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Angel 5x09 Harm’s Way - Wildfeed Summary

Wednesday 14 January 2004, by Webmaster

"Harm’s Way" Preview TRT: 43:20

Written by: Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain Air Date: January 14, 2004

Open on a cheesy corporate promotional video for W&H. As various shots play across the screen, the narrator sells the firm. "Welcome to the Los Angeles branch of Wolfram & Hart [shot of the W&H sign, exterior and lobby], the oldest and most powerful law firm in the city. Founded in 1791 [shot of an old map] on ground deconsecrated by the blood of mass murderer Mathias Pavayne, Wolfram & Hart has put roots down in this glamorous city that run deep [various L.A. glamor shots] and branches that reach right into the heart of every major corporation [shots of various office buildings], including Yoyodyne, Wayland Utani and Newscorp. [Newscorp is the parent company of Fox]. That captain of industry [shot of a corporate executive, golfing in his office], we own his soul. That fabulous movie queen, [shot of an actress, exiting a limo, greeted by press] she owes us her first born. But times change [vintage film of L.A. from various decades] and Wolfram & Hart is changing right along with them. Under our new CEO, Angel, [shot of Angel sitting at his desk, trying to look nonchalant and failing miserably] we’re focusing less on power [shot of Gunn shoving some papers at Angel for him to sign] and more on using that power for good [shot of Fred working an equation in the lab]. We have a zero tolerance policy for killing [shot of evil vamp guy] and that includes you, vampires [a red circle with a slash through it is superimposed over the vamp’s face]. That better be pig’s blood mister [shot of an employee taking a drink from a mug]. Yes, our esteemed president has made it clear [shot of Angel, looking stern and speaking to a gathering of employees] this is a new company for a new millennium and he wants to work with you. [Angel, facing the camera, hesitantly and stiffly announces, ’If you don’t kill, we won’t kill you.’] That’s right, no more employee sacrifices [shot of a bonfire]. At Wolfram & Hart, you’re part of a family now [shots of employees, Angel shaking the hand of a guy, looking at the camera and smiling self-consciously]. You can work your way up the ladder and there’ll always be a hand to help you up it. Every life [shot of a young woman working at her computer] and unlife [shot of Sebassis, then of Lorne and his assistant walking down the hall] is as important to our new management. [Shots of employees partying] So go ahead, relax and enjoy your new Wolfram & Hart family [shots of happy employees walking in various places throughout the building] because in our firm, everyone matters. You matter. [Shoot of smiling guy, exiting the elevator] Buddy, you’re going places."

Harmony’s alarm comes on at 7:00 a.m., as music blares from the clock radio. She rolls over and turns the alarm off, rolls out of bed and goes into the bathroom as the radio continues to play. She checks herself in the medicine cabinet mirror (which has "Be Your Best" written across the top of it), brushes her teeth with an electric toothbrush then morphs into vamp face to clean her fangs as well. She finishes her grooming and gets dressed for work, lifting the dresser up off the floor with one hand to retrieve a shoe that’s under it. She exits the building and greets an elderly lady, Mrs. Jacobi, who’s out walking her small dog. The woman ignores Harm, the dog growls and barks at her.

Harm arrives at the office, packing some dry cleaning, which she hangs on the side of the divider next to her desk. She retrieves a mug from the desk and heads for the employee break room. She runs into one of the female employees, Tamika, causing her to spill her drink. She gives Harm a scornful look and walks away. Harmony walks up to a couple of female employees who are chatting, one telling the other her boss called her at two in the morning, asking her to search her car for a stray Vicodin. Harm greets them, they barely acknowledge her before returning to their conversation. Harm tries to participate in the discussion but is ignored.

She walks over to the fridge and pulls out a Thermos marked, "Angel, Do Not Touch." She unscrews the lid and pours blood from the Thermos into Angel’s mug (a white cup with "#1 Boss" in black letters printed on it). She opens the microwave and removes a small bowl inside, replacing it with Angel’s mug, then starts the microwave.

Lorne’s assistant, Dan, approaches her, "Hey!" She greets him cheerfully. He informs her she can’t do that, there are "rules". Harmony is sympathetic, "Oh I know, it’s so unfair, just because my boss is your boss’s boss, his needs coming first and all." The microwave timer goes off, Harm removes the cup and departs with a chipper "See ya!" Dan glares after her.

Harm is sitting behind her desk, she places Angel’s mug on top of it as she goes over his schedule with him. She adds she took care of the catering for the "big feuding demon clan confab", unless Angel has requests. He mutters some gibberish and clicks his tongue a couple of times. Harm wonders if he could spell that. Angel, annoyed, removes an earpiece from his ear and pulls out a small cassette player he’s been using, trying to learn some of the demon language for the upcoming meeting. He asks her if she figured out the catering. A frustrated Harm answers, "Hello? I just —"

Gunn walks up and asks Angel if he’s ready to handle things. As Angel and Gunn head for Angel’s office, Harm follows, enthusiastically offering she went above and beyond the call on the catering thing. The office door gets shut in her face. A dejected Harm mutters, "You’re welcome."

She returns to her desk where a mousy guy in a lab coat, pushing a cart, informs her she’s "up today." She tells Rudy he knows she’s clean, she’s been off human blood for months. He informs her it’s company policy and directs her to "Give me the finger." She extends her hand as the phone rings. She answers with the other hand as Rudy takes a blood sample from a fingertip. As she finishes up the phone call, he checks the readout on his monitor, "Negative." He tells her she’s clean, bids her good day and leaves.

A demon employee, Eli, steps up to Harmony’s desk. She greets him. He tells her he was just called up for a meeting with her boss. Harm checks Angel’s schedule, noting she didn’t see Eli listed. He’s feeling confident, certain the higher ups have started noticing his work in accounting. Harm offers congratulations. Gunn opens the door to Angel’s office and summons Eli inside. He tells Harm to wish him luck as he departs. Harm notices Angel has left his mug on her desk. She picks it up and heads for the office.

She opens the door and starts to tell Angel, "You forgot your —" when she’s stopped by the sight of Angel decapitating Eli with a sword. She lifts her foot as his head rolls under it and past her. Angel asks her to get that cleaned up.

Harmony is seated behind her desk, Gunn and Angel standing on the other side. A couple of employees carry out a body bag. Harm doesn’t understand why Angel killed Eli. Angel didn’t like what he was doing in his "off hours." Harm doesn’t think that’s right, what he did on his own time — Gunn fills her in, Eli was dismembering virgins. She thinks on that a moment, then offers a person’s religious beliefs are no cause for — Gunn adds, he did it for fun. Harmony accepts that but wonders if Angel couldn’t have given him a stern warning instead. Angel informs her, "It’s called a zero tolerance policy, not a ’maybe this once’ policy. Nobody in this office gets away with murder. Not anymore."

An employee carries Eli’s head out of the lobby as Lorne, Wes and Fred approach. Lorne reckons a position has just opened in accounting. Gunn notes it’s the hardest part of the job, "terminating an employee." Spike walks up, "Once again keeping corporate America safe from evil." Fred asks where he’s been, he’s been gone several days. (Both Spike and Angel are still sporting cuts from their fight in the previous episode). He says he’s been out enjoying being corporeal. She wonders if there have been any side effects. He answers, "Bit of a hangover but that’s to be expected after all the drinking." He’s come to say his final good-byes. Wes is surprised, "You’re leaving?" Spike snipes, "You catch on quick, don’t you?" He says he’s decided to leave since he has "someone waiting for me." Angel looks annoyed. Wes isn’t sure it’s a wise decision considering the Shanshu matter remains unresolved. Spike doesn’t see that as his problem, telling Angel he’s welcome to the "heroic destiny, whether you deserve it or not." He reckons he has better things to do than wait around for the next apocalypse. Wes calls after him. Angel tells Wes to let him go. Spike comes back, realizing he could use some cash. He asks Angel, "How ’bout a few hundred?" Angel answers, "How about not?" Spike figured as much, he’s willing to settle for some wheels. Angel agrees to that, anything to get Spike out of his hair quicker, "Just not the Viper." Of course, to Spike that means ’take the Viper’ which he intends to do. As Angel heads back toward his office, Spike needles, "Any message for Buffy?" Angel mutters, "Yeah, tell her you’re a moron."

Lorne bids Spike farewell and leaves. Spike let’s Fred know he appreciates the effort she put in when he was ghostly but he can’t quite seem to form the words ’thank you.’ Fred realizes this, smiles and saves him the effort by offering a "You’re welcome." She walks away. As Spike starts to leave, Harm asks, "What? I don’t get a good-bye just because I went crazy and tried to rip your throat out while we were having sex?" Spike tells her to "Keep it simple, Harm. It suits you". He walks away as Harm struggles to keep from crying.

In Angel’s conference room, he discusses the upcoming demon meeting with Fred, Wes, Lorne and Gunn. Harmony is seated in the background. Angel notes the clans, the Vinjis and the Sahrvin, have been at war for five generations. Gunn offers the clans used to get along, shared the same territory, even partied together sometimes, until one of the Vinjis used the wrong fork. The Sahrvins were offended and they’ve been killing each other ever since. Fred asks skeptically if this all began with a "fork faux pas?" Gunn says they’re picky about manners. Angel says the clans have agreed to negotiate a truce at W&H the next day. Fred wonders why now. Gunn answers, Tobias Dupree, a demon rights activist got involved. He’s the only one who is trusted by both clans and he called W&H, requesting assistance.

Wes notes the clans are extremely vicious, why not just let them wipe each other out? Gunn doesn’t care about the clans, but thinks if they manage to broker a peace between them, it will impress the demon world. Fred agrees that makes sense, "in a kind of gray, Machiavellian kind of way." Angel notes both clans are highly sensitive to any perceived slight, they need to make sure they tend to all the details or the deal could blow up in their faces. Wes looks through some paperwork in front of him, telling the others it contains a list of the etiquette and customs. He suggests everyone memorize it. The others pick up their own copies of the list as Wes notes "Gazing at a Vinji’s ankles can lead to eye gouging."

Lorne’s assistant, Dan, walks up to the window outside the office and attempts to get Lorne’s attention. Lorne invites him in, telling the others Dan gets a bit nervous around the "big boss." Dan comes in and hands Lorne a piece of poster board, announcing he’s finished the seating chart. Lorne tells the others Dan was up all night figuring out the arrangements, he’s a real "up and comer." Dan smiles proudly then leaves. Fred tells Angel her lab upgraded to the weapons scanner he wanted. He asks if it’s foolproof. Fred isn’t willing to offer a total guarantee of that but it is state of the art.

Gunn says he’ll be doing most of the talking since none of the clan representatives speak English. Wes looks at him, "You?" Gunn explains, when he got the law upgrade to his brain, he also got some demon languages. Fred wonders if there’s anything else they should know about these clans and how to deal with them. Angel says that the etiquette issues include a lot of superstition.

Harmony offers she’s been doing research on the clans, the customs and such. She wonders if they know the clans think poodles are "wicked bad luck". Wes tells her he’s glad she’s there. Harmony smiles proudly until he finishes this thought, they need lunch. Harm sighs.

Harm is in the employee break room, sitting by herself, listening as a couple of women discuss Fred’s love life. One notes she heard Fred and Gunn used to be an item. The other says she’s heard Fred and Knox have something going on. They decide maybe she’s with both of them. Harm offers they’ve forgotten about Wes, she thinks he’s got a big crush on Fred. One of the women scoffs, "Mr. Wyndham-Pryce? Everybody knows he’s —"

She’s interrupted by Dan who is carrying a large gift basket. He notes Lorne sent it, it was a gift but he’s going carb-free and the muffin basket doesn’t fit. One of the women reckons Lorne is grooming Dan. He smiles, "Ya think? Well, he does call me Dan the Man." Harmony offers feebly, "Angel grooms me too." The woman snipes, "Explains the haircut." Harm insists Angel is taking her places, they’re connected. She pauses to answer her cell phone. It’s Angel, angry and yelling loud enough for everyone in the break room to hear. He demands her presence, immediately. She leaves.

Harm arrives in the lobby as Angel, looking at something off camera, asks if she wants to explain this. Harm concedes it’s her fault, she told the caterers the delivery was for tomorrow. We see what everyone in the lobby is looking at, a camel standing in the middle of the W&H lobby. Fred steps off the elevator, looking down at some papers she’s carrying. She looks up and shrieks, finding herself face to face with the camel as it grunts at her.

Angel is still trying to process the fact Harmony got them a camel. Harm tells him she did a lot of research, camel meat is considered a delicacy. She thought it would be a great way to kick off the summit since things were so tense between the clans. She thinks of it as "comfort food." She cheerfully informs Angel, as the host, he gets the honor of "slicing off its hump and sticking a hot poker through its heart." The demon leaders then rip the carcass apart with their bare hands. Angel crosses his arms over his chest and laughs dryly. He’s too angry to form a complete sentence. Fred steps in, suggesting kindly the camel may have been the wrong way to go. Angel informs her sternly, "Harmony, you are supposed to answer the phones, make appointments and anticipate my needs, which does not include a petting zoo in my lobby." Harm notes the caterer won’t accept returns. The camel snorts loudly. Angel tells her to get it out of there and walks away.

As Harmony starts to cry, Fred suggests helpfully she might consider a cheese platter or chips and dip. Harm says she did everything right, this is what the demons eat. Fred says Angel is feeling a little off, he’s just not in the mood to butcher a camel. Harm thinks he hates her. Fred insists that’s not true, he’ll get over it. Harm thinks everybody hates her. Fred tries to be comforting, telling Harm she doesn’t hate her, she doesn’t know her all that well. Harm perks up and asks Fred what she’s doing after work. Fred smiles a ’what have I gotten myself into’ kind of smile and shrugs.

Fred and Harm are sharing a table at a bar. Harm says the worst part is she can’t quit, she has nowhere else to go. Fred asks if that’s really true. Harm tells her she tried it on her own, "being all independent and evil" but she’s not good at it. Fred wonders if that’s not a good thing. Harm doesn’t reckon things are so great as they are, Fred heard Angel, she’s useless. Fred reminds her it was just one mistake, suggesting Harm not take everything Angel says so personally.

Harm wishes she were more like Fred, "Except for the part about being all into science and not having a lot up front." Fred smiles uncomfortably. Harm notes Fred has two good looking guys after her, the office girls think it’s Knox and Gunn. She tried to tell them it’s Knox and Wes but they didn’t listen to her. She asks if it is Knox and Wes. Fred confirms that then backtracks, "Yeah ... I mean no ... I don’t know." She adds they all work together, there’s a lot of baggage, then wonders why she’s telling Harm this. Harmony excitedly observes they’re "bonding", like "gal pals". She thinks that’s awesome, Fred can teach her about life and Harm can teach Fred how to dress better. Fred chuckles then notes Wes and Knox are both hot. She considers a moment then asks why the office girls are discussing who she’s dating. Harm answers, Fred is at the top and they want to know what’s happening with the "big wigs." She thinks they could ask her. Fred wonders why they don’t. Harm doesn’t answer. Fred asks if she doesn’t have friends at work.

Harm doesn’t understand it, noting she used to be very popular in high school but since she got vamped at her graduation, she’s had trouble connecting with people. Fred suggests Harm put herself out there more, observing there are a lot of W&H employees who frequent that bar, she should mingle. Harm notes, "They’re all straight." Fred gives her a look. Harm clarifies, "Non-vamps." She tends to prefer the undead. Fred points out that may be her problem, the undead aren’t exactly "givers." She’s sure there are a lot of "straight guys" who’d like to get to know Harm.

Harm notices there’s a guy at the bar, she thinks he’s checking her out. Fred starts to look toward the bar but Harm stops her, not wanting to be obvious. Fred suggests she go and talk to him. Harm says she couldn’t, she’s hanging out with her "gal pal." She wouldn’t do that to Fred. Fred tells her, "Don’t be silly. I’d be fine if —" Harm cheerfully jumps up, "Okay!" and starts to head toward the bar. She pauses and turns back to Fred, asking what she should say. Fred suggests she say hi and introduce herself, the guy will probably take it from there. Harm asks what if he doesn’t "take it". Fred says questions are always good, ask where he’s from, what he does for a living. Harmony gets it, the boring stuff. Fred advises her to try acting like it’s not boring. Harm is confident she can do that as she heads for the bar. She turns back toward Fred, notices she’s looking and tells her not to watch her. Fred decides to go.

Harmony walks up to the bar and takes a seat next to the guy she’s been eyeing. She greets him and introduces herself. He starts to say it’s nice to meet her but she cuts him off, asking where he’s from. He starts to answer that but she cuts him off again, asking what he does for a living. He offers to get her a drink, noting she looks "thirsty."

Harmony’s place. The alarm goes off at 7:00 a.m. Harm rolls over and finds herself face to face with the guy from the bar who appears to be sleeping. A surprised Harmony looks under the covers and discovers she’s naked. She ponders the situation a moment, then addresses her bedmate, "Uh .. Tim? Trevor? George? Apparently you and I, you know, and I’m sure I rocked your world and all, but I gotta go to work so ... " She’s not getting any response so she rolls the guy over. She notices he’s not asleep, he’s dead, and he’s sporting a fresh pair of fang marks on his neck. She looks a bit sickened by that discovery, "Oops."

Harm carries the corpse, which she’s stuffed into a laundry bag, out into the hall of her apartment building. As she stuffs the body down the garbage shoot, the elderly Mrs. Jacobi walks by, walking her dog. Harm quickly turns her back to cover the shoot entrance and greets the woman who ignores her and keeps walking to the elevator. After she gets on, Harm stuffs the corpse the rest of the way into the shoot. Rather than land in the dumpster, it overshoots it, and lands on the ground. Harm observes that with a discouraged, "Oh crapola!" She carries her coffee in one hand as she heads down the stairwell to the dumpster.

She arrives in the basement and prepares to lift the body but is hit in the back with a bag of garbage coming out of the shoot. The elevator bell rings as it opens and Mrs. Jacobi steps off as Harm hoists the body up and drops it into the dumpster. She tells Mrs. Jacobi to have a nice day as the woman walks by, ignoring her as usual. Harm retrieves the bag of trash that hit her in the back and empties it over the body in the dumpster.

Harm arrives at W&H, peers outside the elevator before stepping out and tells herself to act normal. She laughs nervously. She giddily greets one of the employees as she takes her place behind her desk. She notices Rudy across the lobby.

Angel steps up to her, "Blood." A panicked Harmony checks herself, "Where?!?" That’s what Angel was wondering, she didn’t bring him his blood. He tells her he’s got the demon summit today, she’s late and then notices she seems distracted as she strains to look at Rudy who’s still across the lobby. Angel asks what she’s doing. She claims she’s doing desk exercises to keep in shape. She assures him it works and asks if he wants to see her abs. He looks at her blankly. She offers to get his blood as she gets to her feet. Angel tells her he can’t afford anything going wrong today. She asks, "What could go wrong?" and chokes back a quiet squeal.

Harm opens the microwave in the break room, removes the small bowl she removed before, and places Angel’s mug inside the oven. She talks to herself, trying to recall the events of the previous night, "Okay, I remember the talking. ’Hi, I’m Harmony.’ ’You look thirsty.’ ’Well, why don’t I drink a couple quarts of your blood then, Tom ... Terry.’" Harm reckons drinking too much is her problem, she doesn’t even remember bringing the guy back to her place. She comes to the conclusion it’s Fred’s fault, she’s the one who made her talk to the guy.

Dan walks up to her, upset she did it again. Harm quickly explains it’s not her fault. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. The microwave timer goes off. Harm takes Angel’s mug of blood out it, telling Dan he can’t blame her if Angel gets cranky when he’s hungry. She pulls her Thermos out of the fridge and starts guzzling from it, moaning as she’s drinking. That draws the attention of other employees in the room. Harm explains it’s a stress thing. Angel is stressed about the upcoming demon summit and she is his right arm. She goes back to drinking until she’s interrupted by her cell phone ringing. It’s Angel, wanting to know what’s taking so long. She says there was a line at the microwave, she’s coming.

Harmony is at her desk, on the phone with the caterer who offers wildebeest as an option. Harm considers it a moment, then decides best to go with the chip-dip. She hangs up. She tells herself everything is good, she just has to get through the day. She notices one of the employees walking by, the sound of her heartbeat loud in Harm’s ears. She watches longingly as the woman passes by. The phone rings. She buzzes Angel on the intercom, nervously telling him there’s a Detective Griffin on the line for him. Angel instructs her to put the call through.

Harmony eavesdrops as Angel takes the call. Det. Griffin reports they found a body that morning, vampire attack, looks like the victim was — Angel tells him to hang on as he notices Harm is still holding on. He yells to her, telling her he’s got the call. She apologizes and hangs up. As Angel continues the call, she watches, getting more and more spooked. Angel hangs up. Wes and Gunn approach Angel’s office as Harm repeats "Oh God" over and over again.

Gunn asks Wes if he knows what this is about. Wes offers snidely, "Perhaps one of the Vinjis set down a teacup improperly." Angel meets them at the office doorway and tells them it’s worse. He just got off the phone with a cop who told him they found a body. Harm asks if the cop said where. Angel tells Wes and Gunn it was found at the city dump, stuffed into a laundry bag. Wes asks why the police called Angel. He answers, "Apparently we own them." Gunn and Wes reckon that makes sense. Angel notes they also found his business card on the victim, it was the liaison between the feuding demon clans. A disbelieving Gunn asks if it was Toby Dupree. Harm is happy to finally get his name right as she repeats it and smiles. The others look at her. She covers, saying it’s an unusual name, you don’t hear those often anymore.

Angel tells Wes and Gunn they’ll need to do some serious damage control. Gunn gets that, considering the demon rights activist was chomped by a vampire on their watch. Harmony mutters, "He told me he was an astronaut." Wes says they can’t know how the clans will take the news, considering how superstitious they are, they could see it as an omen or — Harm interrupts him, wanting to clarify the cop didn’t have any "real info". Wes offers the possibility someone is trying to derail the summit. Harmony enthusiastically agrees with that option. The others just look at her, not understanding what she’s so giddy about.

Angel is in his office with Wes and Gunn, listening to the speaker phone. The language coming from the phone is a mix of gibberish and clicks. Gunn translates, the Vinji clan is very concerned about this turn of events. Wes thinks maybe Angel should say something. He declines, saying he’s not ready. He tells Gunn to tell them the summit can continue as planned, they shouldn’t start skinning each other. Gunn passes on the message. The female demon responds, "Killer must be found. Killer must be punished!" Harmony stands at the doorway, listening. Gunn tells Angel they want vengeance. Angel says to tell them they’re on it. Gunn promises they’ll handle it. Angel decides to try something in the demon language in which he ends up saying, "Be disemboweled." The reaction on the other end of the line is not a positive one as the demon shrieks and screams, "Filthy man whore! How dare you—" Wes looks on with a ’that can’t be good’ kind of expression. Gunn tries damage control, explaining, "He meant be patient. The man whore is a novice in your tongue and makes foolish errors. We make fun of him, yes?" He hangs up. Wes asks what happened to Angel not saying anything. Angel says he got caught up in the moment, a mistake obviously.

Harmony chirps "Forgive and forget, I say! It’s the golden rule!" Gunn notes the demons are not going to forgive or forget. Angel knows they have to determine who murdered Tobias. He notes Fred should be able to give them some information soon, the body is now in the lab. Harmony looks concerned. She asks, "Our lab?" as she rushes out. Angel reckons it shouldn’t take too long to discover which vamp is responsible for the murder.

The W&H lab. Fred is going over Dupree’s body, recording her findings. She notes significant "postmortem battering." (Harm’s corpse disposal method was none too gentle). She continues, the time of death having been placed at approximately 1:30 a.m. Harm walks up behind her, startling her. Harm looks down at the body, saying she thought she’d just pop in. Fred thinks Angel sent her to rush Fred because he’s nervous about the summit. Harmony goes with that. She asks if Fred knows who the murderer is. Fred points out they’ve only had the body for 20 minutes. Harm dismisses that, asking if it’s possible whoever did it could have blacked out and doesn’t remember doing it "so it’s totally not their fault"? Fred concedes that’s a possibility. As she grabs a tool to measure the bite marks, she tells Harm she enjoyed their night out together. Harm isn’t really listening. Fred notes into her recorder the depth and width of the bite marks on the right side of the neck. Harm doesn’t think that’s much to go on. Fred continues making notes, the size and depth of the bite indicate a female vampire. Harm anxiously offers, "Or gay!" Fred explains it doesn’t work that way. She tells Harm they could hang out together again sometime if Harmony wants. Harm begs off, she’s really busy right now.

Fred continues examining the body. She asks Harm if there’s something she wants to tell her. Harm asks what. Fred smiles, asking about Harm’s encounter with the guy at the bar. A relieved Harm says he was a loser who told her he was an astronaut. Fred laughs, "Like anyone would believe that." Harmony claims she has to get back to work and leaves.

As she walks down the hall, she talks to herself, pondering a trip out of the country and a name change, maybe to Mexico as Harmonita. She realizes something, the victim was bitten on the right side. She now knows she didn’t do it. She runs into Rudy in the hall and shouts she didn’t do it. He grabs her hand and takes a sample of blood from her finger. This time the test shows positive for human blood. He looks at Harm who chuckles nervously then punches him, knocking him out.

Harm dumps an unconscious Rudy into a maintenance storage closet then walks on down the hall. She sees Lorne coming from the opposite side, chatting on his cell phone. She turns and walks the other way. Lorne hangs up the phone and asks if she’s seen Dan around. She says she hasn’t then asks him about the random blood tests. She wonders where the results go. Lorne thinks they go straight to the lab. Lorne notices moaning. He asks Harm if she hears that. Harm asks, "Hear what?"

Harm dumps an unconscious Lorne into the storage closet.

Harmony arrives in the lab and startles Fred. She says she can explain. A nervous Fred tells her she doesn’t have to. Fred tries to leave, saying she has to get something. Harm blocks her way, saying it’s not what Fred thinks. Fred says Harm got some human blood, maybe she flipped, had some human blood, perhaps it was consensual. Harm says she doesn’t know exactly what happened, she can’t remember the details. She thinks someone drugged her. She remembers being at bar, then she woke up and "he was there." Fred asks who. Harm notes Dupree’s body on the autopsy table, "Him! The guy you made me talk to!"

Harm insists she’s innocent because Fred said he was bitten on the right side, she’s a right-biter. Fred doesn’t appear to find that comforting or convincing. Harm offers to demonstrate as she grabs Fred and leans toward her with her mouth open. Fred pulls away. Harm demonstrates again, pointing out she’s a right-biter which means she leans right and that always puts her mark on the left side of her victim’s neck. Since Dupree was bitten on the right side, he had to have been bitten by a "left-biter" so it’s not her. Fred pretends to go along with that reasoning but doesn’t sound very convincing. She adds Harm’s blood test did come back positive for human blood. Harm insists it was a mistake or she drank it accidentally or, she comes to a realization, someone spiked her Thermos. She thinks it has to do with the summit, maybe someone wanted to ruin it.

Fred picks up the phone. Harm asks what she’s doing. Fred thinks they should call Angel and explain what happened. Harm hangs up the phone, reminding Fred of the "zero tolerance" policy. Fred thinks Angel can help. Harmony isn’t convinced, "He’s not a helper! He’s a chopper!" She fears he’ll decapitate her before she has a chance to say anything. She insists she’s not a killer then concedes, okay, she is, but she’s been clean for 8 months until today. She reckons that’s different because it’s not her. Fred assures her Angel will listen, he’ll want to hear what she has to say, he’ll understand. She starts to make the call.

Harm dumps Fred in the storage closet. She’s been bound and gagged with duct tape, like the others. Harm apologizes for doing this and appreciates their understanding. She assures them it’s just until she clears her name, she owes them dinner. She shuts the door.

Harm walks down the hall, talking to herself, trying to work things out. She knows she’s being set up, someone put human blood in her Thermos. She realizes fingerprints should be on the Thermos and heads off to retrieve it.

Angel and Gunn are in his office dealing with the demon clans. The representatives of one side are all female, the other, all male. One of the females is screeching, one of the males hisses at her. She looks at Angel and continues shrieking, clicking and carrying on. She says the gathering is cursed. Angel asks Gunn for a translation. He says they want to leave. He tries to smooth things over, assuring the demons they’ll make things right. Angel asks what they want. One of the females says if they can’t offer the blood of the killer, then one of his own must die. Angel asks Gunn for a translation. He says it’s bad luck to start the proceedings before they offer an eye for an eye. If they can’t have the killer, they’ll accept a substitute. Angel realizes they want a blood sacrifice. He calls out for Harmony.

Harm steps into the doorway from where she’s been eavesdropping around the corner, "A person makes one little mistake —" Angel tells her to find Fred, he wants to know what she discovered from the body. A relieved Harm assures him she’s on it.

Harm enters the break room and finds Dan pulling her Thermos out of the fridge. She reckons she’s caught the killer. He doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He was just moving it to get to Lorne’s protein snack. Harmony wants him to admit he stole her Thermos and spiked it with human blood. Dan is still clueless. Harm pins him to the wall, yelling that it’s obvious he hates her, he’s probably been watching her sweat it out all day, laughing at her.

Dan tells her he doesn’t care enough about her to hate her. One of the female employees puts her hand on Harm’s shoulder and tells her to leave Dan alone. Harm morphs into vamp face and turns to face the woman, telling her to mind her own business. She runs out of the break room, as do the rest of the employees. Harm turns her attention back to Dan, accusing him of murdering that guy and putting him in her bed. She continues to press, expecting a confession. A frightened Dan offers an apology, "I’m sorry. What guy?" He begs her not to kill him.

Dan falls to the floor, unconscious, as Harm’s Thermos is smashed over his head. Harmony turns and sees Tamika standing behind her. She morphs back into human face and asks why Tamika did that. Tamika answers, so it would look like Harm did it. Harm doesn’t understand why she’d do that, then realizes, "It was you! ... Who are you?"

Tamika reminds her she sat next to her in the steno pool. Harm still doesn’t remember her, "Sambuca." Tamika corrects her as she stalks toward Harm who keeps backing away. Tamika is holding a grudge because even though she’s more qualified and had been at the firm a lot longer than Harm (5 years to Harm’s 5 months), it was Harmony who got the promotion to the boss’s office. She’s seen Harm in the important meetings, she figures she’s on the fast track, but Tamika’s going to change that. She says she has witnesses who saw Harm attack Dan and when Angel hears she saved him, Harm’s job will be hers by the end of the day.

Tamika kicks the table toward Harm who leaps up out of the way. She lands back on her feet, in vamp face, noting Tamika is forgetting something, Harm kinda has an advantage. Tamika morphs into game face as well, "Kinda not." Fight ensues. They exchange insults as they fight. Tamika pins Harm to the wall, admitting she saw her in the bar and saw her chance. She slipped a drug into Harm’s drink, then followed her back to her place, waited for her to pass out and then had a snack. Harm tells her she’s going to kick her ass. Tamika picks up a pair of disposable chopsticks and aims for Harm’s heart, noting "Dust can’t kick."

Harm kicks her across the room, toppling the table, then goes after her. Tamika kicks Harm’s legs out from under her, sending her to the floor. Harm notices another package of disposable chopsticks on the floor and arms herself. Fight continues. They posture a moment as they both break the chopsticks into two separate pieces and have one in each hand. They pick up the fight again. They each get a grip on each other, Harm tells Tamika she’s going to tell Angel the truth. Tamika responds, "You want to know the first thing I’m going to do when I get your desk? Smash all of those stupid, ugly-ass unicorns!"

Harm and Tamika come crashing through the wall into the hallway. Harm has Tamika in a headlock as she drags her down the hall telling her she’s going to admit to Angel everything she’s done. Tamika stomps on Harm’s foot, causing her to lose her grip and allowing Tamika to get free. Fight continues.

In the conference room, the female demons are seated on one side of the table, the males of the opposing clan opposite them. One of the females shrieks and clicks at one of the males who hisses at her in response. Gunn and Angel look on. Gunn explains they’re still demanding a —

His comment is cut short by Harm and Tamika crashing through the office hall window into the conference room. Harm throws Tamika down onto the conference table and dusts her with a chopstick. She looks up to see everyone looking at her. She admits she didn’t mean to do that yet. The female demon looks at her male counterpart, "Works for me." He responds, "I’m good." Harm offers to explain as everyone looks toward Angel, sitting at the head of the table, his arms crossed over his chest.

Angel’s office. Harm’s storage closet victims are all assembled, each holding an ice pack to their heads. Wes is also present. Angel tells Harm she should have come to him. Fred offers sarcastically she wishes she’d thought of telling Harm that. Harm apologizes, assuring them she never would have hit them over the head and stuffed them in a closet if she didn’t have a really good reason. She admits she was really scared. She tells Angel she knows he never wanted her as his assistant and admits she’s made mistakes. She starts to cry, "I mean it’s not like I have a soul, I have to try a lot harder."

Gunn opens the door from the conference room. Wes asks how things are going. Gunn notes no heads are rolling and asks how things are going in the office. Fred says Harm could have handled things better but she didn’t kill anyone. Rudy tells her she’ll be clean in two days but he’ll be keeping an eye on her. He leaves. Harm reckons Rudy won’t have to be watching because she won’t be working there anymore. She offers to clear out her desk. She starts to exit the office. Angel calls to her, telling her to just bring them some coffee. Harm keeps her back to him, makes a face and grumbles.

Harm is sitting at the bar, telling the bartender her tale of woe. She single-handedly saved a demon summit and all she gets is ordered to bring coffee. Spike comes in and takes a seat next to her. She asks what he’s doing there, she thought he was "Slayer chasing" in Europe. He admits he had a boat ticket then he thought about it, "A man can’t go out in a bloody blaze of glory, saving the world, and then show up three months later, tumbling off a cruise ship in the south of France. I mean, I’d love to, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to top an exit like that."

Harm assures him girls don’t care about stuff like that, "Just one look at you and she’ll forget herself. She’ll get all tingly and it won’t matter how horribly you treated her in the past and how you took her for granted and —" Spike denies taking her for granted then realizes Harm is referring to herself. He considers things a moment, then "I expect Buffy would be happy enough to see me, it’s just that I gave up my life for her, the world, and if I show up now, flesh and bone, my grand finale won’t hold much weight. All of it ... won’t matter." Harm knows what it’s like not to matter. Spike points out she matters to somebody. She hopefully asks, "I do?" Spike notes Tamika tried to frame her, Harm must have mattered to her. He says everybody is talking about it. Harm agrees with that, Tamika wanted her dead, she does matter. Spike smiles and lifts his glass in a toasting gesture. Harm smiles and takes a drink from her glass.