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Angel 4x19 Outcast - Spoilers

By Showfax

Friday 28 February 2003, by Webmaster

- Act 1 starts with a man coming into the already packed hotel. He’s desperate to stay there because of Jasmine. He offers to give Lorne his house if he’ll give him a room.
- Jasmine comes downstairs and talks to the people gathered there to see her.
- A few scenes later, Fred goes into a book store, meeting up with a guy named Ted (Not the evil robot Ted from Buffy), and discuss the mass hypnosis that happened three days ago. Fred can’t figure out how it happened, since it affected everyone.
- Then it’s revealed that Ted has been affected by Jasmine too and he can’t think rationally.
- In the next scene, Connor and Angel are in the sewers, tracking Fred.
- A few scenes later, Fred is walking to the motel she’s staying at, passing by some of Jasmine’s happy followers.
- At the hotel, Jasmine says she can see Fred. She’s able to see what the people are seeing.
- A few scenes later, Fred has ended up in a dimly lit cave with a demony creature. < - The creature tells Fred he’s a vegetarian
- In next scene, it’s open mic night at the hotel with Lorne as the emcee. A series of people come up to say how Jasmine has effected them. A man says he was blind and now can see. A young boy reads a poem he wrote for her. Angel and Connor sing a song for Jasmine (Mandy with new lyrics). Lorne tells a joke about a green BMW and gets no response.
- The audience is too focused on Jasmine. A deaf woman says she wishes she could be in Fred’s head so she could kill her. An old woman talks about naming all of her 37 cats after Jasmine.
- Lorne sings a "Freddie’s Dead". Wes & Gunn listen from the counter.
- Back at the cave, Fred is talking to the creature. He wants to leave town to avoid Jasmine’s followers.
- Fred tries to get the creature to help her, but then finds some human heads in the cave. The creature isn’t what he claims to be.
- The creature attacks Fred and she kills it with a hatchet, but is injured.
- She goes back to the book store and some of Jasmine’s followers are there. She still has the hatchet, is bloody, disheveled and looking "creepy". She challenges the people.