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Angel 5x03 Unleashed - Summary

By The Tragic Vixen

Tuesday 19 August 2003, by Webmaster

Angel Episode 3: "Unleashed"
Written By: Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft
Directed By: Marita Grabiak

We start in the Hollywood Hills, the gang chats and discuss Chinese food. Has anyone seen the plum sauce? Awww, a picnic, what a good idea. But now, we soon see it’s all a cover for a secret meeting and Fred is checking to see if they’re being spied on. Nope, the coast is clear.

Feels weird they’re hiding from the company they’re working for. The Senior Partners are up to something, but what? And what about Gunn? Gunn is offended by this, but the gang assumes the SP’s are using his some how because they did mess with his head. Altered his mental capacity if you will. They all made a deal with the company though… everyone got something. Wes…got a pen.

Suddenly Angel is distracted he hears a noise. A scream. He snags Wesley’s pen and books it. Elsewhere in the woods a girl, Nina, is getting attacked by a werewolf. It looms close about to bite into her. Its claws dig into her shoulders. Angel arrives and punches the wolf throwing it around. After a minor scuffle Angel stabs it with Wesley’s pen, it crumbles to the ground. The werewolf transforms with a bone crunching sound, revealing the dead homeless person inside. Angel killed him. Drama. By this time Nina has booked it, all we hear is tires screech.

Back at W & H there’s a sketch of a girl; Angel is showing it to Gunn, this is the girl who was bitten. They need to find her before she hurts anyone.

In the lab there is all sorts of activity involved in finding the girl. McManus, the dead homeless man’s body lies on a table while Dr. Royce inspects it. They know everything about the werewolf but nothing about the girl. Angel is frustrated. Spike: Bloody shame lettin’ the girl run off like that… Somebody’s slippin’.

Dr Royce comments on the rarity of the type of werewolf it was, a 2 footer for example, walks upright. Spike notes how she’s now in the kill or be killed club.

Back at Nina’s house she’s sleeping, mid afternoon, sweaty and bruised. She wakes and goes to the kitchen. Dazed, confused, all her senses heightened. A fly buzzing across the room is a pest, nearly drowns out her sister Jill’s voice. Her niece, Amanda, asks why her neck is bruised purpled. The sound of chopping vegetables and the scent and smell of cooking hamburgers drives her crazy. The blood coming from the meat. She insists she’s okay.

The team identifies lines in the tire marks and start to narrow their hunt. They decide to check traffic cameras, they figure after the incident she’d be speeding and not in the mood to be stopping for lights. Success! They find her car and are able to therefore track her address. They print out her picture, Angel identifies her and wants to go to her house, to get her.

That nite, Nina is babysitting her niece, but the scratching of the little girls pen drives her up a wall, she needs to go lie down. In her room she collapses on the floor and convulses, she starts the transformation into werewolf.

Hey, Doggy.

Angel is in the window werewolf-Nina dives at him, they fall to the ground outside at the same time Jill returns home. Uh oh.

Later, in a holding cell, Nina comes to, naked. Oh my. She’s scared. She starts putting clothes on from a pile provided to her, Angel walks up telling her she’s safe. She doesn’t believe him. He tells her there’s something she needs to see, a tape. Its her being attacked by a werewolf. Oh God. He starts to explain to her what happened and about her heightened senses. He tells her he can help her.

She says no, he didn’t wake up a monster like her. He begs to differ. He tells her about being a vampire and how being a monster isn’t easy to control, but it can be done. Dr. Royce and the gang talk about her mental state and possible side effects and everything, they mention using tranqs, but that won’t work for the long haul. Royce suggests she get familiar items in there with her. Angel agrees to take Nina by her house but it’s the middle of the day. So Fred and a team of protector types take over.

When they arrive, Jill is there to yell at Nina. Where has she been? Fred tries to make up some lies to cover Nina, but Jill won’t have it. Nina tells Jill to find another babysitter, she snags her purse and a family picture. Fred takes a small stuffed animal as well. When they head out to the van, they see the door is open, the security guards have all been beaten. Not good. 4 masked men in a "Hollywood Flowers" truck descend upon them with stun guns and billy clubs. Fred gets attacked, and Nina is taken into the van by 2 of the men. One of the men calls an elegant looking man, Crane and tells him: We got the package.

In a backroom of Crane’s office, Nina is brought in and shackled to a wall; a woman enters with a lab coat and surgical mask. Nina gets with a blast of water, while the woman cuts off her clothes and starts scrubbing her with a brush.

Back at W & H, Royce is singing to Lorne ("Jessie’s Girl"), Lorne gestures that he’s clean. Fred shows up banged up saying that Nina was taken. They try and figure out which group took her.

Spike appears, although only half illuminated, Fred follows him but he continues disappearing into walls. In one room she trips over a trash can before giving up. It’s Royce’s office, and inside the trash in a vile. Uh oh.

BAM! Angel slams Royce into a wall demanding to know where Nina is. Wes, Fred and Gunn discuss the vile, it’s calendula, it blocked Lorne’s reading (like taking valium to pass a polygraph test). Going through drawers, they find horrible pictures and knives and what’s going to happen to Nina. They show Angel, he looks at it… this is a menu.

Back at Crane’s it looks like Hannibal Lecter’s place in "Red Dragon" There’s many guests dressed elegantly. Nina is chained to a large, garnished serving table. Soon it will be moonrise, then… dinner will be served.

Angel and the gang arrive, Gunn effectively punches out the guard, he may be smart but he still likes getting his violence on. They all hope the girl is still alive. Wes says she has to be, through dinner. Once a werewolf dies it reverts back to its human state. They gotta eat her alive! Meanwhile Fred and Spike talk, Spike is still at an in between glowing stage. She asks him where he goes when he’s not here...

There...nowhere...Didn’t think I was coming back... Last gasp before eternal fire and brimstone. Let’s party.

He doesn’t want to involve Angel or the Senior Partners. As the conversation continues, Spike’s appearance becomes more solid.Fred assures him she’ll bring him back. He tells her there’s no reason to be dramatic.

While the gang starts fighting, Angel makes his way to Nina, who’s chained down, he starts bashing at the chains with a candlestick. She tells Angel to let the people eat her, she says its better that way. He tells her there’s nothing *better* about ending up in a doggy bag. She can’t give up.

More fighting ensues. Crane tells Angel he’s willing to let his men die, can Angel say the same? More fighting. Angel tells them this is the time they take their friend and go.

Crane tells him that his guests paid a high price to be there for a werewolf dinner, but BAM suddenly Nina (as a werewolf) bites Royce in the leg. Angel says that Crane will get his werewolf again in a month. Crana has Royce dragged away by body guards. Oh the humanity.

Angel takes Nina home and they discuss about knowing what its like to kill people. She asks him if he ever thought about disappearing.

Angel: If you seperate yourself from the ones you love, the monster wins.

There’s a hint of attraction. They’ll see each other next month.

Back at W & H they order up chinese food. Gunn asks if Angel thinks he has a chance with werewolf girl... Angel says she gave him a look ;)