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Angel 5x07 - Summary


Saturday 20 September 2003, by Webmaster

Wesleys staring out the window of his office, apparently he and Angel have had words that has left him stung. Fred enters with a sling, although she’s described as upbeat. Wesley was just about to see her and Fred say’s she’s been given the ’all clear’ after taking alot of antibiotics. There’s worry in the office about where ’that grappling hooks been’.

Wesley feels it’s all his fault for not protecting her, which pisses Fred off as she think he thinks he been chivalris when really Fred doesn’t need protecting and isn’t a child.

Wesley replies with ’hello Father’ only Fred continues with her tirade until she realises the Wesley’s dad is behind them. Wesley address his father with cold detachment as Fred makes a hasty escape. She’s busy anyways, she has to go fire an employee.

Rodger states he’s here to visit his son, before deciding to cut the crap cause Wes know’s better. He’s here to evaluate Wesley for possible re-admitance to the reformed watcher’s council.

Wesley says he doesn’t want to go back. Rodger says his tenure as watcher was an embarressing failure and shamed the family name, but Wesley can remede that by coming back.

Wesley says he’s happy at Wolfram and Hart, where Rodger speaks of the pride he must have felt when he found his son was working at a ’Haven of Evil’.

New scene then starts where they are now in the Library form ’Home’ with the template book things. Wesley wants to talk shop wheras his father is more interested in his relationship with Fred. He say’s Fred obviously like’s him, then asks if Fred know’s of Wesley’s feelings for her. He say’s it’s none of his father’s buisness. Rodger talks about how Wes was alway’s a whimp with Women.

Wesley changes the conversation to the books, which impress Rodger. Rodger questions why the books are so available and out in the open, wondering if Wesley know’s how powerful they are. Wesley says he know’s what he’s doing and that he keeps the most powerful items of his department away in a vault. Rodger hopes it’s safer than this room. Wesley assures him its hard to gain access to the room and that the texts are safe.

And that’s all she (or he?) wrote folks. No title as of such.

Sides By Bubonic Plague :

Wes is in his office, still stung from some conversation he had with Angel. Fred enters, in a good mood, but her arm is in a sling. Wes says he was just coming to look for her. She says that she’s fine, but has to take a lot of antibiotics - the doctors don’t know where the "grappling-hook" has been.

Wes apologizes, but she says no, she feels bad because all she had to do was hide, and she failed at that. Wes says he should have done a better job of protecting Fred. Uh oh. That pisses her off. He says he never should have brought her there, and she asks if he has any idea of how condescending he is being. She asks if she should take it as chivalry that he blames himself for poor Fred getting hurt. Wes says that he only meant that she shouldn’t have been there in the first place...and now she’s *really* angry. She tells him that it’s not for him to decide, that she’s not a damsel in distress and he’s coming off as a self-pitying child.

A figure approaches from behind Fred. "Hello, Father," Wes says. Fred thinks he’s still talking to her, and snaps that she wishes she were his father, because she’d tell him to grow up. Roger Wyndham-Pryce breaks in and says that he’s tried, it doesn’t work. He’s stern, in his late 50’s. Wes wants to know what Roger is doing there, and Fred is confused.

Roger says that manners were never Wes’s strong point, and introduces himself to Fred. They exchange greetings. She makes an excuse about how she was discussing with Wes an employee she has to fire. Fred exits after some official pleasantries.

Roger quotes Fred’s "self-pitying child" remark, and says he thinks he had Wes’s mom crochet that on a pillow once. Again, Wes wants to know what Roger is doing there, but Roger dismisses him, saying that he can visit his son whenever he pleases. Then he says they have business to discuss, and steps into the office.

Roger says that the Watcher’s Council was destroyed last year, and they are reforming it. Contacting former Watchers. He’s been sent to evaluate Wes for possible reacceptance. Wes wants to know why they think he’d go back. Roger tells him not to be stubborn - Wes’s name has been problematic, because many believe that he’s the Council’s single greatest failure. Wes says this sales pitch needs work, and Roger interrupts, telling Wes to hold back his ego, because he’s getting a chance to redeem his name. Their name. Wes says he’s not interested - he’s happy with the work he’s doing there. Roger makes a sarcastic remark about how proud he is to have a son working for W&H.


Scene 2:

Wes and Roger enter the library, heading toward the table with the source books. Wes is talking shop about some Dutrovic markings. Roger breaks in and says that Winifred really seems to like Wes. Wes is still distracted with the books, and says that she’s a special person. Roger starts to feel Wes out, and then asks if she knows how he feels. Wes is thrown, and says it’s none of Roger’s business. Roger gets nasty again, saying Wes was always a coward with women, and to just tell her about his feelings. Wes refuses to discuss it, and Roger drops it.

Wes opens a book and calls up something called the Saitama Codex. The words appear on the page. Roger is curious, and Wes explains how the books work - he can call up almost any text imaginable. Roger asks if Wes has any idea how powerful these books are, and Wes takes offense at the tone. Of course he does. Roger says he doesn’t think so, because they’re just out in the open on the table. Then he asks if that’s the Sword of Revelations on the wall. Wes says that he has the most powerful items locked up in the vault, and that he knows what he’s doing. Roger says that he hopes the vault is safer than the library, and wonders if it even has a lock. Wes says it’s not easy to get access here, and that the books are safe where they are.


These pages and scenes are (rather unusually) not numbered, so we can’t tell where they fall. They are simply marked "Scene 1" and "Scene 2".