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Angel 5x13 Why We Fight - Casting Sides Summary

By Clairel

Wednesday 11 February 2004, by Webmaster

This seems like a really strange episode. I’m going to just summarize very briefly and leave out a lot of details. There are many, many roles being cast. Two are for vampires, one is for a WWII-era Nazi soldier named Heinrich, and the others are for WWII-era American navy men.

Somehow Angel and Spike have ended up on a WWII-era German submarine which is crewed by Americans except for the one Nazi, Heinrich. Angel and Spike seem like their present-day selves, so it’s as if the sub has gone through a time warp or has been frozen in time somehow.

The two new vampire characters, a Russian vampire from the early 20th century named Nostroyev (he says he was Rasputin’s lover), and an ancient ugly vampire (like the Master or Kakistos) named The Prince of Lies, are on the sub because the Nazis were collecting vampires to do experiments on them, cut into their brains, and control the vampires minds so that they could have an invincible vampire army. When Spike and Angel hear this they conclude this is why they are there—because the Nazis were trying to get the vampires with the baddest reps. Angel tries to intimidate Nostroyev and the Prince of Lies by introducing himself as Angelus. They’ve heard of Angelus and are somewhat impressed.

There is a lot of talk among Angel, Spike, and the two other vampires about how they mustn’t kill the human crew because only the humans know how to pilot the submarine. Nostroyev, the Prince of Lies, and for some reason Spike seem quite bloodthirsty and eager to kill all the humans. (I figure Spike is playing along with the other two in order to seem more impressive to them. Angel gives the other vamps pragmatic reasons for keeping the humans alive—he doesn’t want the others to catch on that he’s really a good guy.) At one point Spike claims it’ll be easy to steer the sub, and he pushes some buttons at random, causing alarms to go off.

Most of the sides take place on the submarine, but there’s one short scene of an American from the sub, named Lawson, showing up in Angel’s office. The bit of conversation is enigmatic and hard to make heads or tails of. There is also a short scene of Wesley looking at books and papers in his office, and finding Fred bound and gagged, tied to a chair.

Angel and Spike (maybe just Angel) end up dusting one or two of the other vampires. When the American Navy men see Angel fight, they think he’s a superhero like Captain America.

From Carrigon.proboards15.com :

There’s a submarine. Angel, Spike, some guy named Lawson, a bunch of other guys and someone called The Prince of Lies. Angel dusts the Prince and they find some papers, some kind of research about controlling vampires.

Okay, I’m sensing this is a flashback on an old German Uboat sub. There’s now talk of the Fuhrer wanting to build an army of the undead by controlling vampires.

In an earlier scene, Angel has chains on his ankles. He is aboard this Nazi sub and some crew members dressed in Nazi uniforms remove the chains. Spike is there, too, but it doesn’t say he’s in chains. The sub is being attacked by four Destroyers.

Okay, it IS a flashback. It’s Angelus NOT Angel. Spike introduces him as Angelus to a few other scary vamps. One looks like Nosferatu, he’s the Prince of Lies. The other is an old Russian vamp, named Nostroyev.

It seems all of them were captured by the Nazi’s. Spike got free aboard the ship and he freed these vamps. He says he didn’t know Angelus were aboard or he would have come for him.

Spike and the other vamps want to eat the crew, but Angelus won’t let them because someone has to steer the boat. They’re at the bottom of the ocean.

Angelus dusts Nostroyev and makes Spike and The Prince agree not to kill any humans till they reach land.

Okay, we’re back in the present now. Angel gets a surprise visit from Lawson, one of the guys who was on that Uboat. So that’s probably what triggers these memory flashbacks.

Okay, here’s the teaser:

Atlantic Ocean, 1943. WWII German sub. The crew is listed as American. The ship is under attack. The Captain’s body comes crashing through a doorway.

Back in Angel’s present day office, Lawson seem to want to talk about old time. Angel tells him he warned him he’d kill him if he ever saw him again. Then we flashback to the boat.

In this scene, they seem to be trying to get the boat to work and Spike is having fun sitting in the Captain’s chair.

Then we move to the scene of The Prince of Lies finding the research papers and he goes to kill this guy Heinreich, but Angelus dusts him.

There’s a scene that might be before this one where Angelus is in one of the torpedo tubes and the crewmen let him out and point guns on him.

Now there’s a scene back in the present where Wes walks into his office to find Fred tied and beaten in there!

Back on the sub, it seems as though Lawson and Spinelli are trying to find out what the crew was carrying on board the ship. And that’s the scene where Angelus is in the torpedo tube.

A later scene in the control room where Spike wants to steer the ship and Angelus won’t let him.

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  • > Angel 5x13 - Casting Sides Summary

    4 December 2003 04:01, by Klingers
    This sounds pretty interesting, and would work in the context of an evil spike, but it couldn’t really be the real Angelus as at any point in history where submarines have been in existance it’s already establish that Angel was souled. What’s far more likely is that if this is a flashback then the Nazi’s have captured pre-soul spike, who in the late 30’s-early 40’s still reveled in bloodshed, as well as dragging angel out of whatever gutter he was wallowing in self pitty in based on his M.O. in the past as Angelus. In turn, it could be said here (at least is hasn’t been established otherwise) that at this point Spike didn’t know angel had a soul. Angel could have slipped into his Angelus persona as an excuse to keep the onboard humans alive. Anyway.. That’s my two cents.
  • > Angel 5x13 - Casting Sides Summary

    4 December 2003 06:20, by RavenU
    Spike has known Angel had a soul for a while, remember he helped Darla kill the gypsies that cursed Angel. However, he may have never called him Angel cause he didn’t know he changed names. It was never really made clear when Angel actually made his name change. Cause even Darla called him Angelus even after he got his soul back.
  • > Angel 5x13 - Casting Sides Summary

    4 December 2003 09:39, by AngelaG
    This sounds really cool. I can’t wait to see this one. Any chance for David to even pretend to be Angelus will give an edge to the show. I love this show, the writers always come up with a twist you don’t see coming.