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Angel 4x15 Orpheus - Scoopme Review

By Josh Buckman

Thursday 20 March 2003, by Webmaster

"It’s odd that you can get so anesthetized by your own pain or your own problem that you don’t quite fully share the hell of someone close to you."
 Lady Bird Johnson

For those unfamiliar with his story, the Orpheus of Greek mythology was the son of a muse and blessed with great musical ability. It is said that when he played and sang, there was no limit to his power to enthrall his listeners. After meeting the beautiful Eurydice, Orpheus wooed her with his song and they were quickly married. Shortly afterwards, Eurydice was walking in the meadow with her bridesmaids when a poisonous viper bit her and she died.

Devastated by her death, Orpheus entered the land of the dead to find and rescue his beloved. After wooing the king and queen of the Underworld with his song, they agreed to release Eurydice. However, there was one condition. Eurydice would follow Orpheus as they walked back up to the land of the living, but he was not to turn and look at her until their journey was finished. As Orpheus ascended, doubt crept into his mind. Unable to withstand the uncertainty any longer, he glanced behind him to make certain his love was truly following. Immediately, he saw her snatched away before his very eyes as she was returned to the Underworld forever.

Like the man in the myth, the mystical drug that runs in both Angelus’ and Faith’s veins gives the illusion that it is leading its users to a higher plane, but in reality it is sending them to hell forever.

For Angelus, hell is being forced to participate in a man’s redemption. As he pointed out to Faith, just because Angel is in charge, doesn’t mean Angelus goes away. He’s always there, aware of the good deeds that Angel does. As Angel fights on the side of good and resists his demonic nature, Angelus suffers in his impotence.

For Faith, hell is the realization that no amount of suffering and waiting will ever erase the sins of the past. Despite her attempts to follow the law and do her time, she can’t make up for what she’s done. Her time is never up.

Despite all of his wisecracks and bravado, Angelus is desperate. The longer he stays in a vegetative state reliving his past, the greater the odds are that Angel’s soul will be restored. He can argue about his constant presence till the cows come home, but when it’s all said and done, his personal hell is what becomes reality as he’s forced back into the box by Willow’s spell.

Faith, on the other hand, is given a choice. She can continue to hope that time alone will wash away her sins, or she can fight. Even though the pain, guilt and accountability never go away, people still need her. She can live again as a good person, despite the stains on her heart.

In the end, she chooses to return from hell, even without the help of some impatient, doubting boyfriend. Instead, her relationship with Angel is strengthened as he convinces her to not surrender to death.

So once again, the slayer emerges victorious in a battle against the vampire. It is important to note that Faith didn’t beat Angelus by becoming him; she beat him by being better than him. She was willing to sacrifice herself for the world and for Angel. Now, instead tormenting herself and giving into the pain of her past, she’s ready to fight.

I’m sure that Buffy and the Slayers-in-Training will be glad to hear it.

However, Faith and Angelus weren’t the only ones who’ve been in hell lately. With all kinds of backstabbing, bickering, and baby-stealing going on, Angel Investigations has been in shambles. The group as whole has suffered some major trauma lately that’s left them pitching this way and that upon a sea of desperation and violence.

But now, the Beast is destroyed. Angel’s soul has been returned. Faith has recovered. It seems the sun is starting to shine again, both literally and figuratively.

"So we’re back."

Angel said it himself. The worst might not be over, but at least they’re back from the mistrust, back from the bad choices and back from being one seriously dysfunctional group of super heroes. Fingers crossed, the Fang Gang, as a team, is back.

Except for one teensy little problem - one that is getting bigger at an unusually rapid rate. One that may or may not make Angel a grandpa.

Ick. Well, we can’t have everything. Right now we’re just going to have to hang on to the hope that our favorite group of supernatural detectives is on at least on the path to finding the camaraderie and effectiveness that they once possessed.

She Came, She Didn’t See, but She Conquered Anyway

Even though we were denied a face-to-face showdown between Willow and Evil Cordelia, it was very inspiring to see the witch confidently hold her own against a powerful being that once held the Beast and Angelus in its thrall. And how nice was it that she was able to use her considerable powers for good without going all hysterical at the thought of becoming Evil Willow again?

Willow’s powerful magic wasn’t the only thing she brought from Sunnydale that the gang seriously needed. Her sense of humor and can-do attitude acted like a spiritual dust-buster clearing out the emotional cobwebs hanging around the Hyperion lobby. Finding an intellectual mind with similar interests lifted Fred’s spirits. Willow’s revelation about her descent into darkness really helped put Wesley’s into perspective. The hug she had for Angel was probably just what he needed after spending a few days as a bloodthirsty murderer.

Sadly, as quickly as she blew into town, she’s hopping back on her broom and taking Faith with her. As much as we’d love to see them stay and continue to smack Evil Cordelia and Connor (Angel’s handsome, yet androgynous, son) around, it’s now the gang’s turn to take care of their own problems.

Problems that start next week with . . . .







A kidnapped girl! As the gang continues to find out as much as they can about Cordelia’s whacked-out pregnancy and the Beast’s master, Gwen asks Gunn to help her crash a party and rescue a missing girl. Now I’ve heard of women being moody while pregant, but if Cordelia’s outbursts get any more insane this time around, someone better start asking some questions!

Speaking of Cordelia’s outburst, who else thinks Charisma Carpenter is really growing into this evil gig? It’s like she’s channeling the meanness of the old Cordelia with just a little more crazy/evil thrown in, and I love it.

My candidate for best quote: "Break me off a switch, son - there’s about to be a whooping."

Let everyone know your thoughts on the article, the quotes, Charisma and everything else on the boards below!

See ya next week!