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Angel 5x05 - Summary

By Clairel & Buffyx & TxVoodoo

Friday 29 August 2003, by Webmaster

This is definitely the Halloween episode. At one point at a party, Lorne says it’s Halloween. He’s urging Wes and Fred to get drunk so they’ll feel more at ease. They’re uncomfortable at the party because there are a lot of demons there. For some reason, Angel has to make nice with a powerful demon lord named Archduke Sebassis. I think this is the crimelord demon we heard rumors about before. The other characters in the casting sides are a henchdemon of Sebassis’s named Artode, a demon slave, and a demon named Devlin.

The demon slave comes in in a scene where Lorne has taken Angel to see Sebassis. Lorne is being very polite to Sebassis and humoring him in every way; Angel not so much. Sebassis offers Angel some blue demon blood directly from the demon slave; Angel declines. Lorne drinks some and compliments Sebassis on the flavor.

Sebassis distrusts Angel, and in a private scene between Sebassis and Artode it’s made clear that Sebassis is going to come to Angel’s party with hidden weapons and henchdemons. I think the blood- drinking scene is the scene where Angel is inviting Sebassis to his party, but that’s not quite clear.

The party, later, seems to be at W&H headquarters (I think). Everyone is there, but there’s not much about Wes and Fred other than that they’re uncomfortable. There’s very little mention of Gunn. There’s a demon named Devlin in a human mask doing "human bean" imitations, boasting about his kid being on the honor roll, about his Lamborghini car, etc.

Spike is at the party and he’s euphoric. He manages to pick up a swizzle stick and he babbles on delightedly about how great it is that a ghost can pick up a swizzle stick, and how this is the best party ever!

There’s a reason for Spike’s euphoria. Everyone’s mood has been affected. After Lorne comments that there’s lots of sexual tension between Angel and Eve and they should do something about it, Angel casually propositions Eve to have sex, and somebody later mentions that Angel and Eve are mackin’ like crazy. It turns out that Lorne’s empathy has gone crazy. Any casual suggestion he makes, people take it to the Nth power. Earlier he had told Spike that Spike should be more positive. Hence the Spike euphoria.

Then a huge green horned monster appears. It looks like Lorne all blown up to monstrous size, and it wears a suit like Lorne’s. Lorne realizes it’s a manifestation of himself, somehow, with empathic power magnified.

In addition to the summary that Carrigon just posted for us, *thanks muchly, Carrigon!* there is also one on Fan Forum All credit and thanks goes to Buffyx and TxVoodoo! http://forums.fanforum.com/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic&f=6&t=001485&p=11

Sides are out for Episode 5! Buffyx and I are summarizing. This is a Lorne-centric episode, and seems like a lot of fun - great lines! Our summaries can be reposted, but ONLY with a link back and a credit to Buffyx and TxVoodoo

Remember, these summaries are from SIDES, not the full episode, so we have to do a little bit of conjecture about the full plot.

It seems that Sebassis, a demon lord of some kind, has been invited to participate in something-or-other by the AI folks, and declined. Lorne goes to his "court", with Angel in tow, to convince him to attend.

So here starts the Summary, part 1:

We start off in Sebassis’ lair. Sebassis is described as in his fifties, bald, gaunt, and pale. White eyes and no pupils. Also, a pair of horns (and it is noted that all the demons in this scene have horns too). He’s sitting in a modern version of a throne.

Sebassis greets Angel, raises a glass of blue wine in his direction. Next to Sebassis is Artode, who is described as his righthand man (or, technically, demon). There is also a line of Demon Slaves, all sporting black speedos! Angel and Lorne are sitting on low stools before Sebassis, Lorne with a glass of blue wine too, and Angel empty-handed, also looking not too pleased with where he’s at.

Sebassis and Angel converse— apparently he has heard of Angel, and how he’s been making waves in the demon world. He says he prefers hearing tales of Angelus, of course, and says how he used to have flair back then. Angel quips that maybe he’s just mellowed out in his old age.

The demon drinks the rest of his wine and holds up the empty glass. Artode barks something in a different language at the slaves, and one of them shuffles forward weakly. Lorne comments on how he and Angel were saddened that Sebassis declined their invitation (to what I assume is a party). Lorne then slaps Angel’s knee and gives it a squeeze. Angel agrees with Lorne, but the sentiment seems to ring hollow and forced. He obviously does *not* feel deeply grieved at the refusal.

The slave comes over to Sebassis, pulling out a decanter stopper from his wrist and fills Sebassis’ glass with his own blue blood. Sebassis asks Angel if would like some, but Angel declines. Sebassis then reminds Angel how he’s also a blood-drinker, except that now Angel only drinks the blood of swine, of course. Angel gets a little defensive at first, but Lorne quickly jumps in, anxiously supporting Sebassis on how of course pig’s blood is filthy, filthy and how does Angel do it? Sebassis begins to get offended, so Lorne jumps in to make nice, and takes a sip of the "wine". Mmmm good! He compliments the wine’s source (the slave), personally, on how good he tastes, and the slave creeps away.

Apparently Lorne’s buttkissing worked, because Sebassis is touched, and agrees to attend the event, whatever it is And he’ll bring along some of his minions too. Lorne schmoozes some more, thanking him, and takes off with Angel as fast as their feet can move, apparently eager to get the hell outta Dodge.

As the doors shut after Lorne and Angel, Artode comes into view, and he’s pissed! He tells Sebassis that the event has to be a trap, and that Angel smells like murder.

Sebassis thinks Artode may be right, but he wants to go anyway, because he’s in the mood for some scheming. But he wants to make sure they’re dressed for the event, so he opens up his "closet", which is stocked with lots of nifty, dangerous weapons. Artode is happy about this, and gives a evil smile....

Fade to black...End of Act 1

Summary, part 2:

Later, this seems to be at a party. We see Lorne come up to Fred and Wes, who are both obviously uncomfortable with the partying and socialization. Lorne takes Wes’s beer, studies it, and declares that the reason they aren’t having fun is that they are just TOO SOBER! He tells them they need to get busy with the drinkin’, it is Halloween, after all.

Suddenly Devlin calls to him, and Lorne splits, leaving behind a still dubious Fred and Wes. Lorne goes over to a bunch of demons, one of which is wearing what looks to be a rubber human mask over his head.

Lorne steps into the circle, asks Devlin what he is supposed to be, obviously barely tolerating this guest. Devlin laughs, and proclaims that he is supposed to be a "Human bean!" Devlin starts to ramble off on "human bean" jokes— ones about dropping kids off at karate class, and then tells Lorne he bought his shoes half-off at a factory outlet. Lorne then notices that the demon guest’s human mask looks suspiciously real, and he’s deeply disturbed.

He starts to go and Devlin snatches his arm. Asks where the new president is and if he wants to dance, or shake his hand. Not too clear what that’s all about…

(there’s a gap between the previous bit and this part)

Lorne asks Spike if he could be a bit more upbeat, and cracks himself up, having made a ghost related joke.

Suddenly the crowd quietly murmers with awe and turns towards the elevators. Lorne announces Sebassis is arriving, and Sebassis and his posse come out of the elevators. He’s all decked out in black leather, and has an androgynous slave demon on a sparkly leash. Artode, in a green leather jacket, scopes the place out, obviously suspicious.

The partiers all start fawning over Sebassis, as the other elevator opens up, unloading a whole bunch more of Sebassis’ courtiers.

Sebassis tolerates the fawning while telling people that basically enough is enough, as Lorne and Angel watch from a distance.

Lorne tells Angel to hightail it over to Sebassis and welcome him to the event, and be polite about it! Angel goes over, but grumpily.

Devlin is already over there, blathering all over Sebassis, and offering to make unfunny "human bean" jokes. Sebassis calls Artode over, who drags Devlin off.

Angel steps up to Sebassis, but strangely, he’s not grumpy anymore. He thanks Sebassis for coming, and shakes his hand, which confuses Sebassis. Angel even gushs a bit, with Lorne behind him, letting Angel take the lead. Artode walks past Lorne, and Lorne compliments his choice of evening wear. Artode tells Lorne that it’s from Pylea...nope, it’s actually MADE FROM a Pylean! He wonders if Lorne knew the doner? Lorne’s smile remains, but it’s lost its warmth.

We see Spike greeting a demon at the bar, chirpily complimenting him on his horns. He asks the demon if he wants to see something REALLY amazing. Spike turns to the bar, and with great effort, tries to pick up a discarded swizzle stick. After a few moments, he’s able to get it in his grasp. Giddily Spike talks about how impressive that is, but the demon remains, however, unimpressed. Spike tells him how he’s a ghost, passing the stick through his face. He says how great it is that he’s a frickin ghost, holdin’ a frickin’ swizzle stick! Isn’t that FRICKIN’ GREAT?!! Spike giggles giddily as the demon gets his drink and leaves, talking about how this is the best bloody party ever.

Meanwhile, Sebassis and Artode are looking over the party. Artode mentions how Angel is setting up his trap, and Sebassis is still pretty nonchalant, saying how that they have a lieutenant at every door, so if he tries something, they’ll all be killed anyway. And he says that maybe it’d be for the best and get rid of some of the idiots from their social circle as well. Artode chuckles, then excuses himself to leave.

Sebassis gives Artode the go-ahead, and Artode takes off. We see the slave who’s leashed to Sebassis standing next to a potted plant, touching its wet leaves. The slave sniffs his fingers, and says that it’s pee-pee.

Angel is standing there with his drink, not looking very comfortable.

Eve tells Angel she’s impressed, and we see that she’s dressed to kill, enough so that even Angel gets a little bit turned on.

Eve tells Angel that she didn’t think he had it in him to be so nice to Sebassis. He lets her know that it’s all an act, or at least he thinks it is. Eve says she wasn’t fooled and knew he was playing it up for the ’cheap seats’. Angel comments that he had thought the same thing about her outfit. (ooh, snark!)

Lorne bounces up in time to the music, and comments how the UST is flowing between Angel and Eve, telling them to get a room. Angel and Eve take that in for a second, and then Angel looks at Eve.....and asks her casually if she wants to have sex!

All credit and thanks go to Buffyx and TxVoodoo from Fan Forum http://forums.fanforum.com/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic&f=6&t=001487

Remember, reposting allowed, w/ a link back and credit to Buffyx and TxVoodoo Summary, part 3:

(again, there are several scenes we don’t have between part 2, and part 3 of this summary)

Now we find Lorne, who has discovered Angel and Eve— mackin’ away!! He tells them to stop, and they both look up a bit guiltily. Lorne finds Gunn, slinking against the wall and looking for a place to apparently find someone to get it on with. Lorne stops Gunn, tells him that the new rule is that everybody keeps it in their pants!

Everyone nods in response, and suddenly the doors burst open. Sebassis and his crew barge in, armed, covering the whole room. Angel suddenly beams with a kind of maniacal friendliness. He greets Sebassis enthusiastically, tells him it’s great to see him. Spike pipes in that yeah, it’s great to see ANYONE! Sebassis tells Angel he is disappointed, informs him that Artode was apparently eviscerated in the bathroom, and tells him that that is quite a sloppy plan he’s got. Angel says no, there wasn’t any plan, he didn’t want to do anything to him. Lorne says that yes, it’s true, it wasn’t Angel’s fault. Sebassis says he remains unconvinced.

(and yet again, a gap of some scenes and we don’t know what leads up to this conversation)

Wes says that that’s just phase one (obviously, what was just being discussed). He cautions that if the empath (?) is kept apart from his subconcious for too long, the subconcious can "manifest". Fred asks what that means.

And cut to lobby of W&H, where Sebassis is holding a crossbow on Angel. Sebassis smiles and thanks Angel for a great time, and Angel says "no, thank you".

Lorne exclaims, telling them to hold off - it’s not Angel’s fault, it’s his. He’s doing it, he thinks (note: I think he’s talking about the weird way people are acting? Maybe it has to do with the empath manifestation that Wes was talking about?). Lorne thinks he’s affecting people unconciously.

Sebassis says fine, if it’s Lorne’s fault, he can die first.

Sebastian is stopped by a big roar, and they all look up as something really big jumps over the balcony and onto the dance floor, complete with lots of sound affects. It’s a huge green monster with horns, and its eyes are Lornes. And, funny enough, its dressed in a giant version Lorne’s suit. Lorne stutters, but realizes....it’s him.

Black out!

And here, the sides end.