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Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Angel 5x07 Lineage - Dark Worlds Review

Tuesday 18 November 2003

The last two episodes of ANGEL were well written, entertaining hours of television. However, this most recent episode, LINEAGE, was a true episode of ANGEL - with all of the twists, deep characterizations, sly humor, and flat-out quality that we’ve come to expect.

Thanks to former BUFFY writer Drew Goddard (author of gems such as SELFLESS and DIRTY GIRLS), we were treated to one of the best episodes of ANGEL in recent memory. It mainly dealt with Wesley - one of the most complex characters that Joss Whedon has created and the one who has undergone the most dramatic changes since his first appearance - and his relationship with his somewhat-estranged father. Hinted at during previous seasons, he and his father do not have a close relationship, and this became a "Achilles’ heel" that was exploited.

After being insulted, shown up, and harangued from the moment of his father’s arrival, Wesley finally seems to come to an understanding with him. Then, mere moments later, he is knocked out by the man who is, in actuality, a cyborg masquerading as the elder Mr. Wyndam-Price. Wes, hoever, does not know this. When his non-father threatens Fred, Wes doesn’t balk or hesitate. He shoots him. Repeatedly. Truly believing that he was killing his own father, he let loose with his gun as if he was pouring every ounce of stored-up anger and resentment into him with every shot of the gun.

The "bad guys" in this episode were cyborg ninjas, a team of black-clad fighters who seem to be fighting for the good side as a general rule. They were well-informed, organized, and went to great lengths to capture Angel and the artifact that would trap his "will" and render him powerless. Are they truly fighting for a "good" faction? What did they want with Angel? There was enough information presented about them that it’s a fairly safe bet that we’ll be seeing these NinjaBorg guys again.

One thing we now know: Wes did indeed have a relationship with Lilah in his memory. However, as he has no memory of Connor... how, in his mind, did he wind up consorting - and then some - with the enemy? Do they also remember Jasmine, and if so, in what way do they think she came into being? However, one thing is clear... Memory of Connor or no memory of Connor, "Dark" Wes is still alive and kicking.

There was a lot that was good in the episode. Spike’s dialogue was hilarious - especially his "Head Boy" report - and that balanced the bleak story line very well. The plot kept on twisting, and, like many of the best ANGEL episodes, we were left with more questions than answers.

- Review for DARKWORLDS.COM by Amy Berner.