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Angel 5x03 Unleashed - Peter David Review

Monday 20 October 2003

ANGEL : The second episode nicely reinforces that Angel is the lead of the show as Spike pulls a fast fade while Doctor Flox, out of his Enterprise make-up, betrays a werewolf. Okay, kids, here’s a tip : NEVER betray a werewolf. It just always ends badly. It took some truly demented writing minds to come up with the notion of a gourmet club that eats supernatural beasts. It’s like that movie "The Freshman" by way of "Twin Peaks." I sure didn’t see it coming, so hats off. As for Spike, it’s starting to look like the Casper act is only temporary. It’ll be interesting to see if the rumors about Spike winding up human (and the first male slayer !) turn out to be right in the end after all.