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Angel 4x16 - Spoilers

Tuesday 4 February 2003, by Webmaster

Ats Episode #16 Summary from Spoiled Rotten

The first act begins with Gwen Raiden meeting with a guy named Garrett at a downtown plaza at night. He nervously gives her an envelope filled with security info and blueprints of something. Garrett warns her she’s going up against very powerful people. Gwen replies that she knows the risks and she isn’t coming out without someone called Lisa. Suddenly Gwen is hit by lightning. Garrett runs off horrified. Gwen gets up uninjured.

In the next scene, Gunn, Lorne, Wes, Fred & Cordy are all gathered in the hotel lobby. Gunn is pacing and giving them "the facts" about Cordelia’s pregnancy- talking about how the child of two vampires "knocks it out" with a part demon, former higher-being and it results very quickly into a huge bun in Cordy’s "oven".

Gwen convinces Gunn to help her rescue a little girl named Lisa.

The 2nd act begins with Gunn & Gwen surrounded by guards after attempting to make their way into a mansion where a ritzy party is being held, trying to pretend they were invited guests. But Gwen isn’t leaving without Lisa. Gunn gets them out of the situation by pretending to know Mr. Morimoto, who he recognizes from Gwen’s intel photos as a person involved in the situation. Gunn gives him a carved jade tiger as a gift to distract him.

Next, Wes and Fred are pouring over books in the office, trying to figure out what Cordy might be pregnant with and any sort of mystical or demon causes of her pregnancy. They pondering if it could be a spikey-headed, infant Garbat demon, but dismiss the idea.

A little later on, Angel is talking to Cordelia, trying to work out what the Beast’s Master is up to. It seems he’s unaware of Cordelia’s connection to the Beast. Angel questions why The Master would have taken all those risks. Cordelia replies (with the stage direction: leading) that the Master didn’t have any other minions. Angel figures out that the Master might have. That it might have been inside other people’s heads like it was Angelus’. Cordelia is impressed and tells him it’s possible. Angel says they need a plan and more information. Angel comments that the Master is two steps ahead of them, and Cordy smiles.

Back at the party, Gunn is mingling, listening to some other people discuss all the weirdness that had happened lately in LA. Gwen comes up to him, saying she’s learned the situation is worse than they thought. That they’re going to kill her tonight. But Gunn isn’t going to let that happen. He goes off with Gwen.

A few scenes later, Gunn has rescued "Lisa" but the situation is different from what Gunn was lead to believe. "Lisa" turns out to be the young daughter of Mr. Morimoto, who tells them that her dad is going to kill them when he finds out they tried to hurt her. Gunn figures out he’s been used.

Gunn finds Gwen trying to crack a safe in Mr. Morimoto’s office. He’s figured it out. She wanted him there rather than Angel because of the security scans. Gwen didn’t want to rescue anyone. She was there to steal something.

Later on, Cordelia asks Lorne when he can read her. Lorne replies he can do it in the morning. Cordelia forces a smile.

Next, Gwen and Gunn are trying to make their way out of the mansion, slipping through the kitchen. But they’re stopped by armed guards and Mr. Morimoto, who wants "the device" back. Gunn rats Gwen out, telling them he thought L.I.S.A. was a little girl.