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Angel 4x20-21-22 - Summary

Thursday 24 April 2003, by Webmaster

SACRIFICE Written by Ben Edlund, directed by David Straiton Airing 4/23/03

Picks up right where The Magic Bullet leaves off, with Connor in the hallway about to unleash Jasmine’s hordes upon the MoG in the hotel room. Angel tries to tell Connor that he’s wrong about Jasmine, but Connor stops him, saying no, Angel’s wrong, not just about Jasmine, about everything. The Jasmaniacs come running up behind him, and Angel slams the door to prevent them entering. Angel tells everyone to run, and they do, leaving him to hold the door. Finally, the door breaks, and Angel is forced to vamp out and fight his way through the crowd, beating Connor into unconsciousness.

Outside, the gang is in the Angelmobile, waiting, when Connor’s body lands on the hood, Angel not far behind it. Angel gets in the car and tells Wes to drive, leaving Connor behind on the street. A throng of Jasmaniacs follow them.

We see Jasmine, in her hotel room, "watching" them through the eyes of the Jasmaniacs.

In the car, the MoG listen to Jasmine Radio as they try to decide what to do. Wes points out that they’re almost out of gas, and Fred tells Angel (again) that they should have taken Connor. Angel blows her off.

Connor lies on Jasmine’s divan, still almost dead from Angel’s beating, plenty of naked Jasmaniacs looking on. Jasmine does the green glowy thing to heal him (the naked people are eaten at this point). Connor tries to question Jasmine about what exactly is going on with his former friends/family, and why did they rub blood on me, and Jasmine avoids his questions with lots of smiley platitudes, as per usual. She tells Connor not to worry, everything’s connected, my followers are my eyes, my skin, my limbs, and if need be, my fists.

Outside, the gang has stopped for gas. They have to fight off the attendants and other customers, who then start speaking in Jasmine’s voice, which creeps them out. Through her followers, she tells the MoG that they are a disease in the body Jasmine, and will be incorporated into the Matrix purged. Fight fight fight, gas gas gas.

The gang has pulled into an alley because the entire LAPD is chasing them. Wes points out that, technically, they’re the only criminals in the city, hence the unusually large number of police cars. Angel, shockingly, suggests they go into the sewers. They do.

In the sewers, Angel and Gunn argue briefly about whether or not they have a plan. They do not, but both agree that when they do get one, eating rats should not be a part of it. Fred realizes that they left Cordy bleeding from the wrist back at the hotel. Angel tells her to forget about Cordy, because to survive this fight they have to be heartless.

Luckily, Connor had bandaged Cordy’s wrist before she bled to death. Jasmine walks in on him sitting by her bedside, realizes that Cordy’s blood is dangerous, and tells Connor that she wants to be alone with her mother.

MoG, still in the sewers, talking about how much they miss Jasmine, come across a booby trap, which they all survive unscathed. The trap-setter is a 13 y.o. boy named Golden. Also in this gang are a girl, Holly, and their leader, 18 y.o. Golden. They are not Jasmaniacs, as they’ve been living underground since before the sun came back out. They bandy words with the MoG. After a bit, Golden recognizes Gunn (his older brother used to be in Gunn’s crew) and now they’re all friends until an inhuman wail interrupts the banter.

Connor comes back into Cordy’s room, sees Jasmine sitting on the now-empty bed. Connor doesn’t like that Cordy’s missing, but Jasmine explains that her blood was a danger, so she moved her to a safe place, and no, she won’t tell him where it is. But she exudes love, so Connor accepts it.

Golden shows Angel the traps they’ve set to keep the sewer demon (the one with the inhuman wail) from killing them. Angel is not overly impressed, but c’mon, they’re kids. Angel, still resisting any kind of emotion, is not sympathetic when the kids explain how they got down there (no sun, lots of demons, etc) and how there used to be more of them. He takes control, and a machete, and says let’s go kill this thing.

Jasmine is preparing for a television appearance. Connor wants to go out and find the MoG, but Jasmine won’t let him, saying it’ll all be fine, soon the world shall be ours, muahahahaha, er, I mean, I bring you love. Notices that Connor isn’t smiling, and tells him that he hasn’t yet truly surrendered his pain to her. She grabs his hand and presses her nails in hard enough to draw blood, and takes his pain away (VERY SIMILAR TO CORDY’S DEMON POWER, HUH?). He is now a much more pliable slave.

Back to the MoG, still tracking. Angel vamps out in a moment of stress, which freaks the kids out and causes a brief moment of possible mutiny. Nothing comes of this because they are interrupted by a huge skittering monster, who takes Wes back to it’s lair before anyone realizes what had happened.

Inside the lair, the monster (which turns out to be an enourmous bug-thing who talks like Gollum), hisses "We loved her first!"

Wes, trying desperately to both stay alive and get any information he can, tries talking to Gollum, and learns that before she came to Earth, Jasmine was the goddess of the insect-things’ world. Gollum is horrified that humans deigned to give The Devourer a name, and starts muttering again about how they loved her first, the precious, and they stole it from us. Wes interjects, asking how do insect-monster-things define love, exactly? Same as all bodies, it says, love is sacrifice.

We now see that Gollum has been building a nice big geodesic dome out of dead body parts.

After seeing Angel in vamp-face, Matthew (the youngest) has run off, and Fred and Gunn look for him. Fred and Gunn talk on the way about how they’re feeling (awful) and how weird Angel’s been acting. Gunn says Angel’s right, feelings don’t matter anymore, and Fred says, no, we can’t be fighting for the right to be heartless shells. Gunn says remember when we killed that guy, and you were able to turn off how you felt and do what needed to be done? And Fred says yeah, except, dude, I felt every second of it, and it still eats me up inside, so there.

More Wes & Gollum talk. Wes learns that Gollum’s dimension’s atmosphere would kill humans, but ooh, here’s an orb that’ll take me there, if only I didn’t need to breathe…Gollum mutters more about how She doesn’t care for word-magic, blood-magic older, more powerful, she will feel it and remember her precious, there is only one word she cares for…Wes picks up on this, puts 2 and 2 together, figures Jasmine’s true name has power over her. Turns out one of the bodies in the sculpture is a vampire, and isn’t quite dead yet. This annoys Gollum. Wes tries to explain the problem, but is shushed.

Outside, Fred and Gunn find Matthew, who is surprised that the sun’s out, but won’t return with them, and they end up knocking him out and carrying him back.

Wes tries to get more information out of Gollum, like what is Jasmine’s true name? Gollum says no, stupid talky meat, only the High Priest knows that, I’m just a messenger, at which point Angel bursts in with his new machete and says "I guess it’s time to shoot the messenger" and we all die groaning.

Fred and Gunn return, try to explain why Matthew is unconscious without saying "we hit him over the head," and are saved from embarrassment by Matthew waking up and talking in Jasmine’s voice, telling the other kids, look at what these horrible people did to Matthew, wouldn’t you like to kill them? The kids, now enthralled, are filled with Jasmine’s bloodlust.

The MoG head for the tunnel’s entrance, only to find it blocked by a sillouette who turns out to be Connor, flanked by the National Guard.

Angel kills Gollum rather violently, with more bad quippage. Wes tells Angel about the orb that can take them to the insect-world, but remembers the thing about the atmosphere, so Angel has to go.

Connor & his Guardsmen are bearing down on our heroes. Wes, puzzled about how to work the orb, remembers the other thing about blood magic, smears blood from his brow onto the orb, which starts to glow. Everyone looks tenderly at Angel, who leaps through the offstage portal.

Big fight scene, intercut with Jasmine in the hotel, scantily clad, the wounds of her followers appearing on her body but healing instantly, laughing in sensualist glory.

The last shot is of Angel in the "We loved her first" dimension, which turns out to be a bleak and mountainous place filled with icky insect demons just like the one he killed.

PEACE OUT Written by David Fury, directed by Jefferson Kibbee Airing 4/30/03

Picks up right where Sacrifice left off, in the sewers, the remaining MoG being captured (not killed) by the National Guard. Connor sees that Angel is not among them.

Because Angel is in the "We loved her first" dimension (really, that’s what it’s called in the script). The insect things, luckily, appear to be scared of the orb, and they skitter away, revealing a huge temple atop a tower of rock. Angel heads for it.

The MoG have lost, and are lying on the ground, surrounded by big men with guns. Connor angrily tells them that they’re the ones who will be alone forever now, they’re the ones who don’t belong. Wesley says that Connor doesn’t know what she is, and Connor says yes I do, she’s mine. Connor is about to have them executed, when Jasmine speaks through a guardsman saying, no no, wait, bring them to me alive.

WLHF dimension, Angel has climbed the tower. It was a long way up.

Jasmine is still preparing for her television appearance (remember that?), and has invited almost a dozen acolytes into the banquet room. But first, she visits the MoG, who are being held by the Guardsmen in the lobby. She wants to know where Angel is. Wesley doesn’t tell her, but questions her about Gollum, and she figures it out. Tells them how, yes, she tested out being a goddess on that world first, but there were a few…bugs (har har) and she won’t make those mistakes again. Wes points out that it must have been terribly difficult conquering a primitive world. So much easier here, where we have sattelite television. Jasmine says yes, that’s definitely an advantage.

Fred, who should know by now that it’s futile, tries talking to Connor, saying if you only knew what she really looked like. Connor says, I know what she looks like, and we get the first Connor POV where Jasmine’s all maggoty. Connor says she’s beautiful.

Jasmine has the MoG taken to the cage in the basement, and tells Connor to guard them while she’s on TV. Connor asks what Angel’s looking for, and Jasmine says "The unattainable."

The entrance to the temple is a statue of Jasmine. Her head is GT’s, but the body is that of an insect creature from the WLHF dimension. Angel finds the High Priest, trades a few quips, can’t convince him to give up Jasmine’s true name, they start to fight.

Back in the hotel, Connor is explaining that, growing up in Quortoth, he learned that looks aren’t that important. They ask him what is important, and Fred mentions Cordelia. Connor says she’s fine, and they ask how he knows. He hedges, but when pressed eventually realizes that, no, he’s not entirely sure Jasmine hasn’t eaten her, gotta run, bye now.

Angel continues to fight the High Priest, and discovers that the Priest doesn’t actually have the name, the Priest has the Keeper of the Name, who’s over there with his mouth sewn shut. The High Priest says, rather dramatically, "Only with its last breath will it divulge the true name of the blessed Devourer." Angel, through with the priest, confronts the Keeper, who unfortunately turns out to be over seven feet tall and armed with a club.

Jasmine is in the banquet room with her naked lunch. Connor rushes in, rather frantic, and pretends not to be looking for Cordy among the acolytes. Jasmine sees right through him, assures him that she would never eat her mother, but no, she can’t tell Connor where Cordy is. She’s still in this dimension, and she’s safe, and that’s all you need to know, and didn’t I ask you to guard some people? She also tells him that while she’s on the air, she won’t be able to see through her followers because the broadcast will take so much energy, so make sure you really keep things under control for me. Connor nods and leaves.

As Angel fights the Keeper, the priest continues to challenge him, saying things like what are you fighting for, you know your friends are probably dead, your world doesn’t want you. Finally Angel says, fine, YOU tell me what I’m fighting for. The priest says, your son, and you’re going to lose him too. You’re going to fail.

Connor is wandering around the television people, sniffing the air, trying not to be interviewed. Finds what he’s looking for, and heads for two guys standing in the garden. Tries to sweet-talk them into telling him where they took Jasmine, and when that doesn’t work, he tries violence. That works.

Back in the WLHF dimension, Angel is fighting and saying things like, obviously you never had kids or you’d understand what I’m fighting for. The priest says, but he’ll never love you, he wasn’t even suppsed to exist, at which point Angel side-steps a blow, and the Keeper’s club connects with the Priest, knocking him over the side of the cliff.

The MoG are feeling no hope in their cage. Wesley is pretty much the only one still trying to win. He’s thinking out loud about why Jasmine wouldn’t just kill Cordy, since her blood is so dangerous. Figures that maybe Jasmine can’t hurt Cordelia, but maybe Cordelia can hurt Jasmine…Gunn says that’s an awful lot of speculation, and Wes says yes, but what else do we have?

Connor, at the entrance to a church. He fights his way past the two guards, and finds Cordy, lying on a cushioned slab suspended from the ceiling. Success!

Jasmine is finishing her meal, all glowy. Smiles and says "Time for my close up."

Connor talks to Cordy (still in a coma), saying he’s sorry she can’t be here to see what they made, the new world, since this was what it was supposed to be all about, protecting their baby so that she could bring this about…right? Because it is better, people are helping each other, people are kind to each other, nobody’s lonely. It’s not harsh, not like the world Angel likes, the world that gives him a reason to fight. Connor’s not like the rest of them, he doesn’t want to always need to fight, just wants to rest. And he’s angry and confused because Jasmine can rid everyone in the world of their hate and their anger except for him, and he doesn’t understand why. He knows Jasmine’s a lie. But she’s a better lie than all the others his life’s been built on, isn’t she?

Back to the broadcast, the two guys Connor beat up in the garden are trying to get to Jasmine, but it’s too close to air time. They just barely manage to tell Jasmine before she goes live. Jasmine’s speech is more blah blah I bring you love let’s all hold hands and sing kumbayah and I’ll only eat those of you I need to survive. Ok, she doesn’t really say that last part. The MoG can hear the hubbub from downstairs. Jasmine takes questions, and they’re all incredibly inane, but full of love.

Suddenly, a portal appears! Angel pops out of it! Jasmine yells for her followers to kill him, but Angel reveals that he has the head of the Keeper, and rips open the Keeper’s mouth. Jasmine’s true name sounds like a creepy wind effect, but it forces her to reveal her true form. Everyone is un-Jasmined instantly, and all is chaos. Jasmine is pleading with people not to turn on her, but it’s pretty pointless since she now looks like a mass of maggots.

Downstairs, the MoG wonder why all the big noise all of a sudden? Gunn’s been kicking the door this whole time, and it finally gives way. They run upstairs.

Jasmine has pulled herself into a more GT-like shape, but she’s still pretty maggoty, and people are throwing things at her. It’s not pretty.

Connor is still sitting with Cordy, and hears Jasmine’s voice through one of the unconscious guards, saying Father, I need you, Help me, Please. He runs.

Angel and Jasmine are finally face to face. He tells her she’s lost. She laughs, aghast at his arrogance, asks him if he has any idea what he’s done. Tells him that the one thing he should have learned by now is that there is no good and evil, only choices. She offered Paradise, and instead, he chose this (indicating the chaos and destruction all around). Angel says, yes, but you didn’t exactly give us a choice, did you? I have given free will back to the people of this world. Jasmine says, yes, all right, and look where it’s gotten you. Angel says, doesn’t matter, our free will is what makes us human. Jasmine says, okay, but you’re not human. Angel says, working on it.

Jasmine tries to leave, but Angel restrains her. She says, after all you’ve done, you’re going to kill me? Not that you could, but - no, Angel says, but I can’t let you hurt anyone else. Jasmine asks why Angel hates her so much. Angel lists blocking out the sun, rain of fire, enslaving mankind and eating people. Oh, like you haven’t, Jasmine retorts. Angel says he’s saved thousands of lives by stopping her, and she says, sure, saved thousands from death by being eaten by me, but condemned millions to die from poverty, war, disease. Yeah, I eat people, but at least I give something back. Nice victory, hot shot. Angel says, I know, it’s terrible, but your price was too high. I know this isn’t the world you wanted, but maybe you can help us improve this one, even if you have lost your powers.

Jasmine thinks, says "Not all of them" and tosses him over the side of the bridge they’re standing on. Jumps after him to beat him some more. Decides that if this world won’t let her be a benevolent deity, she’ll have to settle for being a murderous demon. The other Powers never really cared what happened to this world, and she sacrificed everything to make it a paradise, and then got REJECTED, and damnit, she’s pissed now. So they fight. She tells him that since he destroyed her, she has just enough power left to kill everyone, and that’s what she’s gonna do, and now what does he think of that little stunt, eh? Angel says it’s not his fault, and she says "Keep telling yourself that. Whose champion do you think you are?" More fighting.

Enter Connor, angry and hurt (as per usual). He pulls Angel off of Jasmine, who beams love at him.

The other MoG are wandering around the now-empty hotel, confused. They find the Keeper’s head, and realize that Angel must have returned. They figure they should find Angel, Connor and Cordy, and are about to leave when Wes sees something and halts.

Jasmine begs Connor to tell her he still loves her. He says yes…and then puts his fist through her head. She’s dead. Inside, so is he now. He leaves.

The other MoG come up behind Angel, who tells them briefly what happened. Wesley tries to alert Angel to what he just saw, because it’s important, but Angel is distracted by how badly Connor seemed when he left, and says. He starts to say he’s worried Connor might do something, but is interrupted by Lilah (!) who finishes his sentence with "-end world peace? You already took care of that. Congratulations."

HOME Written and Directed by Tim Minear Airing 5/7/03

Same scene, new ep. Angel is slightly stunned, what with Lilah being dead and appearing out of nowhere.

She continues to babble about what a great thing they did, ending world peace, and Wesley tries to say that it’s not her, she’s not here. Angel explains that, no, it is her, and yes she’s dead, no, not a vampire, it’s her post-mortem W&H contract is all. Lilah is snarky, but very tender to Wes during the whole thing. She then says that she’s been sent with an offer - the Senior Partners want to give the LA branch of Wolfram and Hart to Angel, Inc.

They are a bit taken aback. Fred points out that there is no more LA branch, but Lilah says oh no, it’s been rebuilt and mostly de-zombified. Gunn says they’re not lawyers, or evil. Lilah says it’s not about good and evil, it’s about power. The Senior Partners want to reward you by giving you some power. Reward us for what, asks Angel? Well duh, says Lilah, for ending world peace!

She goes on to say how worried the SPs were by the whole Jasmine thing, since she was about to eliminate hate, violence (and litigation, natch) from the planet, and thank goodness Angel stepped in and stopped that. The MoG protest, but ultimately can’t come up with anything more convincing than "We saw what she really was," to which Lilah says, oh, you mean she was ugly? Oh, forget everything, she must have been evil. No, you guys didn’t destroy utopia, of course not.

Lilah basically repeats Jasmine’s pro-eating people arguments - a few dozen people a day die happy to eliminate suffering forever. Seems like a more than fair trade, really. Lilah is a little hurt that they’re not taking her compliments in the spirit in which they’re intended.

Then she says that this is a limited time offer, there will be a limo downstairs just before dawn. Anyone who’s in it will have a job offer tomorrow.

Cut to the world outside, which is still nothing but total chaos and destruction, as everyone in LA is suffering from post-Jasmine depression. Connor wanders through the bleakness. He sees a figure on the edge of a rooftop, and races up there just in time to stop a man from jumping. Connor tries to comfort the guy, but it’s no use, after the Jasminelove, anything less is pure pain. Finally, Connor just tells the man to go home. The man pulls out a picture of his two daughters, and Connor flies into a rage, asking the man how he could think of leaving his family like that, and starts pummeling him, screaming HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW?

Back at the hotel, Wes and Gunn are trying to put together plans to find Connor and Cordy, and pretending not to be considering Lilah’s offer. Gunn is the only one who’s being practical, saying, you know, if we had their resources, we could make this search a lot more effective.

Elsewhere, Fred is telling Angel he needs to rest, but Angel’s too distraught over the possibility of losing both Connor and Cordy. Fred tries to say, don’t worry, you could never lose Connor, and Angel says well, except for the time I lost him and he grew up in a hell dimension. Fred backtracks, but points out that he also killed Jasmine to save Angel, and that must mean something. But Angel’s not so sure that’s why Connor did it.

A little later, Lorne has returned with no news about Connor or Cordy, but tells them that it’s a mess out in the world. Angel says they won’t give up. Gunn almost brings up the S&H offer again, but decides not to say it. Angel is not fooled, and says that he can’t make the decision for anyone, but know that before you accept anything, even if you just get in the car, you’re already corrupted. Everyone goes to bed.

Later, closer to dawn…

Fred sneaks outside to where the limo is waiting. Wesley’s already standing out there. Gunn follows not too far behind. They hesitate, considering Angel’s words. Wes says, fine then we go into this eyes open. Angel is the last to come outside, and finishes Wes; sentence for him. They open the limo door. Lorne is already inside, helping himself to the limo’s bar.

They arrive at the new W&H, and are greeted by their large staff.

Lilah approaches and introduces them each to their individual guides. Lorne is shown to the entertainment division, Fred to the science department, Wesley to the library, and Gunn to an unnamed location, but his guide is a supermodel. Angel gets Lilah.

Connor is sitting in the center of an open-air mall. At first, we see him surrounded by happy families, but as we zoom in on his POV, we see what he’s noticing - kids getting slapped on the arm by their parents, couples bickering, etc etc, and we see that Connor is getting more and more frustrated by all the lies around him until he stands and SLAMS his hand down so hard that the bench breaks.

Fred and her science guy are getting along, and he shows her some gadgets. She sees a patient getting open-heart surgery…awake. Science guy explains that the man has been injected with modified vampiric enzymes that stop his heart without impeding his other functions. Fred is in geek heaven.

Gunn and the supermodel are still walking to who-knows-where. They get into an elevator.

Wesley’s guide shows him a book that will be any book you tell it to, but Wesley is not impressed. Wes has also figured out that his guide is the ex-Watcher who stole the Devandire Codex from the Council all those many years ago. "Something about Watchers and libraries," he says, before elbowing the guy in the throat, dropping him. Wes heads for an elevator.

Lilah is showing Angel his new office, which "would make CEOs and Heads of States shed tears of envy." He even has a personal elevator. And twelve cars. And Necro-Tempered glass, so he can leave the shades open during the day. Angel tells Lilah to close them anyway. She gives him the whole "it’s not a job, it’s an opportunity" spiel again, and when that doesn’t seem to get a response, shows him a file marked "Sunnydale." The file also comes with an amulet, which Lilah says is crucial for the "final battle" going on down there. She also tells him that Cordy and Connor can be found with a phone call. He tells her he’s not interested, starts to leave, and the phone on his desk rings. Lilah answers it, says "Yes, of course," and hangs up. She presses a button, and a giant-screen TV descends from the ceiling. Angel is momentarily impressed by the TV, but then he sees what’s onscreen - Connor has taken hostages at the mall. Poor Angel.

Angel attacks Lilah, but she swears the Senior Partners had nothing to do with it, in fact, she’s looking at the one who’s responsible right now. Angel starts to storm off, and Lilah tells him that if he walks out, the deal’s off. Angel turns around, grabs the Sunnydale file, and says "Let me tell you what the deal’s gonna be…"

Back to Gunn and his supermodel, and this is the part where I assume it’s going to be clearer onscreen. Gunn ends up in the White Room with a jaguar. They stare at each other, and some kind of connection forms.

Back to Wes, who has broken into a file room. Lilah finds him there, and says, oh Wes, like I didn’t see this coming. Wes says he didn’t break in to learn any secrets.

At the mall, Connor has grouped his hostages into little family portraits. They are all wired with explosives. Connor is making sure that all the familes stay happy-looking. Angel shows up, asks what’s going on, and sets off an explosive. Connor points out that everyone’s rigged, and he can’t remember who’s connected how, so maybe Angel shouldn’t move around too much. After all, he doesn’t know who’ll go first. Could be him, could be Cordy…who is lying behind them peacefully, still comatose, and also rigged with explosives.

Angel tries to give Connor the "I know what you felt when Jasmine died, we all felt it," but Connor responds with "I DIDN’T FEEL ANYTHING!" Connor says he can’t feel anything, he’s dead inside…so he really is Angel’s son now. Angel tries to apologize, but Connor cuts him off. Angel tries to say he loves Connor, but Connor says that it’s a lie, it’s always a lie, nobody’s ever been able to love him, not his dead mother, not Holtz (well, maybe Holtz, but never more than he hated Angel), maybe Cordy, but look where that got her, really the only person who ever really loved him really was Jasmine. And nobody except Connor could truly love her back, because Jasmine had to lie in order to persuade people to accept her gifts. Connor reaches for two wires, starts to bring them together, and Angel moves in for the fight.

Lilah asks Wesley, if he’s not here to steal files, why IS he here? Wesley holds up a file marked, Morgan, Lilah. He pulls out her contract and lights it with a cigarette lighter. He explains that he just wants her to be able to find some peace. She smiles sadly as they watch the file burn to ash…and then tells him to look in the drawer. Her file is still in there, unharmed. She tells him it means something to her that he tried.

Angel and Connor still fighting. Angel gets a knife at some point, and gets Connor pinned down. Tells Connor he really does love him. Connor asks Angel, "So what are you going to do about it?" "Prove it," Angel says, and then brings the knife down in a killing blow.

Lorne, in W&H, is singing "Something’s Coming" from West Side Story. Fred walks in, followed by a slightly scruffier Wes. Gunn strides in, looking taller and…different. They discuss possibly taking the deal, when Angel walks in and says "I already took it." They’re all a little miffed that he made the decision for them, but it’s what they were all going to do anyway, so what the hell.

Lilah walks over, tells them how proud she is that they made the smart choice. Fred asks about Cordy, and Lilah says she’s fine, probably getting a pedicure right now. Oh yeah, still in a coma, but well taken care of. Angel says, seriously, to Lilah, "I want to see him." Lilah says that wasn’t part of the deal. Angel says, fine, I need to see him. Lilah hands him the Sunnydale file, says "You’re the boss, there’s a limo outside that will take you to see Connor." Angel thanks her. Fred says "Who’s Connor?" Nobody else knows either.

We look into a house, with a family inside, having dinner. It’s Connor, looking casually happy. Blessedly normal. Connor’s just graduated from high school, and the family is talking about college, and the little sister teases Connor about his vegan girlfriend. He proposes a toast, to family. Angel’s limo pulls silently away. End of season.