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Angel 5x08 Destiny - Peter David’s Review

Sunday 23 November 2003, by Webmaster

11/22/2003 Entry: "COWBOY PETE’S TV ROUNDUP, VOLUME II" In which "Smallville" has a fine episode damaged by TMI, "Angel" displays an impressive package, and "Tru Calling" is confronted by the Fab Five...all dead.

ANGEL-It’s not enough that offices have to worry about Anthrax when they open their packages. At Wolfram and Hart, you have to worry about flashes of light that turn ghosts into flesh and drive everyone in the office insane. Have to hand it to the producers as far as judging timing: Just when we’re getting sick of Spike as a ghost, suddenly, just like that, poof, he’s not anymore. Which puts us smack into the middle of two alpha males fighting for dominance…and an episode which accomplishes a great deal while, simultaneously, accomplishing nothing at all. A hell of a lot goes on, but at the end of the day we still don’t know why or how or who…until the brilliant (dare I say it) last five minutes wherein the gradually intriguing Eve is shown to be in bed with the enemy…except it’s not only the enemy of Angel and the Fang Gang, but of Wolfram and Hart themselves. Lindsay? Brilliant. I’ve always said the best kind of twist is the one that you didn’t see coming but, once it’s here, you go, “Of course! What else could be more logical!” Covered with tats, boffing the evil babe, Lindsay the W&H cast-off is packing serious heat. The question is, is he the Mastermind…or the Mastermind’s right hand? Wheels within wheels, and a major Angel/Spike smackdown that serves as Angel’s greatest defeat. He’s been beaten physically before, but never have we seen him take this kind of a morale hit. In essence, the student has surpassed the teacher…or worse, the idiot son has surpassed the father who never believed in him. Which really goes back to Angel’s own origins and his relation with his own father. The ultimate parental curse is, “I hope you have children who treat you just like you treat me.” Basically, that’s come true with Angel, the grandsire and father figure to Spike. My only quibble: In the flashback sequences, William was speaking with his modern day Spike accent instead of the more posh accent he sported until somewhat later in their chronology. Usually they’re more attentive to that kind of thing. On the other hand, I’d be willing to let them slide on Angelus’ accent in flashbacks if it meant we never had to hear David Boreanaz attempt an Irish brogue again.