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Angel 4x20 - Spoilers

Tuesday 11 March 2003, by Webmaster

In the teaser, Connor and Angel fight. Angel pummels Connor in the face. His fists are left bloody.
 Apparently Angel, Wes, Lorne, and Gunn have now all joined up with Fred and no longer are worshipping Jasmine. Act 2 begins with them in the sewers, being surrounded by a gang of teenage kids. The kids have nail studded baseball bats and spears. The kids are threatening them, especially Lorne. Gunn struggles with one of the kids, who recognizes his name. Gunn knows the kid.
 There’s a strange wailing sound. There’s something in the tunnel.
 Back at the hotel, Connor cautiously enters Cordy’s room and sees Jasmine seated across from Cordy’s bed.
 Connor starts to apologize to Cordy for something, but then looks down and sees her bed is empty.
 Jasmine tells Connor that Cordelia’s blood is dangerous and that the hate could spread. Cordelia is now where Jasmine wants her to be.
 Jasmine comforts Connor, then gets him to follow her. She’s taking him somewhere.
 Angel and the others go with the kids to their stronghold in the sewers. The wailing continues.
 There’s some sort of creature there that killed the brother of one of the kids. The kids are refugees and orphans from the craziness happening in LA.
 The gang goes out hunting the monster terrorizing the kids.
 Wes gets separated from the group, and runs into the monster. The monster says he loved her. His kind loved her before everyone else, and built temples to her. He’s rather angry that they had the audacity to name her Jasmine.
 Wes asks how the monster defines love, and the monster tells him that love is sacrifice.
 Wes sees that the monster has assembled a huge sphere made out of corpse.
 One of the kids stops Angel from going to help Wes.
 Wes also sees a strange glowing orb set in bone in the monster’s liar. Wes continues to talk to the monster as the monster works on the sphere.
 One of the corpse turns out to be a vampire and wakes up.
 The kids discover Angel is a vampire. Matthew (the kids’ leader) has vamp issues since his family was murdered by vamps.
 Wes continues talking to the monster, uncovering that Jasmine has a real, secret name that has power over her.
 Angel and the other finally reach Wes and the monster.