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"Angel" Tv Series - 5x09 "Harm’s Way" - Spoilers

Thursday 20 November 2003, by Webmaster

Angel : Episode Nine

The episode itself seems to pretty well center around Harmony and the other office assistants. The episode focuses on her day to day at Wolfram and Hart. One of the early scenes has her getting Angel his morning cup of blood, and we get a peek at the employee break room. Several minor characters are introduced, Charlotte, Brittany, and Tamika among others. The scene has the group discussing office gossip, such as who Fred may be involved with. There seems to be a good bit of discussion about if she’s hooked up with Knox or someone else. (more than like Gunn, based on the references, as it insinuates a past relationship and it’s not Wesley)

Harmony is a bit of an outsider, and that also seems to be a theme in the episode. She doesn’t fit in with the office staff, and there is also a bit where she goes out to a bar with Fred (who seems eager to leave as soon as she can). There is also seems to be some kind of drug testing going on (at least one character references it early on, and it seems that most of the staff is having their blood tested on a random basis).

Near the end of the episode, it’s revealed that there has been some backstabbing going on behind the scenes. We find what would seem to be a new character, Crystal, confronting Lorne’s assistant Van about something. From the info I have, it’s obvious that Crystal is Harmony. She’s been framed by someone and thinks that it’s Van. Suddenly, Van is knocked out by someone entering from off-screen. It’s Tamika, and she’s after Crystal/Harmony’s job. She’s not happy that Crystal/Harmony got chosen to be Angel’s assistant over some more experienced workers, like herself. A fight begins between the two, but Crystal/Harmony thinks she has the upperhand because she’s a vampire. Until it turns out that Tamika is as well. An extensive fight follows.

The only other tidbit I could gather, is that Angel and Gunn seem to be involved in some kind of negotiation between two demon tribes.

From Carrigon.proboards15.com :

It’s a Harmony ep. A jealous vamp secretary from the steno pool targets Harmony, tries to set her up by giving Angel human blood or something like that. The sec and Harm fight in a big fight scene. That is about 99 percent of the ep from the sides. Nothing else really seems to be going on. A few daemons meet with Angel and Gunn in Angel’s office. Also, the sides during the fight, call Harmony Crystal. I believe it is Harmony for a lot of reasons and I think it’s just a bad attempt to disguise the spoilers in the sides.

From Aintitcool.com :

Hints On ANGEL 5.9 ! ! I am - Hercules ! !

Casting pages emerged Tuesday for "Angel" 5.9, which seems to focus quite a bit on vampire secretary Harmony Kendall as she navigates the mundanely macabre corridors of Wolfram & Hart. One senses all the Team Angel regulars might be reduced to supporting players in this installment. Kind of like "The Zeppo." Actually more like "The Lower Decks." But way funnier. A few promising details :

* Harm’s fellow secretaries gossip about Winifred’s love life - whether she might be involved with Charles, Wesley or Knox.

* A bit later, Harmony and Winifred will find themselves out drinking and checking out the dudes.

* Harmony will greet a demon accountant arriving to take a meeting with Angel and Charles.

* Harmony will take a call from Lilah Morgan’s mom.

* We’ll learn that Harmony is by no means unique among the firm’s underlings.

* A comically epic breakroom catfight mostly involving guest stars and eating utensils will transpire.

I am - Hercules ! !

From Spoilerslayer.com :

The previously mentioned confab that Angel and Gunn were holding between two demon tribes, is obviously an attempt to keep them from going to war over each other. Apparently one of the tribe members was killed, and the other tribe is demanding a blood sacrifice.

Crystal/Harmony was framed, first by having Angel’s morning pigs blood swapped out with some of the human variety. Then, the guy that picked her up in the bar, is found dead in her bed the next day. Most interesting aspect is that they are casting Van for this episode, although he’s supposed to appear in Episode Eight.