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Angel 4x22 Home - Spoilers TWOP

Thursday 10 April 2003, by Webmaster

Sci Fi Gal

posted April 09,2003 12:36:32 PM EST

End of episode 22 spoilers... disclaimer: not all of these have been confirmed. I do not claim to know that all of these are going to happen. If you don’t like them... stop e-mailing me and bitching about them, I can’t change them. Thank you.

Angel will tell Connor that he never gave up on him. Wesley and Connor will talk about the night Holtz took him and Holtz’s promise to never tell Connor about Angel. Wes will try and prove that Holtz was not the good man Connor thinks he was and that Angel is indeed the better "champion". Connor will leave of his own will, going to the mountain home. W&H does something to him (a spell?) that maked his forget everything about his life thus far and creates this family life around him. Connor will be a senior in high school preparing to go to college, he will either have nightmares or flashes about his old life. Angel will tell Wes that he’s going back for Connor. That seems to be at the very end of the episode. I have conflicting Spike rumors, one has Angel leaving Sunnydale with Spike in tow and the other has Spike showing up as Angel’s "going after Connor" and offering to help.