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Angel 5x05 - Spoilers

By Tensai

Saturday 30 August 2003, by Webmaster

Info keeps on coming in for ’Angel’, and I’ve gotten word at what’s in store for Episode Five. No episode title as of yet, but it’s definitely the Halloween episode. The info is very sketchy and it’s not a full-episode summary, so it’s going to jump around a bit. The overall plot at first seems to have a ’Godfather’ feel to it, as it revolves around a Demon Capo of sorts, Arch-Duke Sebassis. But then it decides to borrow a bit from a familiar Buffy episode, and finally a blockbuster movie from earlier this summer... Angel Episode Five

It’s Halloween, and Wolfram and Hart appears to have a reputation for having the best party in town. The invites have gone out, but not everyone has accepted, that being the aforementioned Arch-Duke. So Angel and Lorne head off to try and convince Sebassis to attend.

At his place, Sebassis and his second-in-command, Artode, greet the pair. Sebassis taunts Angel a bit, which Angel really is having none of. Which is not making Lorne happy, as he thinks Angel should be kissing butt a bit more (which is something that Lorne kind of overdoes himself to make up for Angel). Sebassis decides to attend, but Artode doesn’t trust Angel’s intentions. Sebassis brushes off this concern, as he plans on being well-prepared (and armed) for the party.

The night of the party, not everyone is having a good time (Fred and Wes), so Lorne is encourages them to drink up and party. There is a particular funny scene between Lorne and another demon, Devlin, who’s dressed up as a ’human’ for the party. Unfortunately, his mask is more than a touch too ’life-like’.

Sebassis arrives with his entourage, including Artode. Lorne is encouraging Angel to ’be nice’ to him. Which Angel is when he greets his guests, perhaps a little too nice. Lorne comments Artode on his stylish green-leather jacket. Artode comments that it’s Pylean, perhaps someone Lorne knows.

Later, Lorne tells Spike to be more positive. And shortly thereafter Spike is having a blast performing party tricks with swizzle sticks, and having the time of his life.

Things start to get stranger from here on out. Angel and Eve are talking about the party, when Lorne swings by and jokes about the chemistry between the two of them (which there is really none at this time), and tells them to ’get a room’. At which point Angel makes a pass at Eve, and later they are making out at the party, while Lorne is trying to keep Gunn in line (do you see the trend).

Sebassis bursts in and accuses Angel of gutting Artode in the bathroom, which Angel denies. Sebassis is not buying it. In a later scene, Wes is discussing what is happening. Somehow Lorne’s suggestions are becoming orders, ala ’Something Blue’. He’s concerned that what is happening to Lorne, could cause his subconcious to manifest. In the lobby, Lorne is trying to keep Sebassis from killing Angel, who is still enthusiastic that Sebassis showed up to the party. Lorne confesses to Sebassis that it’s not Angel who is causing this, it’s himself.

Sebassis is about to kill Lorne, when suddenly a giant green-skinned ’hulk’ leaps into the room, Lorne’s subconscious. From what I’ve seen, this looks to be a very funny episode. So it will be a nice break from some of the seriousness of this season. It should be interesting to see how this all works out, and it also shows that even though it could be considered ’Something Borrowed’, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be both original and fun.

BTW, thanks should go to a couple of sources for this info. One will remain anonymous (but I hope you know who you are, because your email address is not working - hope you didn’t get hit by the worm)

From Aint-it-cool-news.com

The casting pages for "Angel" 5.5 have just begun circulating, and here’s some of what we gather: * The episode centers around the big Wolfram & Hart Halloween party.

* The episode also centers to large degree around the firm’s resident Pylean karaoke demon, Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan.

* The episode may remind some a bit of "Forbidden Planet," only funnier, and with fewer spaceships.

* Spike remains confined to his ghostly form.

* Eve, Team Angel’s liaison to the firm’s "senior partners," will arrive at the party wearing her tightest, sexiest outfit to date.

* Eve and Angel end up making out with each other.

* An amusingly loutish and poorly spoken demon named Devlin will come to the party costumed as a human. The season-two "Angel" DVD officially goes on sale here in the states on Tuesday.

Fresh episodes of "Angel" return to the WB Oct. 1