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Angel 4x18 Shiny Happy People - Wildfeed

Wednesday 9 April 2003, by Webmaster

Things pick up where they left off, with Connor and Angel kneeling before the woman. She picks up a blanket and wraps it around herself. She enjoys the view as Angel and Connor stare at her. The woman kneels next to an unconscious Cordy and thanks her for protecting her, telling her she can rest peacefully now.

The woman takes a moment to savor the sensations of being alive. She says everything is perfect. Angel says he came to kill her, he should be punished. He offers her the sword and lowers his head. She takes it, raises it and tells him his suffering will end. Angel looks up, the woman has disappeared.

At the hotel, Fred is cleaning up the office. Lorne watches as he nurses a drink. Fred asks about a noise. Lorne says it’s a saw, Gunn and Wes are in the basement dismembering Skip.

Fred ponders why Cordy was chosen to be the Master’s vessel. She wonders what’s keeping Angel. She’s afraid he might not have arrived in time to stop the birth or maybe he did. She wonders if Angel could kill Cordelia. Lorne figures to save the world, he could.

Fred hears a noise, grabs a sword and confronts Connor in the lobby. She orders him to drop the knife he’s carrying. He tells her he was just going to put it away. Angel comes in and tells them it’s okay, Connor’s with him. Cordy is lying on the couch. Angel says she’s resting, "she’s in a peaceful place." Wes and Gunn come upstairs. Gunn asks if Angel killed the spawn. Angel says he was going to but — Connor tells him to stop torturing himself. Wes asks if the spawn escaped. Angel says it "disappeared, didn’t even say good-bye." Wes realizes they’re not talking about a baby. Connor describes the spawn as human. Angel says they need to find her. Gunn is ready to kill it. Connor and Angel insist they can’t do that, they don’t understand. Angel says they don’t want to kill her, just find her "so we can worship her, that’s all."

Gunn and Wes are not getting it. Wes tells Angel whatever he’s feeling, it’s an enchantment of some sort, a spell. He tries to get him to clear his mind about what’s happening, reminding him what the evil did before it was born. As he’s speaking, the woman enters. Connor and Angel fall to their knees. Everyone else follows suit.

The woman tells them they’ve been drowning in the fight and the pain, she wants to help if they’ll let her. Wes asks her to tell them what to do.

The gang light candles, fawning over the woman, in one of the rooms of the hotel where Cordy is laid out on the bed. The woman says it’s good to be back. She was here in the beginning, "before the time of man." The darkness took over, those like her who resisted, left but kept watch. She says man arrived on earth then, they thought a balance would be restored through them. She feels they failed man, becoming only observers. She couldn’t bear to simply watch anymore but she needed a miracle to return. She arranged it through Angel and Darla. Angel asks how. The woman says it was through Lorne. The day Lorne sent Angel to the trials to save Darla. Angel earned a life and that’s led to her arrival.

Angel asks if Cordy will wake up. The woman says she might if they win the battle, "one evil at a time." She says there are forces of hate everywhere. Fred knows she wants them destroyed. The woman says they’ll change the world.

In a bowling alley, a bunch of vampires are bowling with human heads, complaining about the return of the sun. Angel and the gang arrive. Fight ensues. The woman watches, a smile on her face.

Fred and the woman take a seat. The woman asks what she should be called. The fight continues. Fred realizes the woman needs a name, but she can’t think of anything perfect enough. She asks if the woman wants to choose it. The woman says nobody chooses their own name, they are named by those who love them. The woman gets wounded slightly in the arm. A frantic Fred apologizes profusely. The woman assures her it’s okay.

Angel, Connor, Wes and Gunn follow the retreating vamps into a restaurant, dusting them as the patrons look on. The woman enters. The patrons fall to their knees. She directs them to rise, telling them everything will be all right. The patrons gush over her presence. The woman knows the restaurant’s patrons by name, telling them she’s brought the gift of peace.

A man in the crowd attacks the woman. Angel stops him before he gets to her, morphs into vamp face and beats the guy to a pulp. The woman stops him, telling him it’s enough. The man cries, asking if nobody else sees it. The woman touches the side of his face, speaking calming words to him. She directs Wes to get help then turns to the crowd, telling them the man is alone and afraid, he’ll always be alone but they have each other.

Back at the hotel, Wes and Gunn consider names for the woman. She likes all of the choices. Fred comes downstairs, concerned because she hasn’t been able to get the bloodstain out of the sleeve of the woman’s blouse. The woman assures her it doesn’t matter. Fred feel differently, blaming herself for the woman being hurt. The woman isn’t bothered by it, she enjoys feeling again, even if it’s pain. Fred decides to try club soda on the stain and rushes out.

The woman notes that both Gunn and Wes love Fred. She says it should bring them closer to together, not drive them apart. Connor enters and apologizes for her being hurt. She shows him the wound which has healed. Connor asks why the man wanted to hurt her. She says she doesn’t know but some people are afraid to accept change.

The woman walks out into the garden where Angel is sitting. She notes the fragrance of the flowers. Angel said he shamed her, he almost killed the man. The woman assures him it was okay, he was trying to protect her. Angel doesn’t want to fail her again. She doesn’t believe he will. Angel tells her how happy he is she’s there and that’s dangerous for him, getting too happy can cause problems, "Angelus might —" The woman says it won’t matter, evil will be banished by their deeds, including the evil inside of himself. Angel wonders if it’s possible to eradicate all evil, they’ve fought for so long. The woman says it is, it’s the reason she’s returned. She says she has faith in him to be her general.

The woman tells the others she has faith in all of them to do what’s necessary. They aren’t alone, she’ll always be with them. As scenes of the gang fighting various battles play out, she continues her speech. She says she’ll guide them always, give them strength. All things are possible, they will know they can’t be defeated.

A local news report is talking about the violence taking a downturn in the city. Angel is grateful the woman never doubted them. She says there’s no time for that. Lorne comes in and tells the woman he has a surprise for her upstairs. She follows him out.

Fred returns, crying while she admits she couldn’t get the bloodstain out, she bought a new blouse for the woman. Angel asks what’s wrong, assuring Fred the woman will love it. Fred continues sobbing, saying the woman isn’t’ there. When she’s not around "I hurt."

Lorne shows the woman to a newly decorated room in the hotel. She’s pleased by it, noting the smell of jasmine. She thanks him, he leaves. She notes Connor walking by and invites him in. She asks what’s bothering him. He says he can’t tell her. She assures him he can tell her anything. Connor says he finally knows why he was created, to bring her here. The woman says that, and much more. Connor doesn’t think he deserves to be happy after all he’s done. The woman tells him she knows, she’s seen all of it, she’s watched all of his life and before. She tells him he deserves to be happy. He smiles and asks why him.

The woman says she needed a unique soul to help create her. She chose him as her father even before he was born and together they’ll change the world. Connor says his father is the champion. She answers that everything has its time and it’s his turn.

Fred comes in and starts to tell the woman about the blouse but when she looks a her she sees a vision of a rotting face, swarming with maggots. The woman asks if something is wrong. A freaked Fred starts to cry. Gunn, Wes and Lorne come in. Wes tells her she doesn’t need to cry, the woman is there. Fred says she lost it, thinking about what it would be like if the woman weren’t there. She says she needs some time alone to count her blessings. She leaves the room, the others watch her suspiciously.

Fred is in Cordy’s room, talking to her. She remembers when Lorne read Cordy and got sick from it. She wonders if what Lorne saw is true. Angel comes in and tells her he knows what Fred is thinking. He says when he looks in the woman’s eyes, he sees only beauty. Fred plays along, pretending to agree. She says things are different than what they expected. Angel notes it’s nice to be wrong, it’ s not a big hideous evil. Fred wonders if he’s noticed how they all do what the woman tells them to, without question. Angel figures it’s a relief not to always have to question.

Fred arrives at a hospital and approaches the nurse’s desk. She’s looking for a patient named "Stover". She claims to be family, saying the guy is her uncle. The nurse says she has a "Stoler". Fred says that’s it, she just wants to know if he’s okay. The nurse says he was transferred to the psychiatric unit.

Fred goes to the psych. unit and makes her way in. She finds John Stoler, restrained to a bed. He tells her to go away. Fred asks if he has a history of mental problems. She wonders if he’s been in the ward before. He asks if she wants to know if he’s crazy. He tells her to leave him alone. Fred tells him she doesn’t think he’s crazy, she thinks she knows what he saw because she saw it too. She tells him what she saw when she looked at the woman’s face.

John asks if the woman touched her. He turns toward her, Fred sees the side of his face the woman touched has become grossly disfigured. John wants Fred to let him go. He says they have to "kill it." He says Fred has been "called" to the mission if she saw it. Fred doesn’t want to believe that. John says it’s their duty to kill it, others won’t see. Fred believes others will understand, they’ll help. Fred’s cell phone rings. She looks at the display, noting it’s Angel. She says she has to leave. John screams at her not to trust anyone.

Fred arrives back at the hotel which is crowded with people who followed the woman back to the hotel when she went out for a walk. Fred tells Wes she needs to talk to him. She asks if she told him something he might not want to hear, would he trust her. He assures her he will. Fred tells him about her trip to the hospital. She says the man saw something and she saw it too. She had to know if they saw the same thing, it was. Fred tells him what she saw when she looked at the woman.

Wes tells her he believes her, but his tone says differently. He assures her she did the right thing.

The woman comes to the landing above the lobby, everyone applauds.

Fred asks if Wes will help her. He says he will and tells her to wait. He goes up to Gunn and says something. Gunn looks suspiciously at Fred. Wes walks up to the woman and says something to her as Gunn spreads the word quietly around the room.

Fred grabs some weapons from the cabinet, aims a crossbow at the woman, and fires. Angel takes the crossbow bolt in the shoulder as he and Connor leap to the lobby floor. Fred grabs Lorne and holds a knife to his throat, threatening to kill him. The woman tells her that her "love" will follow her Fred everywhere.

Fred shoves Lorne away from her and runs out. The woman tells the others not to follow, they’ll have time to deal with it later.

Fred pulls her car to a stop on a deserted road and cries.

At the hotel, Wes, Lorne, Angel, Gunn and Connor ponder Fred’s actions. Angel says they need to find her as he hands the woman a bouquet of jasmine. They prepare to head out to find Fred. Angel wonders why he didn’t see Fred was against them. The woman assures him none of them did, he can’t blame himself. Wes is surprised Fred went to see the man at the hospital. Gunn figures the man messed with Fred’s mind. The woman says Fred is dangerous. Angel says they have to kill her. Everyone agrees. The woman says they have to try to help her first. They’ll start the search tomorrow when they’ll "have eyes everywhere."

Fred is in a diner, seated at the counter. She takes note of what’s playing on the television. The anchor announces "Jasmine" (the woman) and tells her to introduce herself. As Jasmine speaks, Fred looks around the diner and sees everyone has dropped to their knees, worshipping the image on the television screen.

She walks outside and finds the streets nearly deserted. She walks on down the street, alone.

From Demens :

Wildfeed Spoilers for "Shiny Happy People" Thread started on: Today at 12:36pm

Angel stares downward as a naked Jasmine walks past Cordy and picks up a blanket, wrapping herself in it. She says it’s all so wonderful. Jasmine stoops and thanks Cordy for protecting and nourishing her. Connor says it’s all Cordy wanted, to give her life. Jasmine says it’s wonderful, she can feel it all. Angel says it’s not wonderful. He came here to kill her and he should be punished. Jasmine says his suffering will end as she takes the sword from his hands. Angel looks down, his expression changes, when he looks up, Jasmine is gone. Camera angle widens, Connor and Angel are alone in the room with unconscious Cordelia.

Fred is cleaning up, she’s so busy she’s making Lorne nervous. She hears a noise and asks Lorne what it is. Lorne says it’s Gunn and Wes in the basement dismembering Skip. Fred asks why the beastmaster had to pick someone like Cordy. Why it couldn’t pick someone else. Fred is worried both that Angel didn’t make it to Cordy in time, and that he did. Fred asks Lorne if Angel really would kill Cordy, Lorne says he would to save the world. Fred hears a noise, she says son of a bitch, she grabs a sword and runs out, Connor is there. Fred asks him if he’s still evil. Connor wants to know what the problem is, she always wanted him to clean up after himself. Fred asks him if he’s still evil. Angel says not anymore. Fred turns to see Angel standing beside the couch, where unconscious but not pregnant Cordy is laying. Fred, Lorne, Gunn and Wes question what came out of Cordy, if it had more than one head or too many legs or whatever. Connor says no, one head, two arms, two legs, Angel adds, kind of mocha colored and so beautiful. The gang asks what happened to it. Angel says it disappeared. The gang tells Angel and Conor that they’re enchanted. Ads they do, Jasmine walks into the room. Everyone falls to their knees.

Up in Cordy’s room, Fred says how honored Cordy must be to have brought her into the world. Jasmine walks over to Cordy’s body, which is laying in bed and says that Jasmine is the one who is honored. She is so happy to be back. Wes questioned that she was here before. Jasmine says she was. She was one of the original powers that be, until someone else came and took over, man. Man disappointed them. Jasmine could not sit and watch, she had to come down and help. SO she arranged a miracle. She made Connor be born in that way. She made Lorne send Darla and Angel to the trials, and that was when the making of Connor began. Wes comments that all the pain they’d all been through were birth pains. Angel asks if Cordy will ever wake up. Jasmine says she will, if they take hold of the world and banish all the evil. Change the world. Angel says "Finally".

A vamp bowls with a human head. The head doesn’t make it to the pins. He’s discouraged, he wants to go out and cause havoc. Another vamp tells him to be calm, something big is coming. Angel and the gang walk in. They start fighting off the vampires. Wes saves Connor from a bashed in brain. Fred asks if she should help, Jasmine says there’s no need. They go and sit down. Jasmine asks what they should call her. Fred comments that she doesn’t have a name. Everyone should have a name. Jasmine says she can’t give herself her own name, that’s not the way it works. A vampire runs by, grabs Jasmine by the arm and cuts her. She gasps. Angel grabs the vampire and starts to fight it. Jasmine tells Fred she’ll be alright. Angel runs out into the street and kills the vampire. Jasmine follows him into the street. Someone comments that she’s hurt. A large group of people gather on the street. Jasmine tells them she will save them all. A man walks out of the crowd yelling "Monster! Monster!" he rushes at Jasmine with a knife, Angel grabs him, throws him on the edge of a fountain and starts to beat him. Jasmine stops Angel from killing the man. The man begs her not to touch him. Jasmine touches him, says he will not feel the love, not like the rest of them. They will all be saved. Angel smiles.

Back at the hotel, Wes and Gunn are trying to name Jasmine. Jasmine keeps saying their names are nice, but doesn’t accept any of them. Fred comes down the stairs, absolutely distraught that she can’t get the blood out of Jasmine’s shirt. Jasmine tells her not to worry about it. Fred says she worries because it was her fault that Jasmine got hurt. Jasmine says she didn’t mind, it gave her a chance to feel. Fred mutters something about club soda and goes running down the stairs. As she leaves, Jasmine comments to Wes and Gunn that they love her. That they both share the same love for Fred. Connor walks in, he says he’s sorry for what happened to her. She removes the cloth from her arm and reveals she’s healed. She says it must be a benefit of being a former power.

Angel is out in the garden, looking at the Jasmine. Jasmine(the person) tells him to be happy. Angel says he’s afraid to let himself be happy, he doesn’t want to turn into Angelus. Jasmine tells him it’s different now, he can be happy. He’s her general. She will be forever at his side, all of their sides. The gang walks out into the garden. Jasmine says there will be no doubt, no worry, they will not be beaten as the scene is intercut with scenes of the gang killing vampires and Fred frantically scrubbing Jasmine’s shirt.

The gang is in the hotel, watching a newscast that is saying the drop in crime is unbelievable. Jasmine comments on how anything is possible with love. Lorne comes downstairs, tells Jasmine he has a surprise for her upstairs. Jasmine goes upstairs with Lorne. Fred walks into the room she says she did it, she’s carrying a shirt. Then she breaks down into tears when she doesn’t see Jasmine and she admits it’s a new shirt she went and purchased. The gang gathers to reassure Fred that it’s alright. Fred says it isn’t alright. She failed. And Jasmine isn’t here, and it hurts her when she isn’t here. Gunn says she’s just upstairs.

Upstairs Lorne shows Jasmine her surprise, her very own room, completely decorated. Lorne leaves the room. Jasmine says to someone at the door that they can come in and talk. The camera reveals Connor at the door. He says he doesn’t know if he can talk to her about it. Jasmine tells him to go ahead. Connor says he feels like he doesn’t deserve to be happy, doesn’t deserve Cordy. Jasmine says he does. That she needed to be created from a unique soul and that was him. Fred walks into the room with the new shirt, and says she hopes Jasmine will like it, Fred looks up from the shirt to Jasmine’s face and sees a rotten maggot filled visage in it’s place, she shrieks and begins to cry.

Jasmine asks what it is. Fred quickly recovers, pretending she’s still distraught over the shirt. The gang appears behind her and reassures her that Jasmine is there, and she likes the shirt. Jasmine says she’s not going anywhere. Fred leaves the room under the guise of being disappointed.

Fred goes to Cordy’s bedside. She begins to talk to her. To ask her what Lorne read in her head before this all started. Angel walks in behind Fred. He says he knows how she feels. When he looks into her eyes, the lies, the deceit, it just all melts away. He’s amazed at how they all thought it would turn out, that it was some big evil coming into the world, and how wrong they all were. And now all that’s left is just glee.

Fred goes to a hospital, looking for the man Angel beat. Fred pretends to be the man’s sister. The woman at the desk tells her the man has been transferred to the psychiatric ward. Fred sneaks down the hall into the ward. Hides when a nurse leaves the room, then sneaks inside the hospital room.

She tells the man, John she has to talk to him. John tells her to leave him alone. Fred asks him if he’s crazy. John again tells her to leave him alone. Fred tells him she doesn’t think he’s crazy because she saw it too, the woman he attacked, she was a rotten monster. John asks her if it touched her. Fred says it hasn’t and asks why. John turns his head, the side of his face where Jasmine touched him is melted and wrecked, John says no to let her touch her. Fred is a bit startled. John asks Fred if she’s been called. He says he has to be freed to finish what he started. Fred doesn’t know what he’s talking about. John tells Fred she’s been called. Fred’s cell phone rings, Fred answers. John yells after her as she backs out of the room not to trust anyone.

Fred walks through a crowd to get back into the hotel. Lorne tells her Jasmine went for a walk and people just followed her back in throngs. Lorne thinks it’s great. Wes asks Fred where she’s been. Fred tells him that she knows he’ll find it hard to accept, and tells him that she saw Jasmine’s true face, and that she went to see John. Wes acts like he believes her and he’s glad she told him. Just then, Jasmine, Connor and Angel walk out onto the balcony. The crowd claps. Fred asks Wes is he’ll help her. Wes says of course. Wes goes up the stairs, whispers something to Gunn. Gunn goes down the stairs, whispers something to Lorne as Wes continues up the stairs to whisper something to Angel, Jasmine and Connor. Fred panics, runs to the weapons case, grabs a crossbow, she says she’s sorry and fires it at the people on the balcony.

Shot from the arrow’s vantage point. Angel dives in front of the arrow, it strikes him in the chest. He falls from the balcony, Connor dives after him. Angel hits the ground with Connor, Connor is worried about Angel. Angel rolls over and pulls the arrow out, it just missed his heart. Fred grabs Lorne and holds a knife on him in fear. Everyone takes a half step towards Fred and then stops. Fred runs out the door, Jasmine orders them to let her go. They’ve all gathered in peace and they won’t let her ruin it.

Fred is in a car, making tracks, to I don’t know where.

At the hotel, the gang and Jasmine discuss Fred. They decide she doesn’t even understand what John has done to her. They decide they have to kill her. Jasmine tells them no. They have to find her and try to show her where she’s gone wrong and how the love will save her.

Fred is in a diner. Her eggs arrive. She comments that she didn’t order them. The cook basically tells her tough. On tv, Jasmine appears, she’s being interviewed. Everyone in the diner falls to their knees as they see the television. Fred gets up, looks around, and walks out, frightened.