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Angel 5x09 Harm’s Way - Full Summary

By Pandora

Wednesday 14 January 2004, by Webmaster

It’s been a long time, but today a new Angel episode will be aired on The WB. Read a summary and don’t miss our review later.

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When Harmony wakes up next to a dead man with vampire bites in his neck, she’s afraid she lost her head and killed him... but she can’t remember doing it.

Harmony bustles into work and tries to make small talk with the other Wolfram and Hart assistants, but the women - Brittany, Charlotte, and Tamika - ignore her. Then another assistant, Danny, gets upset when Harmony takes his oatmeal out of a microwave to warm Angel’s morning cup of blood. Later Harmony delivers the mug to Angel and says she’s taken care of the catering for an upcoming meeting between two feuding demon clans which Wolfram and Hart is hosting the next day. Angel ignores her, however, and she turns her attention to Rudy, the agency’s blood tester, who does a quick check for human blood in her veins and pronounces her clean. Finally, after Rudy leaves, a demon named Eli goes in to see Angel, and Harmony is shocked when Angel, unhappy with Eli’s extracurricular activities, slices his head off. A bit later, as maintenance men clean up, Spike announces that since he’s corporeal again, he’s leaving town to find Buffy. Since he and Harmony made love recently, she hopes for a more personal good-bye, but Spike just tells her to “stay simple,” and leaves. A few minutes later Angel, Fred, Gunn, Wes, and Lorne sit down to plan the demon conference. Gunn explains that it was arranged by a demon-rights activist named Tobias Dupree, who’s acting as a liaison between the warring clans. After Fred, Gunn, and Lorne explain their preparations, Harmony chimes in with some research she’s done on the clans’ customs, but the others ignore her and just ask her to fetch lunch. Later, at lunch with the other assistants, Harmony brags that Angel is grooming her for bigger and better things. Then Angel summons Harmony, and when she meets him in the lobby he scolds her for ordering a live camel as the main dish for the big demon banquet. Harmony says camel is a demon delicacy, but Angel orders her to get rid of it, and Harmony bursts into tears, convinced that Angel hates her. After Angel leaves, Fred comforts Harmony, and Harmony suggests they get a drink together after work. Later, at a bar, Harmony complains that she’ll never be like Fred, who’s a professional success and has two hot men - Wes and Knox - after her. Fred insists that Harmony could interest a nice man too, and urges her to talk to a good-looking guy at the end of the bar. Finally Harmony does introduce herself... and in the morning she wakes up with the man in her bed, naked and dead, with two fang bites in his neck.

Harmony wraps the body in a laundry bag and hauls it to a dumpster. Later, when she arrives at work, she tries to act nonchalant, and dodges Rudy so he can’t administer another blood test. Angel scolds her for not having his mug of blood ready, but when she goes to get it, she can’t help taking a long, nervous gulp from the Thermos herself. Later she gets even more nervous when Angel learns the police found a vampire-killed body at the city dump. Just when Harmony thinks it can’t get any worse, she learns that the dead man was Tobias, the demon liaison who was supposed to referee the big conference. A bit later Angel consults the demon leaders, who agree to go through with conference but ask Angel to find Tobias’ killer. A few minutes later Harmony goes to the lab and watches Fred perform an autopsy on Tobias. Finally, however, she can’t take it any more and backs out. As she’s leaving, she registers a remark Fred made about Tobias having been bitten on the right side... and Harmony realizes that she always bites people on their left, so she didn’t do it. Just then, however, Rudy sticks a needle into Harmony, and she registers positive for human blood.

Before Rudy can blow the whistle, Harmony knocks him out and locks him in a closet. When Lorne passes by, Harmony knocks him out and stuffs him in, too. Then Harmony returns to the lab and confesses to Fred that she doesn’t remember anything between talking to the man in the bar and waking up next to his body. She also insists that because he was bitten on the right side, she couldn’t have done it. Fred suggests they consult Angel, but Harmony, remembering how Eli lost his head, begs Fred not to call him. Fred insists, however, so Harmony adds her to the closet with Lorne and Rudy. Still wondering how human blood got into her veins, Harmony heads back to the break area to check her Thermos. As she passes the lobby, she sees Angel and Gunn welcoming the demon, who presses Angel about Tobias’ killer. Angel asks Harmony to check on the autopsy, but as soon as Harmony gets free she dashes to the break area, where she accuses Danny of adding human blood to her Thermos. He says he didn’t do it, but Harmony morphs into vamp face and accuses Danny of murdering Tobias and putting him in her bed. Danny denies it, but Tamika hits him with a blender and he slumps to the floor. When Harmony asks why Tamika hit Danny, she says she wanted to make it look like Harmony hit him... and Harmony realizes that Tamika killed Tobias.

Harmony asks Tamika who she really is, and Tamkia reminds her that they used to sit together in the steno pool, but while Harmony was promoted to Angel’s assistant after only five weeks, Tamika slaved away there for five years and is jealous of Harmony’s quick success. Tamika says it will end, however, when Angel learns what Harmony did to Danny. Harmony says she has an advantage over Tamika, and then morphs into vamp face. Then Tamika does the same, and the fight is on. As the women battle around the break room, they both grab pairs of chopsticks and trade parries. Then, a few moments later, the women crash through the wall of the conference room into the demon summit, where Harmony stakes Tamika with a chopstick. When Tamika dusts, the bloodthirsty demons are thrilled, accepting her death as revenge for Tobias’ murder. Later, after Harmony frees the closet hostages, she apologies to Angel and the others for not telling them what was going on. Afraid she’ll be fired, she offers to clean out her desk, but Angel just asks her to bring some coffee to the demon guests. That night Harmony returns to the bar to drown her sorrows, and Spike shows up, saying he couldn’t go back to Buffy because then his big gesture of giving up his life for her wouldn’t matter. Harmony says she knows what it’s like not to matter, but Spike reminds her that she did matter to Tamika, who was obsessed with her. Harmony finally accepts that as sort of an honor.