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Angel 5x08 - More Spoilers

Saturday 4 October 2003

The first spoilers for Angels 8th episode were aired. There are some cool flashbacks at Spikes and Angelus’ former times and Spike has sex.......

The first flashback we see shows Angelus and William in a coach. When it stops William and somebody else leave it. Angelus wishes them a good time.

In the next scene Spike throws an Wolfram & Hart (later only W&H) employee out of his office, to have a good time with Harmony. But Reese doesn’t want to go and starts knocking, this gets Spike angry. But at the time Reese gives up, we can already hear some moans out of the office. Reese tells this a co-worker at the copier, when he notices the bloody eyes of this guy, it’s to late, he takes a fire extinguisher and kills Reese. In the meantime Spike and Harmony are getting hotter and hotter when Spike recognizes a change in her eyes. She shouts at him, he only used her and she will never be his girl. Spike tries to calm her but she gets angry even more, she says he’s only thinking about his slayerwhore. When she hits him Spike conters and she falls to the floor unconscious. The man who killed Reese is strapped to a stretcher, he’s murmuring something about that people should see it and be nice to each other.

A few times later it seems like there was another incident. Lorne tells Angel and Eve that his assistant Van saved him. The attacker is unconscious. A guard informs Angel that there are 6 more infections. Angel orders that nobody has to leave the building till the know whats going on. Lorne thinks it’s a good idea to hide himself in his office. Eve tells Angel that he allready knows what’s causing this things, but Angel won’t listen to her and tells her to shut up.

* 5.8 will see the employees of Wolfram & Hart getting some kind of mystical rabies (or something), launching into murderous rages over office supplies and imagined breaches of workplace ettiquette. * Harmony will be among those who get a case of the crazies, loudly questioning Spike’s decision to choose that "slayer whore" over her. * The big news is Spike no longer appears to be a ghost at this point. Harmony is able to take a big bite out of Spike’s shoulder. Spike is also able to effortlessly shove employees out of their offices and slug Harm in the kisser. * I’m guessing Spike stopped being ghosty late in 5.7. A Wolfram functionary seems surprised that Spike can now toss people about. * The fabulous Eve is back, and even she has to admit that things are indeed odd, even for a multidimensional law firm. "This is bad," she confirms. "Yeah ? You think ?" replies Angel, ordering the building sealed off. * Looks like we may get a flashback or two with vampires Angelus and William in their evil, pre-automobile days.

Some very sketchy info has come out about Episode Eight, but reveals some very intriguing plot twists. Since the info is very limited, it raises a lot of questions. But it would seem that as David Fury stated in a recent interview, there’s going to be a big Angel/Spike story arc through Episodes Seven and Eight.

Angel : Episode Eight

The episode seems revolve a virus or spell that is spreading through Wolfram and Hart, and causing employees to have violent outbursts (or even die)

Very early in the episode, there is a flashback scene with Angelus and William, in a horse-drawn coach. William leaves the coach and the scene ends.

Back in the present, a very corporeal Spike drags Harmony into an associates office. The associate, Reese, starts to argue that he doesn’t have to listen to a ghost. Spike throws him out of the office and slams the door, while Harmony is taking off her top. From behind the door, Reese hears the sounds of Spike and Harmony getting intimate.

Reese, in the hall, turns to another coworker standing at the copy machine. He starts to complain about getting booted from his office, when the employee turns to face him. The employee has red-eyes and blood is running from them. With a fire extinguisher, he bashes Reese to death while raving about how nobody ever replaces the toner.

Later, we turn back to Spike and Harmony. She is biting Spike’s shoulder and raving about how he is just using her, and all that he really wants is the Slayer. Her eyes have also turned red. Spike has to hit her to stop her from attacking him, dropping her unconscious to the floor. Outside the office, Fred is sedating the employee who killed Reese. Lorne and his assistant, Van, are also there along with Angel and Eve.

The employee also tried to attack Lorne, but Van saved him. A guard reports that other employees are affected, and Angel orders the building sealed. Lorne goes off to barricade himself inside his office, while Fred heads off to try to research what is happening. Eve, meanwhile, infers that Angel knows exactly what is causing this.

The big news, of course, is that Spike is getting ’physical’ with the world. No indication as to how this might have happened, but I have a feeling that it’s a temporary situation (because he just seems so rushed in the scenes).

The flashback is also big news, as Fury had also indicated in his interview that they weren’t sure they would be able to pull these off this season. Although the scene with Angelus/William is very limited, I feel comfortable making some speculation based on these few lines. It seems to me that this could be a flashback to the very first few days (maybe even the first night) of William becoming a vampire. If only because a) Angelus seems to be intrigued by William rather than annoyed and b) he is referred to as William, not Spike. In addition, Angelus seems to be explaining things to Spike about another vampire (which would seem to be Drusilla).

All in all, looks like things will definitely be heating up for Sweeps, and there is still Episode Nine to come.