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Angel 5x07 Lineage - Description

Saturday 25 October 2003

By Fraz

Wednesday, Nov 12 - (9 :00 - 10 :00 pm ET) ""Lineage"" TV-14, D, V

CYBERNETIC GENETICS - The offices of Wolfram & Hart are under attack by cyborg assassins who are seeking a magical device that will give them control over Angel (David Boreanaz). Meanwhile, Wesley (Alexis Denisof) is surprised by the unannounced arrival of his estranged father (guest star Roy Dotrice, "Beauty and the Beast") who has come to evaluate Wesley for possible reacceptance to the Watcher’s Council. J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallett and James Marsters also star. Jefferson Kibbee directed the episode written by Drew Goddard