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Angel 5x13 Why We Fight - Spoilers

Wednesday 11 February 2004, by Webmaster

Angel: Episode 13

The episode features an extended flashback to the days of World War II. It opens on a German U-Boat, where a mainly American crew is being attacked by unknown creatures (my guess is that the American’s have just captured the sub).

In the present day, Wesley walks in on a bound and gagged Fred, while Angel receives an unexpected visitor in his penthouse. An older gentleman, Lawson, who features prominently in the flashback as well. Back to the past, and Lawson and the remaining crew have holed up in a forward compartment. They hear ominous noises on the exterior of the hull, and discover Angel has worked his way into the torpedo tubes. They release him and together they eventually regain control of the ship. (although I’m not clear on this, I seem to get the impression that Angel is working for the United States government during the war).

This is mainly done by Angel negotiating with who is now in control of the sub. Which would be Spike, and two other vampires (Nostroyev and The Prince Of Lies). Angel convinces Spike and the others not to kill the remaining humans, as they are the only ones who can pilot the sub. It appears that all of the vampires, including Angel, were captured by the Germans and imprisoned on the sub. One of the Nazi soldiers is still around, Heinrich, though he is not forthcoming with information.

While the crew is trying to get the sub to land, The Prince Of Lies discovers what the Germans were up to. He tries to kill Heinrich, but Angel stakes him. (The American’s are a bit in awe of Angel, likening him to Captain America). Spike discovers that the Prince had discovered what the Germans intended to do. Essentially, a twisted version of The Initiative’s plans, to implant devices in vampires brains to control them. Which gets even more interesting when it’s insinuated that the United States has similar ideas about vampire soldiers.

Last bit has the sub under depth charge attack from several destroyers.

Haven’t had the time to digest all the info, but I think this give an overall view of what’s going to happen. Definitely not a time-travel story, which means that we will be seeing the old pre-soul and pre-chip Spike. Angel is more intriguing, as it goes quite a bit against the accepted canon for his souled years before Buffy. This is the vampire who didn’t care about anyone in the 50’s, but he’s apparently working for the United States government and being quite the champion during World War II.