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Angel 4x17 & 4x18 - Spoilers

Friday 14 March 2003, by Webmaster

Angel mini exclusive!

Turns out I know someone who knows someone. Who Knew?

An angel close to the set, speaking only after promises of autonomy were given, gave ScoopMe (meaning me) an exclusive tidbit of what’s to come. This angel was vague as to which episode this exchange takes place but it’s likely that may occur in episode 17 or 18. (The title of episode 18 allegedly appears to be "Shiny, Happy People.")

Seems episode 17 deals with the gang finding Cordelia unconscious or something (though not much information is yet known) then in episode 18, a "god-like" being arrives. My source claims the character, played by Gina Torres, is described as "coming into existence."

Let me set the scene for the exclusive: bowling alley, dead bodies. At some point the Gina Torres character is asked by Fred what she is going to call herself. Ok, you ready for the answer?

Really? Are you ready?

She replies, "No creature born of this earth names themselves. They are named by the ones who love them."

Profound. Of course, this episode has yet to air so the exact verbiage may receive an alteration of sorts but it’s a cool quote anyhow.

From all accounts, the character eventually gets called "Jasmine." For the record, Jasmine can mean many things including grace, elegance and amiability but don’t count on her being on the side of good. Early reports reveal she brainwashes just about everyone in Los Angeles but Fred and some guy named John. Eventually Wes, Gunn and Angel come around but not Connor. Remember, he’s a sucker for strong women. Could be the no mommy thing - not to psycho analyze or anything. But he probably would have liked Darla, if she didn’t try to kill him.