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From Peterdavid.net


Angel 4x14 Release - Review

By Peter David

Thursday 13 March 2003, by Webmaster

Yes, that’s right kids. America’s new dream team of Faith the Vampire Slayer and Wesley W-Price, the sidekick who’s more over the top than she is.

Further spoiler-esque comments attached.

Faith and Wes are such a powerful couple, in terms of their chemistry and actions, that any time they weren’t on screen, I wanted to return to them. Gunn and Fred are building bridges to each other? So what? Conner ponders his possible demon heritage? Big deal. Cordy displays the disconcerting ability to talk like a constipated FM DJ long distance? Who cares? Let’s go back and find out what the Nick and Nora Charles of the psycho demon hunter set are up to.

The sheer dynamics of the two of them helped to cover that fifteen minutes worth of plot was extended to an hour. See Angelus threaten. See Angelus jump. See Angelus trade barbs ad nauseum with Cordy who’s apparently carrying Rosemary’s Baby (making this, what, the second time Cordy’s been pregnant with an unnatural child in three and a half years?) See Angelus continue not to murder people. He could have snapped Wes’ neck in half a second. Yes, Cordy appears to be in possession of his soul, but hey...you never know. Granted, Faith appears to be in trouble, but we assume she’ll recover. Still, if she dies, however briefly, then one of the Killmore girls back in Sunnydale will get activated (my money’s on the Sunnydale High student). That puts three Slayers on the playing field.

All I know is that next weeks BTVS is a rerun and Angel is original, and if I had to pick which one I wanted new next week, it’d be "Angel."

Oh...one day to the announcement. I’ll put it up around noon on Friday.