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Angel 4x15 Orpheus - Wildfeed

Tuesday 18 March 2003, by Webmaster

This is an overview of the episode posted on Tuesday mornings before I start work on the play-by-play version. I type this on the fly while watching, it’s intended to be a general overview. Don’t hold me to the details because it’s just not possible to type while watching and catch everything. Excuse the typos that are bound to sneak through, I only give this a cursory proofing before posting. If accuracy in the details matters to you, wait for the play-by-play version to be posted If you’re just looking for teasers, do not read further. The summary will include any major episode spoilers. The lengthy, detailed preview version will be posted here as usual, when I finish it.

Things pick up where they left off in the last ep, with Angelus feeding on Faith. He jumps back, realizing something isn’t quite right. He asks what she did as Faith watches. We see in flashback that while Wes was shooting at Angelus, Faith drugged herself with a syringe. Angelus passes out. Wes stumbles onto the scene and asks Faith if she’s okay. She says she "kicked his ass", then passes out.

At the hotel, Gunn drags Angelus into the lobby and calls for Connor. Fred asks where Faith is. Gunn asks for shackles and leg irons. Wes enters, carrying Faith. Connor asks what thappened. Fred wants to know what Angelus did to her.

Lorne and Fred accompany Wes in taking Faith upstairs. Gunn and Connor secure Angelus in the basement cage.

Lorne notices the needle mark on Faith’s arm and looks at Wes. Fred examines the bite wound on Faith’s neck, gently cleaning it.

Angelus moves, Gunn and Connor jump back. He mutters, "kill you" as Faith mutters as well. Lorne wonders if Wes shot Faith up and fed her to Angelus. Wes answers that she knew the risk. Lorne doesn’t figure she really could have.

Connor tells Cordy Faith’s in a coma. Cordy remembers she pulled that trick before. Connor doesn’t think she’s faking. Cordy asks if Angelus is locked up in the hotel. Connor assures her he’ll protect her. She wants to know if he’s guarded. He tells her Faith took care of him. Cordy shoves him against the wall, asking what’s up with him and Faith. She rants at him about his interest in Faith. He asks how she did that. She snaps at him, telling him she thought he’d be a better father than Angel was to him. Connor assures her he will.

Cordy composes herself and blames her outburst on hormones. She tells him to go check on Faith, she’s concerned about her.

Fred asks about the drug. Lorne identifies it as "Orpheus", a mystical drug, very powerful. He says it’s very dangerous, it’s not just physical, it’s an enchanted drug. The drug, coupled with the biting makes for a dangerous trip.

New York 1902

Angel wanders the docks, walking through a crowd. Angelus arrives, in modern dress, along with Faith. He wants to know what’s going on. Faith tells him it’s his flashback. He wants to know why she’s in it then. She figures it’s a "This is your life" moment for him, she knows it’s not hers.

As they watch Angel walking the docks, Angelus mocks him. He wants to know why Faith gets to be there. She figures it’s because she’s dying. Her last job is to keep him busy until he gets re-ensouled. He doesn’t think that will happen.

They stand outside of a club, sometime in the 1920’s. Angelus wants to leave. Faith wonders why. Angelus hears a car, says" it’s coming." As they watch, Angel rescues a puppy from an oncoming car. Angelus is embarrassed. Faith laughs. Angelus is sure he’s in hell. As the owner thanks Angel for saving her puppy, Angelus urges him to take a bite of the woman. Angel tells the woman to get lost.

Faith laughs, realizing they’re reliving Angel’s good deeds. She’s sure this is Angelus’ version of hell.

At the hotel, Wes wants to finish what Faith started, re-ensoul Angelus. Connor wants to kill him and get it over with. Willow arrives and says it sounds like they need a witch.

Willow walks into the lobby, realizing Connor must be Angel’s son. She’s apparently been told about the others as well, since she recognizes them from descriptions. Wes asked what called her there. Willow answers that Fred called her. Wes thinks that was a good idea. Fred and Willow exchange a little mutual admiration on the research front. Willow asks where Cordy is. Connor says she’s not up for visitors. Wes thinks she’d want to see Willow.

Connor brings Willow into Cordy’s room. Cordy is sitting up in bed, under the covers. She lets Connor know it’s okay if he leaves. Cordy asks if she’s seen Angelus. Willow says she’d rather not, too many memories. Cordy fingers a knife she has hiding under the covers. Cordy talks about the soul being stolen, saying they can’t put it back if they don’t know where it is. Willow says she already tried a standalone spell, it didn’t work.

Willow decided they just need to break the jar. Cordy asks if Willow will hand her a drink, trying to distract her so she can take a stab with the knife. Willow isn’t listening, immersed in explaining her plan. She walks out. The knife hits the closed door as Cordy throws it.

Lorne tends to Faith, telling her it will be over soon. He sings to her.

Angelus and Faith continue their journey. Angel walks into a diner, past Angelus and Faith. He puts some coins in the jukebox and plays "Mandy". Angelus is getting to the end of his rope watching this.

Angel watches people walk past, then takes a seat at the counter. Angelus says he feels it every time Angel gets close. The desire for a drink. Faith reminds him he’s on the outside looking in.

Angelus doesn’t figure things are as easy as Faith thinks, reminding her that even when Angel is souled, he’s always there.

A young guy holds up the counter clerk. He shoots the clerk and runs out. Angel tries to help the guy.

At the hotel, Cordelia tries to reach Angelus through the glowing stone.

Willow explains to Wes what she’s about to do with the items she has strewn about. She’s preparing to break the jar holding Angel’s soul, wherever it is. Willow notices Wes is a bit more gloomy than usual. Wes tells her he’s changed, he’s not sure she’d understand. She assures him she would, having flayed a guy alive and tried to destroy the world. They compare darkness notes.

Willow asks about Fred.

In the diner, Angel holds the clerk as he dies. He steps back as he looks at the bleeding body. He starts to walk out. He stops and returns. Angelus is enjoying what’s coming. Angel morphs into vamp face and feeds on the clerk’s body. Faith notices the wound in her own neck is bleeding. Angelus smiles, asking if she thought this was just his private hell.

In a room of the hotel, Faith lies on the bed, whimpering. Lorne tells Connor it’s nearing the end. Connor asks how long. Lorne says, "not long." He tells Connor he can hold her hand. He moves toward her but stops when Wes comes in. Connor tells Wes Faith was brave and died in battle. Wes says, "It’s time" and walks out. Connor follows him out.

In the lobby, Willow sets up the spell, with Fred’s assistance. Willow shows Gunn the marble she’ll enchant to break the jar holding Angel’s soul. Gunn heads downstairs.

Willow gets knocked to the floor. The Master’s voice warns her to stop. Willow grabs her head in pain, telling Wes someone is in her head. She recites some words, breaking the contact. Wes tells her it’s the Beast’s Master. Willow knows he’s trying to keep them from getting the soul.

Willow enchants the marble. Cordy tries to block her spell. Willow and Cordy go at each other, though Willow doesn’t know who her opponent is. The hotel walls shake.

Faith and Angelus are in an alley. He taunts her, telling her she’s dying, he can feel it. Faith says she hears a voice (Willow’s) that tells her he’s about to get his soul back. Angelus isn’t so sure, saying he has a powerful friend.

They see Angel in the alley eating rats. Angelus says it’s all he fed on, for 20 years, after the events at the diner. Angelus doesn’t want to relive this again. He’s already been there. Angel tells him maybe it’s not about him.

Willow continues the spell as Cordy continues trying to counter it. Willow sends the marble flying. It arrives in Cordy’s room. Cordy stops it before it can smash the Muo-Ping. They continue going back and forth. Connor rushes to Cordy’s room and tries to enter, but is stopped by a stack of furniture she’s put against the door. His attempt to enter breaks her concentration, causing the jar to break and the soul to be freed.

Faith greets Angel in the alley. Angelus knocks Faith to the ground. Angel tells Angelus he’s the one Angelus wants. They fight.

Angel tells Faith to get up as he and Angelus exchange blows. Faith says she’s dying. Angel figures that’s easier than atoning. Angel and Angelus continue fighting.

Connor gets into Cordy’s room, she tells him Willow is doing evil, making bad things happen. Connor says he’ll make her stop. Cordy tells him Willow is too strong for him, but he can stop the reason for all of it. She tells him to kill Angelus.

Fred asks about Angel’s soul. Willow says it’s free now, she needs to channel it into an Orb of Thesulah.

Cordy tells Connor he has to kill his father, he has to do it now, before anything else happens.

Willow recites the spell to return Angel’s soul.

Cordy tells Connor she fought to save Angel, but killing Angelus now is the only way to guarantee the safety of their family. She’s sure of it. Connor has to protect her and the world.

Angel and Angelus continue fighting in the alley. Angel tries to get Faith to get up. Connor heads downstairs, intending to kill Angelus. Connor asks about the sanctuary spell. Cordy says she can fix it, "we’re special."

Willow continues the incantation.

Angelus and Angel continue beating the hell out of each other. Angel knocks Angelus aside, then turns to Faith. He tells her they pay for everything. Their time is never up. She tells him it hurts. He says he knows.

Connor comes into the basement and knocks Gunn out.

Angel tells Faith to get up, he needs her to fight. Angelus attacks Angel. Faith pulls herself together and takes Angelus on.

Faith jumps out of bed in the hotel room and rushes out.

Angel/Angelus react to the soul getting restored.

In the cage, Connor prepares to stake Angel. Faith stops him. Lorne and the others come down and watch while Faith continues fighting with Connor.

Angel grabs Connor and tells him it’s over, he’s back.

Faith arrives in the courtyard where Angel is standing. He asks how she is. She says she’s okay. He knows she’s going to Sunnydale. She says from what Willow says, it’s where she’s needed. He thanks her for everything. They go back inside where the others are. Faith says her good-byes. Fred and Willow come out of the back office. Fred enjoys having someone to talk spells and research with. Willow tells her she’s seeing someone.

Willow says good-bye. Angel thanks her. Willow gives him a hug and tells him she’ll tell Buffy he said hi. He thanks her for that. Willow suggests if they’re going to bring back Angelus in the future, they call her first next time. Willow and Faith leave.

Angel starts to say something to the others but is interrupted by Cordy coming down the stairs. She tells him if he’s going to make a speech about how the worst is behind them, "you might want to save it for later" as she reveals her pregnant figure to the gang for the first time.