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Angel 4x19 & 4x20 & 4x21 - Descriptions

Wednesday 2 April 2003, by Webmaster

Episode 19 : Magic Bullet The hotel is packed with Jasmine-worshippers, including one man who offers Lorne his house in exchange for Lorne’s room at the hotel. Fred is trying to figure out how everyone was hypnotized at the same time, meanwhile Connor and Angel are tracking her together. Jasmine starts seeing things through the eyes of her followers including Fred’s whereabouts. Fred hides in a cave, find and speaks with a demon who shares a little info about Jasmine before trying to kill Fred. Fred either escapes and is injured or kills the demon and is injured (I have conflicting notes on that one). Lorne uses one of the Hotel dining rooms as a free for all for Jasmine lovers. We’ll be treated to a few original poems and a re-hash of Mandy as performed by Angel and Connor. Everyone is worshipping Jasmine and talking about killing Fred. Wes and Gunn bond over their Fred-hatred. Fred learns that she’s wanted dead and goes to kill either Jasmine or some of Jasmine’s followers (again, conflicting info). Fred finds a way to un-hypnotize the MoG and by the end of the episode, they are back together, sans Connor who I didn’t get any spoilers on.

Episode 20: Untitled Ben Edlund script (sidebar: Edlund is a Firefly writer, this is his first Angel script. He wrote Jaynestown and the comicbook The Tick) Connor and Angel are no longer working side by side, in fact the episode will open with the two fighting. Angel beats the crap out of Connor leaving Connor’s blood smeared over Angel’s fists and face. Gunn meets up with some of the boys from War Zone and That Old Gang of Mine (not Rondell, though. Bummer). Connor is looking for Cordy who is now missing. (CC was having her baby at the time :) ) Jasmine convinces Connor to forget about Cordy (some kind of spell? again conflicting info). Wes runs into some kind of massive demon who was once a follow of Jasmine. The Demon’s upset because his kind worshipped Jasmine for a long time, building her temples and the likes, and it’s bothering the demons that the humans are now worshipping her. He tells Wes all kinds of stuff about who Jasmine really is before trying to sacrifice Wes to Jasmine as an offering including that Jasmine is a name given to her by the humans. Jasmine isn’t human at all, and Cordy’s "birth" casued Jasmine to take the form she is now (Gina Torres - -Yummy). Angel tries to find Wes, but one of the boys sees Angel vamp-out and tries to stake him. Angel and the others get to Wesley just as the Demon tries to kill him. Angel, of course, saves the day.

Episode 21: Peace Out Is written by Steve DeKnight. Angel and the MoG use the information given to them before killing the demon (in ep 20) to get Jasmine to release the hold she has over the people. I’m not spoiled for Buffy - but my source tells me that Jasmine will hit the Sunnydale-verse and people from Sunnydale will be in LA at this time, none of the Scoobes, though. Connor will be released from Jasmine’s hold and will join Angel and the MoG in the battle against her. They’ll find out exactly what happened to Cordy and how to get the "real" Cordy back. Lorne is supposed to be a key figure in either 21 or 22, not sure yet.