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Angel 4x18 - Spoilers

By Showfax

Wednesday 19 February 2003, by Webmaster

Casting Sides For Episode 18 February 18, 2003 The spoiler draught ends with a massive number of casting sides for episode 18 being posted on Showfax. It’s titled "Shiny Happy People". Here’s a rundown of the details:

- Looks like it might be a more Fred-centric episode.
- In one of the beginning scenes, Angel is asking "The Woman" if Cordelia will wake up?
- The Woman (could this is Gina Torres’ character?) says in rather poetic terms if they get rid of the demons that have taken over since the darkness came "which heralded her birth" and restore the world then Cordelia will be okay.
- She also says that great evil has been done her name and that they’re going to change the world.
- The next scene is in a ransacked bowling alley, with vamps using human heads to bowl with. The vamps whine about the sun returning.
- Angel, Connor, Wes, Gunn, Fred & The Woman arrive and there’s a big fight.
- The Woman is injured in the battle, and Fred feels it’s her fault.
- The battles carries on to a restaurant nearby, crowded with people.
- Angel stakes a vamp right in front of them.
- The restaurant patrons try to figure on what’s going on.
- The Woman comes in, and they all kneel before her. She’s sort of treated like a god and tells them she’s here to bring peace, free them of their suffering and that the world will know the power of her love.
- A young man, John, who was scratched by the vamp, yells at her that she’s lying and that she’s a monster.
- John charges at the Woman with a knife.
- Angel vamps out, and viciously attacks John and beats him to protect the Woman. He’s as close to being Angelus as he’s ever been with a soul.
- The Woman stops Angel as John continues to yell that the Woman doesn’t belong there. Wes calls an ambulance
- Later on, Fred is off on her own investigating John. It’s about a week after the incident and he’s at a psychiatric ward at a hospital.
- She sneaks in and talks to him. The side of John’s face that the Woman touched is all deformed now.
- Fred has seen something (that includes maggots and rotting flesh, maybe a vision?). John tells her that they’ve been called and killing the Woman is their mission.
- Fred returns to the hotel to find the lobby filled with people. Lorne and Wes are there. (The people are probably there because of the Woman). Fred pulls Wes aside. Fred presumably tells Wes about John or suspicions about The Woman.
- A few scenes later, Angel, Wes and The Woman are preparing to go after Fred, who they see as a threat now.
- The Woman tells them to wait until tomorrow when they’ll have more help looking for Fred. - In the next scene, Fred is at a coffee shop, telling another person at the counter that she’s lost all of her friends.
- The local news is on the tv, and the Woman (who’s now referred to as Jasmine) is appearing on screen, being interviewed by a reporter.
- Jasmine goes thru a speech about the earth being a garden and darkness corrupting it.
- All the patrons of the coffee shop drop to their knees to worship their new leader.
- As Fred walks out of the coffee shop, alone, in a brand new world.
- The episode ends there.