. He pins her down, tells her she will be just like him and begins to bit her. The episode ends.

Episode | ORPHEUS

We leave off with Angel sinking his jaws into her neck, it opens with him biting and drinking her. Horror. But as she falls to the ground we see she has poisoned her own blood by injecting a large amount of junk- same as the over-dosed girls had in ep 14. It basically incapacitates Angelus... enough for them to bring him home unconcious and tied up. HOWEVER, it has adverse effects on Faithy. Yes kiddies, a looming death bed. She’s comatose and looks less than with the living. As she states: I rolled the dice. It paid even odds... Meanwhile they shackle up Angelus.

All through the epi, Faith has psychadelic trips, of sorts, with Angelus. She and him retrace his past deeds, all the things he’s done wrong as Angel. It’s sort of a "Christmas Carol" type deal. They watch Angel feed on a man who’s just been stabbed/shot... and all that other great tragedy, including him saving a puppy. But why if Faith with him because, as she says "I’m dying" *tear*

Then Willow is beckoned from Sunnydale to help Angel get his soul back, since they’re having problems, since the jar is missing and all that. (PS: when she meets Fred tehre seems to be an underlying sexual thing, but at the end of the epi Willow says shes seeing someone)

Ahem, so Willow is doing some sort of witchy spell to break Angels soul free from a jar with a floating marble and whatever. She’s battling Cordelia, who is playing mindgames with Connor as always.... and is just wicked. She’s trying to protect Angel’s soul and keep it as hers, but a moment of distraction and BAM Willow’s marble busts the glass and sets the soul free. When Willow goes to see Cordelia, she cant see that Cordelia has a knife in her bed. Cordelia is trying to distract Willow so she can stab her, but it doesnt work and she heaves the knife at the door after Willow leaves.

Back to Faith, she’s close to death... "she whimpers softly, and we see tears course from her closed eyes, down to her ears. A tissue enters frame, wiping Faith’s tears, as we widen to find Lorne dabbing at her. Lorne: She’s in the barrens now... They cry for awhile, quiet, mostly. Like they’re letting go of everything that meant something.

She murmurs things, like "momma." *tear* and everyone says she was brave. IN THE DREAMS, Angel is no longer just the one being watched, he’s able to contact Faith and Angelus...Angel and Faith battle Angelus together. But then After being taken down by Angelus, Faith says to Angel "I’m dying."... Angel replies: "Yeah, easier than redemption, huh?" Little more fighting, Angelus kicks Faith in the face.... etc etc... at the same time, in reality, Cordelia tells Connor he needs to kill his father to keep her and their family safe.

Back in the dreams Angel is battling Angelus, and telling Faith to get up... She is weak and dying, speaking in half sentences... That she’s done her time.. Angel: Our time is never up... we pay for everything Faith: It hurts

Angel says to her that he needs her to fight. Faith comes to... She gets up in reality and in the dream. In the basement, where Angelus is shackled, Connor is close to staking Angel when Faith stops him, they duke it out. The spell registers and Angel is back. Ta-da.

Teary ending, Angel asks how Faith feels to which she replies: "Like I did mushrooms and got eaten by a bear." Cute She says goodbye and heads to Sunnydale with Willow.

Episode | #82

The first act begins with Gwen Raiden meeting with a guy named Garrett at a downtown plaza at night. He nervously gives her an envelope filled with security info and blueprints of something. Garrett warns her she’s going up against very powerful people. Gwen replies that she knows the risks and she isn’t coming out without someone called Lisa. Suddenly Gwen is hit by lightning. Garrett runs off horrified. Gwen gets up uninjured.

In the next scene, Gunn, Lorne, Wes, Fred & Cordy are all gathered in the hotel lobby. Gunn is pacing and giving them "the facts" about Cordelia’s pregnancy- talking about how the child of two vampires "knocks it out" with a part demon, former higher-being and it results very quickly into a huge bun in Cordy’s "oven".

Gwen convinces Gunn to help her rescue a little girl named Lisa.

The 2nd act begins with Gunn & Gwen surrounded by guards after attempting to make their way into a mansion where a ritzy party is being held, trying to pretend they were invited guests. But Gwen isn’t leaving without Lisa. Gunn gets them out of the situation by pretending to know Mr. Morimoto, who he recognizes from Gwen’s intel photos as a person involved in the situation. Gunn gives him a carved jade tiger as a gift to distract him.

Next, Wes and Fred are pouring over books in the office, trying to figure out what Cordy might be pregnant with and any sort of mystical or demon causes of her pregnancy. They pondering if it could be a spikey-headed, infant Garbat demon, but dismiss the idea.

A little later on, Angel is talking to Cordelia, trying to work out what the Beast’s Master is up to. It seems he’s unaware of Cordelia’s connection to the Beast. Angel questions why The Master would have taken all those risks. Cordelia replies (with the stage direction: leading) that the Master didn’t have any other minions. Angel figures out that the Master might have. That it might have been inside other people’s heads like it was Angelus’. Cordelia is impressed and tells him it’s possible. Angel says they need a plan and more information. Angel comments that the Master is two steps ahead of them, and Cordy smiles.

Back at the party, Gunn is mingling, listening to some other people discuss all the weirdness that had happened lately in LA. Gwen comes up to him, saying she’s learned the situation is worse than they thought. That they’re going to kill her tonight. But Gunn isn’t going to let that happen. He goes off with Gwen.

A few scenes later, Gunn has rescued "Lisa" but the situation is different from what Gunn was lead to believe. "Lisa" turns out to be the young daughter of Mr. Morimoto, who tells them that her dad is going to kill them when he finds out they tried to hurt her. Gunn figures out he’s been used.

Gunn find Gwen trying to crack a safe in Mr. Morimoto’s office. He’s figured it out. She wanted him there rather than Angel because of the security scans. Gwen didn’t want to rescue anyone. She was there to steal something.

Later on, Cordelia asks Lorne when he can read her. Lorne replies he can do it in the morning. Cordelia forces a smile.

Next, Gwen and Gunn are trying to make their way out of the mansion, slipping through the kitchen. But they’re stopped by armed guards and Mr. Morimoto, who wants "the device" back. Gunn rats Gwen out, telling them he thought L.I.S.A. was a little girl.