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Angel 5x02 Convictions Promo Trailer - Summary

By Eddy

Thursday 18 September 2003, by Webmaster

Ok. I only saw half of the promo so the beginning shots? I don’t know what was all in it. But there was a shot of Boxer Rebellion Spike and the announcer said something about William the Bloody. Ok. Now this is the part where i have it on tape and am typing a description of that. Ok? There’s a shot of Angel walking into some building. Shot of Ops guys searching through a building. Shot of Spike saying to Angel "another vampire with a soul" Shot of Angel doing some sort of flying kick on one of the ops guys. Shot of Spike beside a wall looking in on something.(I think this is the scene where Spike overhears them talking about exorcising him). The announcer says the other is lost somewhere in between. Shot of Spike walking with zoom on his face. Shot of Spike walking in a room with Angel,Fred,and Gunn in the background. Shot of Fred looking concerned with a voice over of her saying "Maybe he’s here for a reason" Shot of Spike’s feet walking spliced together with a shot of Spike saying "The ground underneath me is pulling me in." Shot of spike looking pained holding his chest and then the shot from Conviction of Spike with his arm up yelling. Then in big white letters SPIKE on a black background and then the Angel logo in front of a sun lit sky line and the announcer says the season premiere is in 2 weeks. There was more in the promo but I didn’t see that part,it was the part about William the Bloody.

A friend told me that the William the Bloody part was accompanied with a voice over saying "A brother hood forged in blood"..

Oh yeah. Spike looks great in wide-screen.