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Angel 4x16 Players - Wildfeed

Wednesday 26 March 2003, by Webmaster

Things pick up from the end of the previous episode, with Cordelia descending the stairs into the lobby, revealing her pregnancy.

Cordy tells the others she understands her condition comes as a shock to them as they look at her in stunned silence. Connor moves to stand beside her. She says nobody was more shocked than her, then looks at Connor and acknowledges maybe he was.

After an uncomfortable silence, Fred stammers, trying to say something. She admits the news does come as a bit of a shock. Angel looks a little shell shocked himself as he moves over to the couch and sits down. Gunn adds, "Yeah, cuz — hasn’t it only been like —?" He stops and simply agrees with Fred, it comes as a shock.

Cordy says she wasn’t in hiding or ashamed, but with the Beast, its Master, Faith’s arrival, Willow doing the mojo —

Angel looks at her and adds, "Angelus?" She admits that was part of it as well. With everything that was going on, she didn’t want to be a "distraction."

Lorne enters the lobby through the front door. He sees Cordy’s condition and responds with surprise, "Put me on the short bus and send me off to clueless school!" He notes that he didn’t get any sense of it, seeming to find that a bit odd. He walks past Cordy. Wes asks her how long she’s known about her condition. Cordy answers that she knew shortly after they brought Angelus out. Gunn notes that was a couple of weeks earlier yet she looks like she’s about eight months along.

Wes says the last time Cordy was pregnant, she came to term overnight. Cordelia tells him "That was a crawly, evil demon thing. This is different." Fred thinks they should try to find out what Cordy’s carrying. Connor tells her they already know, "Our baby." Gunn, not sure what to say, offers congratulations and tells Angel he’s "gonna have a grandspawn."

Connor says they don’t know how scary it is. He’s going to be a father and they can only make fun of it because they don’t like him. He mutters to Cordy that they shouldn’t have told the others then storms upstairs.

Fred starts to say something. Cordy tells her they don’t understand, none of them has experienced having a living being inside of them. She rubs her belly and goes on, saying, "My sweet baby. We’re connected. I feel what it feels and I can’t explain it but I sense it’s goodness. It’s love." Angel looks on.

Cordy turns her back to the others, raises her blouse and looks at her stomach which is rippling, something writhing under the surface. She tells them they’ll see, "My baby’ll be here soon and then you’ll all see."

Near a large outdoor fountain, a young guy wearing a trenchcoat stands. He looks around nervously as people pass by. He turns to see Gwen Raiden standing behind him. He anxiously asks how she managed to sneak up on him. She reminds him she’s a thief. She asks if he has her "stuff." His eyes dart around nervously. She asks him to stop looking suspicious, then realizes this is his first time.

She links her arm in his and walks with him, telling him there are millions of people in LA, they’re just two of them as far as anyone is concerned who may be looking on. People won’t look twice at them if he’d stop acting so jumpy.

He stops and pulls away from her, nervously reminding her she’s taking on some very powerful people. Gwen informs him she’s well aware of the risks but she’s going in, whether he accompanies her or not. She doesn’t intend to come out without "Lisa." She hands him a bulging envelope and asks if they have a deal. The guy nods hesitantly.

Gwen slips the envelope into the pocket inside his coat. He pulls out a larger envelope and hands it to her, telling her it’s everything; "security, blueprints, background." Gwen smiles and notes that wasn’t so bad. He shrugs, then asks if it’s obvious he’s never done this before.

She notes the trenchcoat, telling him that was a mistake. He starts to ask her for a date but is interrupted by a lightening bolt that flashes out of the sky and sends Gwen flying, knocking her backward several feet. The guy takes off running in the opposite direction. Gwen notes sarcastically, "Really, I’m fine, thanks for asking" as she gets back to her feet.

In the hotel lobby, Fred, Lorne, Wes, and Gunn ponder what’s happened. Fred wonders if they were too harsh. Wes doesn’t think so, noting "They were bound to skulk off into neutral corners." Gunn does the exposition; two vamps get together and for the first time ever, produce a kid. Connor grows up and gets with Cordy, "a part demon, former higher being" and "quicker than you can say Easy-Bake oven, there’s a gigantic bun in hers." Gunn answers the question Fred asked earlier, he doesn’t think they were too harsh.

Fred notes that when Connor tried to attack Angelus at the hotel, he was affected by the sanctuary spell. Wes figures that confirms Connor is at least part demon. Lorne says that was before his spell went wonky. Fred offers that perhaps having two part demon parents accounts for the rapid grow baby. Gunn adds that it looks like the baby will be arriving soon.

Lorne wonders if Angel shouldn’t be part of the discussion. Angel comes out of the back office, summing up the comments the others were making about the pregnancy, indicating he was listening. He tells Wes he doesn’t skulk.

He says he’s been thinking about the past few weeks and Angelus. Fred tries to be reassuring, telling him he can’t feel responsible for anything Angelus did. Angel assures her he doesn’t. He reminds them they all knew the risks. He looks at Wes and notes some of them paid a higher price than others. He tells Wes it wasn’t Angelus who killed Lilah, she was killed by the Beast.

Fred notes quietly, "That’s less terrible." Angel tells Wes there was no excuse for what Angelus did to Lilah, he’s sorry for Wesley’s loss. Wes nods slightly, casting his eyes downward.

Angel says they have two things to deal with; discovering what they can about Cordy’s pregnancy and destroying the Master. He notes Lorne has good contacts, directing him to check with his sources, see if anyone might know anyone who might know something. Lorne agrees.

Angel notes they have some experience with mystical births and instructs Wes and Fred to find out what they can. Wes offers to go over the files on Darla’s pregnancy to see if they contain anything useful.

Angel looks at Gunn and tells him to "Sit tight for now. It never hurts to have some muscle on deck." Angel says the Beast’s Master had to want Angelus for a reason. He’ll go over everything that went on; the things the Master said when he was hearing him in his head, the things he did.

Gwen walks in the front door. Fred snidely notes Gwen’s return after the lights come back on. Gwen says she missed her too. Angel tells her it’s not a good time for a visit, they’re kind of busy with an "apocalypse." Gwen says there’s a girl in trouble. She figures helping in that kind of situation is what Angel Investigations does. Angel agrees they do. Gwen goes on, saying, "I’m in a jam. I can’t get out of it alone. I need someone suave, a guy who can handle himself in a tight spot."

Angel is flattered, attempting to act humble. He says he’d like to help — Gwen cuts him off and says, "I meant him", indicating Gunn. Gwen and Gunn lock eyes. Fred notices. Gunn smiles.

Connor is alone in his room at the hotel, sitting in a chair, brooding. Cordy comes in, telling him she’s been looking for him. She says he can’t let the things the others said bother him. Connor insists he doesn’t care what anybody said. Cordy doesn’t believe that. Connor gets up and moves across the room, saying it makes no sense. Cordy assures him freaking out over pregnancies is pretty much normal around there.

Connor clarifies, saying he meant her. He mentions the things she said to him about Angelus, her telling him Willow was opening a gate to evil when she wasn’t doing that at all, she was restoring Angel’s soul. He says he almost killed him because of that. Cordy reminds him he didn’t. Angel got his soul back, everything came out okay. She tells him things happen for a reason, even if it’s not always obvious. He wonders how she can say that. She tells him to consider everything that’s happened; his sinking Angel to the bottom of the ocean, getting thrown out of the hotel because of it, her returning with amnesia and turning to him for help. She says, "All of those moments and a million others led to this miracle."

Connor remains skeptical, asking about her sending him downstairs to kill Angelus. He says he had the stake, he wonders what the reason was for that. Cordy answers that she thought the baby was in danger and her instincts told her that killing Angelus was the only way to protect it. Connor tells her she was wrong as he sits back down in the chair.

Cordy kneels in front of him and tells him that what matters is when she needed help, he was there for her. She knows now, no matter what happens, she can trust him. She reminds him everything happens for a reason.

Cordelia rises to her feet and tells Connor she might ask him to do some things before the baby arrives, "for us." As she folds some baby clothes, she says she wants him to remember that, there is a reason for everything that happens.

Connor looks away from her and quietly responds, "I’ll remember."

At Gwen’s place, Gunn picks up a small hand-carved jade tiger from amongst a collection of similar animals. He examines it as he asks Gwen why she wanted to work with him. She reminds him she was looking for a "Suave guy who can handle himself in a tight spot." Gunn laughs at that, figuring ’suave’ is not a word that describes him. He asks how long she’s collected the jade animals. She tells him she picks one up whenever she makes a trip. She notes the dolphin she recently brought back from Tahiti. She wonders if he collects anything.

Gunn notes the various scars he’s picked up during the battles in his life. He says that’s his collection. Every place he’s in, he picks up a souvenir. Gwen apologizes. Gunn assures her it’s not necessary as he looks around her apartment, noting the various items and artifacts. He says he’s seen more there than most people do traveling the world.

Gunn asks why she needs his help, reminding her she’d mentioned a girl in trouble when she came to the hotel. Gwen explains that she did an under the table deal for a corporation. It’s a common job for her. Two companies go for the same contract. One company hires her to sabotage the other company’s offering so it doesn’t get the deal. Gunn understands it. She goes on to say that the targeted company fought back this time. She hands Gunn a photo of a young girl, telling him her name is "Lisa", she’s been kidnapped. Gwen says Lisa is the daughter of the head of the company who hired her to do the sabotage. Gunn realizes she can’t go to the police because of the original deal between Gwen and her client. Gwen feels responsible for what’s happened, she needs to make it right and she couldn’t do it alone.

Gunn hands the picture back to her and notices scorch marks on the envelope. Gwen tells him not to ask about that as she pulls a sheet of paper from the envelope and hands it to him. There is a photograph attached to it. She tells him that’s the information she was able to get as Gunn looks at the picture. Gwen identifies the man as "Takeshi Morimoto", the head of the company that was targeted. She says he’ll kill Lisa if the company that hired her doesn’t openly admit what they’ve done.

Gunn reads through the sheet, noting Morimoto’s accomplishments; education, social position, charitable activities. He goes on, realizing it’s not all positive as he reads, "bank fraud, smuggling, money laundering." Gwen points out he’s added kidnapping to the list now. Gunn asks if Morimoto knows about Gwen. Gwen answers that he doesn’t which is why she thinks they have a good chance to get to Lisa.

She retrieves a map and lays it out, explaining that Lisa is being kept at Morimoto’s compound. She notes the level of security. Gunn smiles. Gwen wonders what he finds amusing. She reckons he thinks the job is impossible. Gunn tells her he thinks it’s "fantastic.". He explains, "I spent most of this year trapped in what I can only describe as a turgid, supernatural soap opera." He says it feels good to have the chance to be able to help someone for a change. He asks how they’re going to break into Morimoto’s compound. Gwen tells him they’ll walk through the front door.

A well dressed Gwen and Gunn arrive at a party at Morimoto’s compound in a chauffeured limousine. They exit the car. Gwen asks Gunn how he’s doing. Gunn answers, James Bond never looked so fine. Gwen agrees. Gunn admits he’d feel a bit more secure if he had some of Bond’s weapons, just in case. He links his arm in hers as they walk toward the front door. She tells him they are the weapons. She asks if he’s nervous. He assures her he’s gotten into clubs with tighter security.

They enter, walking through a screening device as a security guard observes a thermal scanned image of each guest on a monitor. They approach more security guards, who are searching guests with hand held metal detecting wands. The guards pass them through.

They enter an interior room. Gwen hands her invitation to a guy behind a desk. Gunn reckons the job will be easy if they can get out as easily as they got in. The security guy scans the invitation, setting off an alarm. Gunn figures he spoke too soon as he and Gwen are surrounded by plainclothes security personnel.

Gunn innocently asks what the problem is. One of the security guys tells him the electronic imprint on the invitation was altered. Gwen offers the fact she was hit by lightning as the explanation for that. The security guard is incredulous. She assures him she’s telling the truth.

The security guy instructs Gunn and Gwen to accompany him without making a scene. Gwen figures it’s a bit late for that considering she already set off the alarms. Gunn tells her it may not be their night. Gwen isn’t ready to give up, telling him this may be her only chance, she’s not leaving without the girl. She’s ready to do it "the hard way" as she starts to pull down her opera length gloves. Gunn stops her as he sees a man he recognizes from the photo at Gwen’s as Morimoto enter the room.

He calls to Morimoto and walks over to him, bowing and greeting him in Japanese. Morimoto offers a reply in Japanese. Gunn admits he didn’t understand the reply, ’hello’ is pretty much the extent of his vocabulary. Morimoto says he appreciates the gesture and starts to walk away.

Gunn thinks quickly about the information he’d read on Morimoto at Gwen’s and calls after him, asking if he remembers Gunn. He tells him they met at the "zoo benefit last year." Morimoto stops and turns back to face Gunn. As he looks Gunn over, Gunn tries to remind him of a meeting that never happened, saying Morimoto’s wife held the monkey right after his girlfriend did. He describes the monkey as he calls to Gwen to step up beside him. He introduces her to Morimoto, telling her they met at the zoo benefit. She claims to remember.

Gunn offers Morimoto a gift to thank him for inviting them into his home, in case they don’t get a chance to talk later. He pulls a small, round box from his inside jacket pocket and offers it. Gwen looks at him quizzically. Morimoto takes the box and opens it, revealing the small hand-carved jade tiger from Gwen’s apartment. He appreciates the gift. Gunn notes he’d read somewhere he liked tigers as Gunn looks at Gwen who gives him an annoyed look in return.

Morimoto thanks him for the gift and walks away. One of the security guards instructs Gwen and Gunn to follow him. Gwen notes Gunn’s plan didn’t work. He tells her to be patient. Morimoto stops midway across the large room and invites them in. He gestures with his arm, indicating they are welcome. The guard tells them to go ahead.

In the back office of the hotel, Wes and Fred pore over books and papers strewn about the desk. Fred picks up a sheet of paper and looks at the illustration with disgust. Wes explains it’s "an infant Gatbar demon". He says the spikes grow to full size before it’s born. Fred reckons that’s painful. She notes that aside from the ick factor, the pregnancies they’ve researched all seem to be of normal demon gestation, nothing mystical.

She pauses. Wes think the illustrations are upsetting her. He tells her they’re just pictures. She says it’s the pictures in her head that are disturbing to her. She can’t stop thinking about Connor and Cordelia upstairs in their room, "imagining what they do up there." She likens it to being stuck in a bad movie with no way out. Wes notes imagination isn’t necessary when "reality is disturbing enough."

Fred goes on, saying Connor is Angel’s son. She wonders how he and Cordelia ended up "couply". Wes answers that it probably surprised the two of them more than anyone. He pauses a moment, then says they were "both lost, lonely." Fred quickly adds that she wouldn’t go there no matter how lonely she got. Wes tells her, "things happen Fred, when you’re alienated from the people who care about you — start to look other places." Fred realizes he’s not talking about Connor and Cordy anymore as she quietly says, "Lilah."

Wes tells her they were on opposite sides but the war was the same. Fred thinks Wes hated Lilah. He just looks at her. She asks, "Didn’t you?" Wes answers quietly, "It’s not always about holding hands."

Gunn and Gwen mingle at Morimoto’s party. Gwen asks how Gunn knew how to handle Morimoto. He says he picked things up watching Samurai movies. Proper etiquette is important and "never underestimate the value of a thoughtful gift." Gwen notes he stole the gift. He apologizes for that, hoping it wasn’t too valuable. Gwen discreetly offers Gunn a peek inside her purse, revealing the jade tiger. Gunn realizes she stole it back. She tells him it’s rare. He chuckles.

Gwen gets Gunn’s attention and directs him to look across the room where there is a young girl, flanked by burly bodyguards. Gunn wonders why she’s not tied up somewhere. Gwen tells him whether she is or not, she’s a prisoner just the same. She tells him she’s going to scope things out a bit. He starts to follow. She stops him, telling him to keep watch on Morimoto. She walks away as Gunn looks after her.

Angel is sitting in a chair in his room at the hotel, looking over a sheet of paper. He tells Cordy to come in. She opens the door and enters, noting it’s creepy how he knows she was there without her knocking or saying anything. Angel says he’s finding things a little creepy as well. Cordy asks not to get into that right now. Angel agrees, saying he’s busy anyway.

Cordelia asks if he’s come up with anything. Angel gets up and walks across the room, telling her he’d almost prefer the good old days with the Beast. Cordy wonders why that is, reminding him it massacred a lot of people with its bare hands. Angel notes the Beast was just a minion. Cordy adds, "who did his master’s bidding." Angel summarizes recent events; killing Manny, the stealing of his soul, killing Lilah. He thinks those are too specific to be the work of the Beast, noting it took more of a slash and burn approach to mayhem. Cordelia asks who was responsible for all of that if not the Beast. Angel reckons it was the Beast’s Master.

Cordelia says "I’m his Master." Angel looks at her. She goes on, trying to show how absurd his conclusion is. "I’m his all powerful Master and I’m going to break into a guarded room, steal your soul from a safe, not by ripping it open but by using the combination, then I’m going to hunt and kill Lilah right under this very roof. Sure. Evil geniuses live for that playing with fire stuff."

Angel tells her she doesn’t understand. He’s heard the Master, he was inside his head. He reckons the Master is "insane" enough to do those things. Cordy’s a little hurt by the "insane" remark. She asks if he means "insane like diabolical?" Angel answers, "more like deluded and demented." He mocks the voice in which the Master spoke to him, adding that he’s not sure he even has a grand plan of any sort. He figures it’s more likely the Master is making things up as he goes.

Cordelia looks upset. Angel tells her not to worry, they’ll figure it out. He’s sure anyone as daring as the Master has been is bound to mess up at some point and when he does, "he’s dead." Cordy offers a small, forced smile in response.

At Morimoto’s party, one of the female guests is talking to Morimoto, Gunn and others about all the goings on recently in LA; meteor showers, earthquakes, what happened with the sun. She finds it an exciting time to be in LA. Morimoto agrees, saying he feels something "wonderful" is coming. He asks Gunn if he agrees as well. Gunn is willing to agree something is coming, but he’s not convinced it’s something wonderful. He lifts his champagne glass in a toasting gesture and drinks from it.

Gunn finds Gwen’s hand suddenly on his shoulder. He turns to speak to her. She tells him the girl is to be killed that night. Gunn assures her they won’t let it happen. She tells him they have to do something quickly, he needs to get Lisa and get out. Gunn asks if she didn’t mean they rather than he. She tells him she’s going to the other side of the room to create a diversion, he needs to take advantage of it and get Lisa out of there. She reckons by the time Morimoto and his men figure out what’s happened, Gunn should have Lisa halfway back to her place. She tells him this is the one chance they’re going to get. Gunn’s in for it, telling her it feels good to be helping someone. Gwen tells him to work his way across the room and wait for her signal. He nods his understanding, she walks away.

Gunn makes his way to a position behind the girl Gwen has identified as Lisa. Gwen moves to a position across the room, in front of a small display table filled with crockery. She nods at Gunn who nods back. Gwen tips over the display table, sending the crockery noisily shattering on the floor. Gunn makes a run for Lisa as the guests look to the sound of the crash. Gunn grabs Lisa, clamping his hand over her mouth, and carries her off. Gwen points this out to one of the security guards, telling him someone is trying to hurt the girl. The guard speaks into his radio, saying they have a "situation in progress" as Gunn exits the room. The guard heads off after Gunn. Gwen smiles and walks off.

Gunn carries Lisa down a hallway, looking for an exit. He enters one of the rooms, sets the girl down and slides the doors shut. He assures her everything will be okay. A guy hits Gunn from behind, knocking him down.

Gunn gets up and finds himself face to face with several of the girl’s bodyguards. Some of whom are wielding long, narrow wooden poles, others have swords. Gunn reckons he’s going to have to fight his way out. Gunn is attacked. Fight ensues. Gunn manages to get one of the poles away from the guy who attacked him with it. He takes on the others. As he faces off with one of the sword wielding bodyguards, he notes that he’s spent he past few weeks "whackin’ on a lava demon" and killing scores of vampires, it feels good to "let off a little steam" sometimes.

He dispatches the bodyguards then looks at the girl and tells her they can leave now. She backs away from him. He assures her it’s okay, he’s there to get her home. She tells him she is home. Gunn thought she’d been kidnapped. She tells him to get out of her house. Gunn looks around, realizing he’s been had, this girl isn’t Lisa. The girl crosses her arms defiantly over her chest and tells him she’s "Aiko Morimoto" and when her father finds out what Gunn has done, he’ll kill him. An angry Gunn exits.

In a room in Morimoto’s house, Gwen works the combination lock on a safe. Gunn steps up behind her, startling her. She turns to face him. Gunn reckons she wanted him for this job because Angel wouldn’t have made it through the scanners without attention, having no heartbeat. Gwen concedes that a "security scan of a dead guy" would have raised suspicions. Gunn is angry, telling her he thought she actually cared about something. Gwen doesn’t see the big deal in her lying to him or setting him up. She asks how long it’s been since he’s had this much fun. She saw his expression. She figures he was enjoying himself. He tells her he was because he thought he was doing a good thing.

Gwen assures him he is doing something good, just not the ’save the fairy tale princess’ kind of good. Gunn figures there is no Lisa. Gwen says there is, and she would have liberated her if Gunn hadn’t interrupted. She explains that "L.I.S.A." is an acronym for "Localized Sensory Ionic Activator." Gunn assumes it’s a weapon of some kind. Gwen corrects him, saying it’s something worn by commandoes that regulates body temperature, heart rate, and body chemistry. She tells him it was designed by Morimoto’s company, she was hired to steal the prototype. She says it’s to be sold to the highest bidder. Gunn wonders who she’s stealing it for.

Gwen tells him she’s a thief. She steals what she’s paid to steal, she doesn’t question her clients. Gunn wishes her luck and heads out of the room. Gwen shouts after him, telling him nothing has changed, Morimoto is still not a good guy. Gunn stops, telling her he can’t believe he diverted his attention from an oncoming apocalypse for this. Gwen reminds him even the president takes a vacation once in a while. She figures if he’s needed, someone will call. She notes they started the job together, she’d like to finish it together. He tells her it’s not the same and starts to leave. She says he can keep the suit.

Gunn stops, smiles and returns.

In the back office at the hotel, Angel works at the desk as Fred brings coffee for herself and Wes, who’s watching. Angel notes the job would be easier if Wes and Fred weren’t "hovering." They tell him to take his time, no hurry, but make no move to leave.

Angel tosses a tablet across the desk, saying he thinks that’s it. Fred and Wes anxiously look at the contents. Cordy comes in and asks what they’re looking at. Angel tells her it’s a passage from Lilah’s "Beastie book", the one Angelus destroyed after the Master’s threat to re-ensoul him. Fred notes that Angel was visualizing the text in an effort to recreate it.

Cordelia asks if he thinks there was something in the book the Master wanted kept from them. Angel’s sure he was hiding something. Wes notes that he recognizes the text. He starts to translate as Angel looks on, "The green, cart-like vehicle — " Cordy reaches out and starts to nudge one of the coffee cups, intending to spill its contents onto the tablet as Wes continues with his translation, "eats — I am not a buckethead." Cordy realizes he hasn’t a clue and backs off her plan with the coffee cup. Wes admits to Angel the language is tricky, a minor mistake can alter the meaning of an entire passage.

Cordy asks what next. Angel says he’ll keep trying as he goes back to work on the tablet. Cordy, Fred and Wes look on from the other side of the desk. Angel looks up at them in a ’give me some space’ kind of way. They disperse, moving a short distance away.

At Morimoto’s house, Gunn keeps watch while Gwen cracks the safe. She opens it, revealing another safe protected by an electronic numerical panel requiring a code to be punched in. Gunn notes that’s disappointing. Gwen proves it’s no obstacle for her as she removes her glove, lays her hand over the panel and zaps it with her own electrical charge. The safe door slides open. Gwen reaches in and retrieves a small box, hinged on the back. She opens it, revealing a small, oblong object with tiny LED’s and a screen. She and Gunn head out, having gotten what she came for.

Gwen suggests they split up. Gunn disagrees with that, telling her they both make it out or — Gwen finishes that thought, "neither of us do". Gunn turns to see what Gwen has already seen, Morimoto flanked by several burly security people, standing just outside the open doorway.

At the hotel, Angel continues writing symbols on the tablet. Wes stands slightly next to, and behind, him. Cordy and Fred are sitting at the other side of the desk. Angel tears a sheet off the tablet and hands it to Wes, telling him to try that one. Wes looks it over and notes it says "Something about strangling poultry." A frustrated Angel tosses the tablet across the desk, saying he needs to get out for a while as he gets up and heads for the door.

Lorne comes in and tells Angel not to leave before he tells his news. Angel asks if it’s about the baby. Cordy asks if it’s about the Master. Lorne says it isn’t about either but the demon Angel sent him to, Wanda, sold him some magick that will help him to clear his mind. Fred asks if he’s empathic again. Cordy looks on, absorbing every word. Lorne displays a cloak he’s brought, indicating it’s not a fashion statement. He says he has to do a whole ritual thing first. Wes offers assistance. Lorne declines, saying he has to perform the ritual alone, "secluded in a dark, dusty, nowhere land."

Cordelia is paying close attention. Lorne says he should have his empathic abilities back by sunrise. Cordy notes unenthusiastically that he’ll be able to read her then. Lorne assures her not to worry, "Come morning, I’ll be a lean, mean belly readin’ machine." Cordy forces a smile.

Morimoto directs Gwen to put the device she’d removed from the safe onto the desk. She hesitates. He repeats his demand. She refuses. Morimoto doesn’t think she realizes what she’s up against. Gunn notes that he’s already beaten down two of the four bodyguards standing next to Morimoto.

Those guards each pull a handgun and aim it toward Gunn and Gwen. Gunn suggests perhaps Gwen should return the device. She refuses, telling him she "can’t". Gunn assures her he can, this isn’t worth dying for. Gwen tells him she’s going to finish the job she started. Gunn points out it’s a bit late for that, they’ve already been caught.

Gwen insists she won’t leave without the device. Morimoto informs her she won’t be leaving at all then. Gunn urges Gwen to do what Morimoto has demanded. Gwen remains adamant, saying she "needs" it. Morimoto orders his men to finish Gunn and Gwen. Gwen screams at him, "It’s mine!" as a powerful electrical surge shoots from her hands and hits Morimoto and his men.

Gunn watches briefly as the charge continues. He rushes Gwen, knocking her to the floor. Morimoto and his men fall, unconscious. Gunn realizes Gwen is stealing the device for herself. He helps her to her feet. They leave.

Lorne enters a dark, dusty, empty part of the hotel basement then closes a heavy door behind him. He lights several candles sitting on a small table, set near an incense burner. Cordy watches quietly from a walkway above.

At Gwen’s apartment, Gunn returns the jade tiger to its place in her collection. He credits her for being persistent. She tells him she gets what she wants. Gunn understands that, saying he doesn’t view things as being as clearly defined as he once did. Gwen notes he seemed pretty clear doing the job. He attributes that to a rush of adrenaline when he was trying to save the girl. Gwen clarifies, she meant when he was saving her. Gunn smiles and shrugs off the compliment, telling her he’s "just the muscle." Gwen doesn’t figure there’s anything wrong with that, pointing out women find that appealing. She notes they never could have gotten into the party if that’s all there was to Gunn, however.

Gunn reckons she would have gotten in, but there would have been a lot more damage. Gwen notes his "brain over brawn" approach. Gunn offers it’s more about seeing lots of movies than having real smarts. Gwen says "They have done a number on you", realizing he really believes he’s only good as the muscle in the operation. Gunn wonders if this is what Gwen considers a "pep talk." She says it could be, then asks if he needs one. He declines. She’s relieved, noting she’s not very good at it. She asks why he stays, if that’s how the others see him. He answers he’s always been a fighter. He wonders if she enjoys being a thief. She holds up her glove covered hands and notes she’s a "freak." She says being a thief allows her to be a part of something while at the same time, not being a part.

Gunn reckons that’s how she felt doing the job. She admits she enjoyed it. As Gunn picks up the box containing L.I.S.A., he notes that for someone who loves life, she seemed all too willing to die for that.

Gwen tells him the electrical display with Morimoto and his men is as bad as it gets, but even at it’s best — She thinks the device may allow her to hold hands, perhaps. She doesn’t expect it to make her normal. She doesn’t think Gunn can understand. He tells her he does, "Brainy, remember?" Gunn fingers the box containing the device and asks Gwen if she’d like to show him how it works.

Gwen walks into her bedroom, Gunn follows. She opens her robe and drops it to her waist, then lays down on the bed. Gunn sits next to her and removes the device from the box. He asks how to start it. Gwen tells him to "just put it on." He reaches toward her back. She warns him to be cautious. He extends his fingers toward her back and gets a nasty shock when he touches her. She reminds him she warned him.

Gunn lays the device carefully on Gwen’s lower back. She notes it feels cold. As Gunn watches the device, data begins to flow on the small display screen, the diodes light up, small rods extend from the sides of it. Gwen asks what’s happening. Gunn answers, "You ever see one of those body snatcher movies?"

The small rods on the device embed in Gwen’s back as the skin around them swells into tracks, then returns to normal. Gunn asks if she feels any different. Gwen hopefully notes that she does. After a moment, she admits she doesn’t.

Gunn reaches out carefully and touches his fingertips to Gwen’s back. He doesn’t get a shock. Nothing happens. She reckons it must have worked as Gunn moves his hand down over her back. She savors the touch. Gunn removes his hand, realizing that since Gwen couldn’t touch anyone, she’d never —

Gwen sits up and confirms he’s right. Things are a bit awkward as she thanks him for turning her — off. Gunn thanks her in return. She wonders what he’s thanking her for, getting him into trouble, the suit, or nearly getting him killed. He tells her it’s the most fun he’s had since — he moves in closer. They kiss briefly until Gwen pulls away. Gwen tells him the device is a beta, it might not keep working. Gunn sighs and remind her she killed him once before, if it happens again, she knows how to bring him back. They kiss passionately.

In the hotel basement, Lorne stands in front of the table. Lit candles are lined up in front of the incense burner as smoke from its contents fills the air. A book lays open on the table, along with a small, white cloth covering an orb shaped object.

Cordelia moves down the walkway above Lorne.

Lorne picks up the incense burner and moves it in a small circle above the table. He puts it back down, picks up some dark powder and sprinkles it on the back of his hands. He pulls up the hood of the black cloak he’s wearing, picks up the book of sheet music lying on the table and begins singing a tune, no words. As he sings, he moves his hand through the smoke wafting from the incense burner.

Cordelia stealthily descends the stairs behind Lorne.

As he continues singing, Cordelia reaches the bottom of the stairs and stalks toward him, ready to plunge a large knife into his back.

Suddenly, the lights come up. A startled Cordy turns to see Angel standing behind her. She says his name. He looks at her sternly. She turns, intending to bolt, but is stopped by the sound of a shotgun being cocked. She sees Wes, armed with the gun which is pointed directly at her. She sees Fred is there as well, with a handgun aimed at her. She turns back toward Angel who says nothing.

Lorne pulls a ’magic eightball’ from under the small, white cloth on the table. He asks, "Has Cordy been a bad, bad girl?" The eightball comes up, "Definitely."